7 Steps to Health Review: The Crazy Truth About Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is known to be a common cause of death, globally. It’s not exactly the condition itself that takes lives away, but rather its numerous complications and related issues like heart attack, stroke, and hypoglycemic coma. To avoid such damaging effects, patients have to take injections, pills, and drugs. These measures do not guarantee protection. The only way to be risk-free is to cure diabetes completely. Is it possible? 7 Steps to Health program claims: yes, it is.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder. It is characterized by increased blood sugar level and insufficient insulin production and absorption. Then patients develop hyperglycemia – high blood glucose level for significant period. This, in turn, causes further metabolic and other health-damaging and life-threatening issues.7 Steps to Health Review

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is more typical for children. It is inherited or triggered by lifestyle, nutrition, viral infections, and environmental factors. Type 2 is characterized by low insulin secretion and insulin resistance, when body cells are unable to respond normally to hormone insulin. The condition is caused by poor genetics or lifestyle as well.

People with diabetes often suffer from increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination, obesity or weight loss, chronic fatigue, and ‘sweet’ breath. If treated improperly, the disease brings following complications:

  • Ketoacidosis
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Blindness
  • Loss of a limb.
  • Hypoglycemic coma.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Heart attack.
  • Stroke
  • Foot ulcers.

7 Steps to Health: Truth revealed

No wonder, scientists and researchers all over the world are looking for life-saving treatment. Generally, people have to take certain medications like hormone insulin injections or metformin which is taken by mouth.

Doctors state that diabetes is a lifelong condition and can’t be reversed. The only way to prolong life and escape sudden and early death is to take medications constantly. For example, insulin is to be injected every 12-24 hours by some patients. If they forget to take an insulin injection, the consequences may be catastrophic, they may even die.

So, why 7 Steps to Health authors state that the disease may be cured? The answer is simple: they have discovered the truth hidden from people by pharmaceutics companies. Doctors and pharmacies insist on taking drugs because otherwise they lose money earned on diabetes sufferers.

7 Steps to Health program is developed by medicals and researches who don’t want to earn money. The only thing they are interested in it to help people forget about the disease and have normal healthy life free from constant drug intake. After years of scientific research, they have discovered the root of the problem.

Inflammation is the reason

In 2015 a group of Californian scientists discovered what diabetes is actually triggered by. It is a small molecule LTB4. It causes inflammation and affects hormone production in the body. So, insulin resistance typical for patients with type 2 diabetes is actually caused by this tiny molecule. What’s next? Surely, now the key is to reduce inflammation and restore body functions.

In fact, several factors may be the cause of inflammatory processes in the body, like bad environment, stress, etc. But 7 Steps to Health authors highlight that the major factor contributing to inflammation and, meanwhile, reducing it, is our nutrition and lifestyle. What we eat and how we live has a strong impact on our health and well-being.

7 Steps to Health: what is it?

Unfortunately, people themselves do most harm to their health. It’s not actually their fault. Lack of correct information is to blame. So, the authors of the program are going to give humanity a wonderful chance and reveal the truth.

The diabetes 7 Steps to Health program is actually a book written by a nutritionist named Max Sidorov. He didn’t develop it alone: a group of researchers and doctors from all over the world worked at it. Together, they issued the book on how to reverse diabetes and go back to healthy life free from negative symptoms and constant threat of a sudden death.7 Steps to Health: what is it?

The book is a 30-day guide focused on right nutrition and some lifestyle changes. It consists of 20 chapters and 540 pages, so the work is very profound and detailed. It’s written in a simple and comprehensible way so that the reader could not only get profit from the reading but also enjoy it.

The guide consists of two big phases:

  1. Many healthy foods, drinks, and recipes are described. The best thing is that you may already have them the fridge or kitchen cabinet. In other case, you will easily find them in local stores, and they are not expensive.
  2. Illness prevention. This part is mostly devoted to further keeping well and avoiding the disease. It highlights the benefits of vegetarianism, vitamin intake, hydrotherapy, and many other methods.

Both parts include a lot of information based on various studies. Also, the authors have several bonuses for readers. The bonuses specify some factors important for health as proper nutrition. They include power of sleep, drinking water, and taking antioxidants. Also, you may learn some more facts about microwave radiation and MSG impact. So, as Lakeport Chamber states, it is not just a program for diabetes, but rather a manual helping to maintain optimal health.

What is inside the book?

