Deep Sentinel Home Security System: Always ON Guard of Your Property

Unfortunately no one is immune from being visited by undesirable persons like thieves, intruders, trespassers, loiterers etc. Even high fences and barred windows cannot guarantee full protection from potential threats: they are just passive obstacles that in many cases are unable to stop a leery criminal. The good solution could be human guards, but this type of service costs a lot of money.

For this reason more and more people think of acquiring advanced technical means that are comparable to a vigilant live guard sitting on the roof of your house, office, store or whatever else. Currently the market is overfilled with various security devices including cameras, sirens, burglar alarms etc. Each of them has its own range of possibilities but only Deep Sentinel provides complete spectrum of protection functions.

Actually Deep Sentinel is your personal virtual watchman with artificial Intelligence and round-the-clock surveillance. Own it today and enjoy the level of safety you have never dreamed of, 24/7!

What kind of product it is

Deep Sentinel is 100% wire free next generation protection system. It consists of battery powered wide-angle water resistant cameras and the smart hub. The cameras are equipped with 2-way audio and night vision function. The hub houses 4-core CPU with 64 Gb of flash memory and 4Gb RAM. Rechargeable 9600 mAh batteries last up to 3 months on a single charge providing reliable power supply. Extra battery is included in the package to be always ready for change. Operating temperature is from -20 to 490C.What kind of product it is Deep Sentinel

The system is managed by mobile application that contains variety of useful options: camera view, past events review, protection zones, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), two-way audio, privacy mode. The application gives you real-time reports and action confirmations so you are always in loop of what is going on and what the guards are doing. Thus, you have absolute control from your gadget, anytime, anywhere.

Deep Sentinel is not a secret weapon aimed at catching a criminal. Its primary goal is to prevent a crime. That’s why special yard sign goes with the package. Being installed it in a visible place it serves as a deterrent that says: “You’d better keep away from this place. It is armed with proactive security system”.

How Deep Sentinel works

The system is driven by technology, processes and Sentinel live guards. The whole procedure can be divided into several stages.

  1. The surveillance camera detects motion, comes online and instantly starts to record video over private wireless signal. The red LED begins to spin confirming recording.
  2. Artificial Intelligence on the hub assesses the situation and separates probable threats (like humans) from false ones (such as a running animal or a car driving by).
  3. The hub transmits the video feed via internet connection to the secure cloud.
  4. The guard at the monitoring center gets the information, analyses it and decides in seconds whether the interference is needed. If yes, the surveillance agent intervenes directly by activating 104-dB siren to drive away an intruder. He can also use the camera’s loudspeaker for communication. As a rule, simple “hello, how can I help you” is enough to settle the problem.
  5. In critical situations the guard contacts the police dispatcher and the owner. The police always take such calls seriously and reacts straight away knowing the information is trustworthy.

To put it briefly, Deep Sentinel constantly monitors what is going on around the perimeter of your real estate. Its AI identifies possible threat, assesses the situation, processes the information and instantly transmits data to a professionally trained surveillance agent for review. If the latter decides the danger is plausible he can activate the 2-way speaker or the siren to scare a potential criminal away. If this doesn’t work the police are engaged immediately.

The effect you are expected to get

Deep Sentinel is the unique system with live guards who watch suspicious persons from the moment they appear in the vicinity of your property. You shouldn’t worry about the safety of your estate: the guards will take necessary actions as soon as the trouble arises. You’ll have the opportunity to devote more time to your everyday tasks and concerns (family, friends, business, entertainments etc.).

You’ll never be disturbed for nothing (what turned out to be an animal, a bird or a whirling leaf). After buying this unique equipment you begin a new life full of confidence and peace, day and night. Now you definitely know what you are going to pay for.

Who can use Deep Sentinel?

Manufacturers of Deep Sentinel do their best to make cutting edge technologies affordable not only for the elite but for ordinary people. They also tried to make the system versatile and at the same time as simple as possible so that even technically untrained individuals could handle it.Who can use Deep Sentinel?

The circle of persons who may be interested in Deep Sentinel isn’t limited by householders. The system could be of great help to businessmen who’d like to protect warehouses, offices, stores etc.

Advantages over comparable products

The main feature that distinguishes Deep Sentinel from any other security systems is involvement of live guards whose mission is to adequately react to threats and not disturb the owner unnecessarily.

