Cilexin Review: The Top Supplement to Increase Man Strength or SCAM?

There are many reasons why you can lose your male performance one day. Aging, stress, bad habits, those are only a few factors that may have a negative impact on your sexual health. If you are looking for some way to increase your performance, you can pay attention to Cilexin. In this review, we are going to look at this supplement from all possible sides to understand whether it is working or not.

What is this item about

Cilexin is a supplement that was designed to support male’s sexual health. The supplement is based on a special formula that includes the most cutting-edge technologies along with traditional knowledge in the field of male’s health and performance.What is this item about

Why is this supplement is so popular among men? There are several reasons for that. The first and the main is that Cilexin is based on natural ingredients, which is one of the most important arguments for those who are intaking the item already. Even if you are not a doctor and have no medical education, you know and understand that natural ingredients are better than chemical ones.

Cilexin helps to support male sexual health, which was clinically proven. The elements that are included in the supplement have a positive impact on a male’s sexual health and mood. Those are key factors for every man’s sexual performance.

How it works

Before we start this section it is to mention that this is not a medicine. This is a supplement. In other words, this item is not to cure but to support. The formula of the product is well balanced and helps the body to maintain a high level of sexual health and mood.

CIlexin is not a Viagra or all those stimulating medicines. You will not get the fast result or constant erection once you swallow the capsule. It means that you need to take this supplement on a regular basis to support your sexual health. On the other hand, you don’t need to take those fast pills to “wake up” your erection. Those pills are harmful as they have a significant impact on the heart which was proven clinically.

Is it really working or not?

This is working. To prove that we are giving you the link to a serious medical online editorial, which writes about the ingredients of Cilexin. Another prove that this supplement is good are the testimonials that we are going to review at the end of this article.


This is the most interesting and important part of this review as you will find out finally what’s inside the capsule. Cilexin includes the following elements:

    1. L-arginine. This is the most important element in the supplement. Being an amino acid, L-arginine supports the process of building protein blocks. This element also helps blood vessels to relax providing normal blood vessels function.
    2. Tongkat Ali. This is something most of you have heard about already. The root of this Asian tree is used to stimulate libido. This plant is very popular and is protected by the Malaysian government currently. Clinical researches have shown that the roots of this tree have a positive impact on sexual desire and stimulate male’s sexual health.
    3. Panax Ginseng is another element that comes from Asia. This is a natural ingredient. This herb was used to support male’s arousal for centuries. Now it is included in Cilexin to help you support your sexual health.
    4. Other elements. Some additional ingredients make this supplement the most “updated”. You can find the description of those elements on the special panel on the box you get. You can also find them if you visit the official website of the product.

How safe this supplement is

There is no clinical proof that the ingredients of the supplement make any harm to the health of those who intake the capsules. This is not a medicine with its side-effects. The supplement is based on natural elements. Some of them are used by humanity for centuries and have a positive impact on sexual health.

It is to mention that the capsule that you will find in the box is not a pill to make your erectile function work once you take it! This is not one of those magic pills like Viagra. This supplement is a long term way to your sexual health. You need to take it on a long-term basis to have an effect.How safe this supplement is

It is safer than Viagra? It is much safer. Viagra has a negative impact on the heart. However, this is not the only disadvantage of this medicine. Viagra may also have some serious side effects like headache, sudden redness of face or neck and the others.

Cilexin has no such side effects, it is natural and safe. This is a supplement that you can take a couple of times per day without fearing some negative consequences.

What is the effect of the supplement

You should not expect fast results when taking this supplement. The capsules won’t make you a sexual giant in a couple of minutes. As we have previously mentioned you are dealing with a supplement whose main goal is to support and not to change the history.

After taking the capsules you will feel better including your sexual health. However, you should not expect the results after swallowing the first capsule. This is a long-term process and you need to wait.

What are the advantages of this item

There are many benefits of this supplement that we may enumerate. However, we are going to stop on three main advantages that you should keep in your mind before you buy the first package:

  1. This supplement supports mood. The arousal may depend on your psychological state. Of you are in a bad mood, it is unlikely you will be able to have a high sexual response. The elements that are used in Cilexin will support your mood.
  2. Vascular health is something that is very important for healthy life processes. It is not a secret that a healthy man has greater sexual health.
  3. Greater sexual arousal. L-arginine is a good element to support your sexual arousal. Another good news about this supplement is that it helps to stimulate your arousal for a long time!

Side effects

Are there any clinically proven side effects? No, according to all testings that were done, there are no clinically proven side effects at all. As we have mentioned above, this is a great benefit of this supplement as compared to some stronger stuff including Viagra.

However, it is not a good idea to overdose the supplement taking more than a couple of capsules per 24 hours. There is no proven side effect of overdosage, but it is better to follow the instructions.

How to use it

According to the official website, the best dosage for Cilexin is two capsules per day. They also recommend to take on in the middle of the day and another in the evening. It is also recommended you consult your physician if you have any questions about this supplement.

A good question comes from some users about a fast erection. Cilexin is not a medicine to cure erectile dysfunction. This medical condition may be caused by many factors including stress, bad habits, and general physical condition. By using Cilexin you provide your body with some necessary nutrients that help you to support your sexual health but not to treat any disease.

Safety measures

What are the safety measures when taking this supplement? As you know from the previous chapters of this review, this is a natural and harmless product. However, we recommend following the instruction and avoid overdosage as there were no clinical studies on how overdosage may affect your condition.

Another important thing to remember is that the supplement should be hidden from children. There is no doubt it won’t harm the children, but it is not the best solution for them to take.


There are no contraindications. You can take this supplement as is it natural and safe. No side effects or any harm was found during clinical studies. However, before you buy one package, you should better to contact your doctor. Anyway, there is no doubt your physician will not tell you anything negative about this product.

Where to buy it

Those who want to order their package can do it on the official website. There are several interesting offers that may interest you. Those who purchase one package only, will pay 39.99 USD per bottle. This bottle aontains 60 capsules, which is enough dosage for one month. By purchasing two bottles in a time you can save 7.02 USD. However, the greatest discount get those who buy three bottles as they get one bottle for free!

There are no reoccurring payments. Each time you want to order another bottle or several packages, you will pay again. The best thing about this is that you make a decision about whether to make another order or not. There are no automatic orders.


Once you have decided to buy your first bottle, the last thing you are going to do before placing an order is to see what the others think about the product. Cilexin testimonials are mostly positive. Those who have already used this supplement underline that they have a better erection that they had before they have started to use the product. They recommend the product to others.


Cilexin is not just another pill to give you a fast erection. It is a long term supplement that supports your erectile function. This product is not a kind of magic, but it has a lasting effect that you will enjoy.



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  • Cilexin is entirely based on natural ingredients
  • Lack of chemical additives
  • It is much safer that its competitors
  • Clinically proven that it helps maintain sexual heath
  • Intake of essential nutrients
  • The effect of positive mood
  • Increased sexual arousal
  • Long lasting effect


  • Heart effect may occur
  • Lack of instant result
  • Lack of duplicate orders
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  1. I heard about this supplement. But one question still troubles me. Is it the same as Viagra? Cilexin is a supplement as I understand. What is the use of it? Is it safe for people over 50?

    • Cilexin is not Viagra. It works in a different way. It is not a medical pill. It is a supplement that supports men’s functions. It won’t cure any illnesses but can enhance male performance. Your wife will be surprised even after several days of using it.

  2. It is a nice supplement with good qualities. All the elements are natural. I am not afraid of any complications. They can’t appear. You can take even twice a day, and it will be ok. Cilexin has been manufactured for men from all over the world.


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