DoFasting Review: Your Reliable Aid ON Intermittent Fasting

Get your health and shape in order with DoFasting, an easy and convenient digital wizard

Everyone knows that proper nourishment, active lifestyle, and avoidance of harmful habits benefit not only our physical but also mental and emotional well-being. Wishing to improve your wellbeing and particularly your health is natural for any human. This involves developing healthy habits and thinking more about what and how you eat during the day. Reconsidering the way you eat may make you mull over about dieting.

Dieting is a pretty viable option not only for people wishing to lose weight but for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of developing dangerous unhealthy conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases or high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. If you want to get rid of frequent memory lapses, blood sugar boosts, weight gain, mood swings, and depression, going on a diet may help you achieve these goals.

While some people don’t consider dieting as a reasonable option, an intelligent and insightful way to diet yourself can nourish your body and help to remove poisons and toxins from your system. It will improve your mood and brain functioning, reduce inflammation and skin conditions and bring many other potential health benefits.

This is why intermittent fasting and its app DoFasting are viewed by many experts as an effective tool that first of all improves your general well-being, and only then contributes to the collateral loss of your weight. The diet and the app stand out from a large crowd of counterparts by a strong evidence-based status. This means that the method was thoroughly researched and proven to be effective. Why else would even ancient people practice fasting as a way to purify both their souls and their guts?

What those cultures also noticed was that their voluntary refusal to eat brought them not only spiritual and digestive benefits but many other advantages. Fasting helped our ancestors to get away from many disorders, and this is exactly what the early manuscripts by Dioscorides or Socrates told about.

Intermittent Fasting: what is it?

Modern fasting is based on the same idea. This involves alternating periods of eating and “not eating”. In a way, all our life consists of such periods. We do not eat during our sleep or immediately before and after going to bed, and this is what technically can be qualified as a period of fasting. The next 13 -15-hour period is a period of waking up and eating. If you reduce this period to 12 hours, this would mean that you have practiced intermittent fasting. This is just a simplified model of intermittent fasting, however, it pretty well explains its main idea.Intermittent Fasting: what is it?

But intermittent fasting is not only a matter of avoidance of food for a certain period of time. It requires a sensible approach while being one of the most flexible diets on this Earth. You can opt to abstain from eating for a few hours a day or do it once a week or even a month.  And DoFasting will help you get there by navigating you through all the options and their most important steps.

What is behind the idea?

Nevertheless, if you want to achieve long-lasting positive changes in your health, it is better to use a more or less systematic approach. The thing is that even short periods of fasting change the structure of our microbiome, the community of all microorganisms that our body consists of. Fasting gives a boost to the number of good bacteria which, in turn, release hormones that, communicating with different parts of your body, significantly improve their functioning.

The released hormones upgrade your metabolism, reduce hunger, control the levels of insulin and cholesterol and do many other great things for the body and brain. This was confirmed by a number of animal and human trials that provide credible, biologically plausible evidence.

What is more, strong evidence that supports the idea of fasting dispels myths that frequent eating boosts our metabolism or makes us less hungry. Research showed that frequent meals (even if in smaller quantities) do not increase our metabolic rate. The same could also be said about the direct correlation between repetitive eating and hunger: there were a number of studies that demonstrated the inverse relationship between the first and the second.

Health benefits of using DoFasting

As mentioned above, even terse time-spans of calorie restriction are able to alter your microbiome, significantly boosting levels of good bacteria and resultant hormones that produce a great positive effect on your health. DoFasting will help you to transform your body inner pharmacy and enjoy the results of this life-changing journey.

Improves your stem cells and digestion

First of all, a high level of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract is essential for efficient digestion. A good bacterium helps your digestive system effectively absorb all minerals and vitamins needed to avoid problems and diseases. What is more, fasting makes stem cells of your intestinal tract more active and able to repair broken tissues. This is generally an ability of young people’s stem cells that rejuvenate their bodies. This means that thanks to fasting you can turn back the clock and make your stem cells fight aging processes.

Fights pains and inflammation

Inflammation causes pains, which both accompany nearly all serious illnesses and traumas. If chronic inflammation is not treated, it causes further problems; this is why it’s important to manage it. Several studies demonstrated that intermittent fasting decreases inflammation and numbs painful sensations. This is primarily due to the fact that fasting influences our monocytes (the type of white blood cells) in such a way that it improves inflammatory markers and helps our body to fix damaged tissues.

Protects from diabetes and cardiovascular problems

These days more and more people are at risk of developing diabetes due to increased levels of their blood sugar. The research has shown that intermittent fasting is able to control your blood sugar and consequent insulin production. Randomized trials found that most participants also showed improvement in theircholesterol profile, blood pressure, and glucose tolerance. And as far as is known, good cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart disease.

Boosts mental abilities

Animal studies have long proved that involuntary fasting in wolves, for example, only enhances their cognitive capacity and ability to envisage and plan their hunting. As for people, fasting (similar to exercise) boosts the generation of the BDNF, a protein that plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive skills. BDNF improves memory, learning abilities and focus. Clinical trials showed that BDNF also promotes the production and evolution of new brain cells and nerve tissues.