Deep Sentinel’s superiority over a competition can be clearly seen in the following table.

Items Deep Sentinel Alarm brands Camera brands
24/7 live guards Yes No No
Live Guards talk to intruders 30 seconds No No
Prevent Home Intrusion Beyond front door After break-in At front door
Time to contact the police 30 seconds Up to 10 minutes User-dependent
Police response 100% Not guaranteed Not guaranteed

After brief analysis of the above comparison it’s easy to understand that having Deep Sentinel at your disposal is like having a vigilant sentry around your residence or any other object. The system prevents potential crime before it happens whereas common home security technologies react when an incident has already occurred.

Installation and performance

In the beginning you have to download the application to your smartphone and follow the instructions to complete the setup procedure. The next step is the pairing of the hub with the router using an optional ethernet cable. The hub must be situated indoors and equidistant from all the cameras. During the connection green LED blinks on the front panel of the hub. Upon completion the LED glows solid.

After the battery is inserted in the camera and the “power” button is pressed the communication between the camera and the hub starts. The process lasts 30-40 seconds. To charge the spare battery, the hub’s embedded charger can be used.

Outdoor installation on DIA mounts is quite simple due to absence of any cables and connections. The mount is attached to the wall with the supplied screw and held by 3 brackets. The camera locks on the mount which has a ball joint for setting the camera at necessary angle.

After you install all the cameras the app will prompt you to define the boundary of “protection zone”, that is the area subject to monitoring by the AI (the marginal range is approximately 10 meters). This stage is very important as the activity within this zone alerts the guards. For instance, if the coverage area spreads too far and catches a sidewalk, a casual passerby is likely to initiate the camera.

On the final stage you have to execute “agent validation”. Standing in front of any camera, raise your arms up. When the guard responds you over the speaker it means that the system is active.

Price and availability

Usually people buy the starter pack (3-cameras kit) that costs $499.

The pack includes the following items:

  • wireless camera with 130° field of view – 3;
  • smart hub with AI processor – 1;
  • rechargeable batteries (including one extra) – 4;
  • screw DIA mount – 3;
  • yard sign (self-install set) – 1;
  • window cling sticker – 1.

You can order only 1-camera kit (for front door) and reduce the price to $299. But if you want to protect a wider space (the doors, side entrances, driveway, patio etc.) the manufacture recommends acquiring 6-cameras kit for $799. You can build your own choice from one to six cameras and customize the protection time. The price will be recalculated accordingly.Deep Sentinel price

Some accessories are available such as additional camera, solar charger, Wi-Fi range extender, standard or high-capacity battery and others. You can add them to your cart any time to expand the features of the system.

You can put your inquiries and make an order at official website.

Comments of the Deep Sentinel users

The customers’ responses can be found in a number of sources. The users note that:

  • it’s a great feeling knowing that the security of their property is under constant control of the professionals;
  • their life has changed since they started to interact with high technology;
  • possession of such a system is equivalent to having a virtual cop around all day and night long.


Current home security systems react to crimes and alert you and/or the police after an incident has already occurred. Deep Sentinel is the proactive system: it tends to prevent illegal actions before they start thus withdrawing the need for the law enforcement involvement.

Nevertheless Deep Sentinel shouldn’t be considered as an ideal security solution because the cameras control only the outer part of your asset. That might prove insufficient to cover all vulnerable locations. It means that a villain has a chance to successfully avoid the cameras and sneak into you home through a window or an unlocked door. So it wouldn’t be extra precaution to deploy sensors in points of possible penetration.

Not to compromise on safety is the very good idea. Those who had already purchased Deep Sentinel and are using it so far are sure of that. They also have no doubt that the system is worth its money.

Deep Sentinel








Customer’s Responses





  • The Deep Sentinel Home Security System is easy to set
  • Controlled from your own device via the application
  • The system can distinguish a true danger from a false one
  • It doesn’t bother you and reacts only in case of emergency
  • It can call the police without your participation
  • Additional accessories are maintained
  • No need to check the entire record to see the possible threat
  • The records are saved in special cloud storage


  • Despite its advantages, the system can’t give a 100% guarantee
  • A skillful thief can still pass the security system
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