The manual describes a step-by-step way to healthy nutrition.

The examples of the issues discussed in the book are as follows:

  • The truth about some daily products seriously affecting health and blood sugar level. They include sugar, caffeine, white meat, gluten, etc.
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy fats.
  • Ways to reduce neuropathy pains.
  • The right size of food portions.
  • Recommendations on keeping the right pH level.
  • Foods to boost the immune system.
  • Lowering risk of cancer.
  • Steps to reduce food cravings.

So, the guide is not just a bunch of recipes, but rather a complex, detailed, and profound research that helps to deal not only with diabetes but many other issues.

7 Steps to Health pros and cons

As obvious, the main benefit is its effectiveness. People forget about diabetes and return to their normal life. The right nutrition helps to control blood glucose level and be free from irritating injections, pills, and medical checks. However, there are some other effects:

  • You no longer have neuropathy pains and aches.
  • You eyesight gets better.
  • You lose body weight.
  • Energy level increases significantly.
  • Blood circulation improves.
  • High blood pressure drops to normal.
  • ‘Bad’ cholesterol level lowers by 30%.
  • Risk of cancer lowers by 67%.7 Steps to Health pros and cons

It’s hard to believe that all you need is to read one book. It’s not exactly like that, of course. To get really well you should strictly follow all the given instruction. Combined with your efforts, the book does make miracles.

Cons of the guide:

  • You have to keep up with the recommendations and follow them neatly.
  • Be ready to change your diet to get real results. It’s also advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol which is not an easy task for all.

Who may read it?

It takes different time for different patients, but in general people with type 2 diabetes say their blood sugar level and overall health improve after just 1-2 weeks. Type 1 diabetes sufferers may find the guide of great help, too. Even healthy people should have it to prevent the disease.

Diabetes is more common in older people. However, sometimes kids are also diagnosed. So, you may have your kid read the book, too. It’s very important to learn about proper foods since childhood.

How can you get 7 Steps to Health?

You can make an online-purchase. It takes just a few mouse clicks, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Make an order on the official website and fill out the form.

The book is issued in e-format. It is downloaded from the website after you make an order. However, the authors understand that some readers are paper book fans. That is why you may also order it in paper. It will be delivered to you in 1 or 2 weeks.

What does it cost?

Max Sidorov and other authors specify that they don’t work for money. Their main and only purpose is to reveal the hidden truth about diabetes and help poor sufferers. They do it almost for free. The price only covers their costs. You may buy the whole guide for only $37. Compare it to the price of drugs and other various expenses caused by the disease.

Moreover, Dr. Sidorov is perfectly positive about the effectiveness of his work. That is why he suggests 60-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason you get displeased with the result, you may have all you money back. But such situation is barely possible: numerous positive customer reviews show that the goal is successfully achieved.

7 Steps to Health customer reviews

Michel J.: ‘I’m 55 and five years ago I was diagnosed. My life turned into a nightmare, and I even didn’t want to live. I didn’t believe that diabetes was reversible until a friend of mine recommended me 7 Steps to Health. I had nothing to lose and purchased the book. It’s hard to believe, but three months later when I checked my blood sugar, the level was back to normal 105 compared to 155 before. I have also lost some weight. Thanks so much to Dr. Sidorov: you saved my health and my life!’

George L.: ‘7 Steps to Health is a miracle for type 2 diabetes sufferers. Simple recommendations and recipes is all you need to reverse the disease called irreversible. No more injections – would you believe it? The recommended products are easy to find in any grocery store or supermarket, and they don’t cost much. Everything is perfectly natural and safe. I do recommend this program to anyone who cares about health: not only it cures diabetes, but it also prevents it.’


So, 7 Steps to Health is not a scam or some sort of placebo. It’s a natural way to control blood sugar and restore your health. The program recommendations are easy to follow and don’t require much time. All you have to do is to make an order, get the guide, and enjoy your healthy and happy life.


7 Steps to Health






Pleasure during reading


Diabetes treatment





  • It helps in the treatment of neuropathy pains
  • It also helps to improve your eyesight and blood circulation
  • Due to the book, you will be able to lose weight forever
  • It facilitates to stabilize the blood pressure
  • It contributes to decreasing “bad” cholesterol level by 30%
  • It facilitates to lower the risk of cancer by 67%


  • You should strictly follow all recommendations to achieve the recuperation
  • You also should keep a balanced diet and refuse coffee and alcohol
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