Reduces exposure to oxidative stress

We are often told about how damaging free radicals can be. In reality, our body needs free radicals as much as it needs antioxidants, and what really damages it is an improper balance between these two substances. When the number of free radicals prevails, the correct balance is broken. This triggers oxidative stress, the process that leads to the death of body cells, tissues, DNA, and proteins, and accelerates biological aging.Reduces exposure to oxidative stress

It was found that oxidative stress can be corrected not only by a steady supply of antioxidants coming with food but also by the  improvement of your glycaemic index, reduction of blood lipids, and cutting down the fat mass, which all are characteristic features of fasting. This is why intermittent fasting is an effective and proven way that protects you from oxidative stress, aging, and age-related diseases.

Helps to shed a few pounds

DoFasting uses a scientific explanation of what is happening with your weight during practicing intermittent fasting. Firstly, fasting triggers lipid (fat) metabolism, the process of breaking down your fat cells. Next, by reducing insulin production and boosting the number of growth hormones (called HGH), it boosts the production of norepinephrine, an organic chemical with fat-burning abilities. HGH also controls your body make-up, balances fluids and sugar levels, and is responsible for fat assimilation.

Improves your skin

Intermittent fasting is also beneficial for people with skin issues such as pigmentation or acne. The reason is that the digestion regimen gives your system the desired break, which provokes your body’s natural ability to “auto-detox” itself. This is a protective bio-mechanism that cleanses your body from toxins, which damage not only your inner organs but also your skin. Thanks to this remarkable phenomenon skin condition of people practicing intermittent fasting is quickly and irrevocably improved.

This is only a brief list of benefits that can be derived from intermittent fasting. Apart from these, there are many more consequential advantages such as higher levels of energy, improvement of your immune system, body and mind rejuvenation, and greater longevity.

Secret keys to successful fasting

Although intermittent fasting is commonly considered safe, it requires a mature approach. Healthy fasting implies following certain rules that help people achieve their personal goals.

DoFasting will enable you to play fair while enjoying the whole process.

  • First and foremost, intermittent fasting works well only for generally healthy adults. If you are underweight, breastfeeding, pregnant, trying to conceive, have serious eating or chronic disorders, you shouldn’t start fasting without talking to your doctor.
  • Start small.  Be realistic; consider your motives, real goals and different ways to achieve them. Intermittent fasting is a very flexible technique that allows you to choose any pattern you like. This is why it is reasonable to start with the easiest regimen such as 12: 12 or 14:10. There is a mobile app DoFasting,which will explain you all existing patterns, help to choose the most appropriate one, and will guide you through the exciting journey to a healthier and secure future.
  • Keep Hydrated. Fasting periods are not about total starvation: it’s allowed to drink (though not sweet beverages). You can drink water, unsweetened (black, green and herbal) teas, and black coffee. This will compensate for the fluids that you usually get from food, and also reduces your appetite. Try cinnamon tea which does a great job fighting hunger.
  • Eat nutritious food. Although eating periods virtually have no limitations, remember your motifs, and what you started this diet for. Therefore, healthy choices are more preferable, and this involves having enough proteins, whole foods, andfresh colorful vegetables. Proteins will protect you from the loss of muscle tissue and suppress appetite, and vegetables will nourish your body supplying vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Work out sensibly. If you are a beginner to fasting, it’s advisable to keep a low intensity of exercising. Some people are able to crank up their workouts, but it’s all individualand depends on the person. Experts also advise exercising during or before your eating window (since workouts often cause hunger).
  • Meditate more and watch TV less. Watching TV usually means watching plenty of commercials, which often have food images. Fill your fasting periods with doing something distractive and extremely involving like meditating, reading a book or continuing your favorite handicraft.
  • Try innocent natural supplements such as Tetrogen, which will help you safely and efficiently control not only your metabolic rate but also maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar profiles.

DoFasting  –  your digital assistant in intermittent fasting

Starting a new eating plan is not easy, especially if you lead a busy life, work and try to get used to a totally new lifestyle, unaccustomed patterns, and combine thousands of other things that often drive you mad. This is where a mobile app such as DoFasting with all its useful features will come to your rescue.

This app is a perfect aid for those who have decided to start intermittent fasting but are not sure which variety to choose, how to manage a new pursuit throughout the busy day and keep track of the progress. The app will navigate you through unfamiliar areas, will help to manage your time slots while differentiating them and giving you hints on better options and how they can be accomplished.DoFasting  –  your digital assistant in intermittent fasting

Not only DoFasting helps you select the most suitable pattern, but will carefully guide you through each step of the way while assisting with questions and problems you may encounter as you go. This includes accurate tracking of your progress variables such as weight, estimations, fasting and eating details and even sleeping time. You can treat this app as a very flexible personalized assistant that allows you to update metrics and the whole profile as many times as possible while providing you adjusted recommendations.

These will be not just randomized tips but a systematic set of advice that will help you with your timeframes, meals, and workouts. The app will control your nutritional requirements (including proper hydration, customized menu and matching recipes) and will guide your planning and adjustments to daily caloric intake. DoFasting is also can be used as a reliable personal trainer that helps you to figure out which exercises to choose and how many kilocalories they can burn. If you walk or jog, it will track your speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and other variables needed for proper calculation of the burned energy.

Being aware of all this information and keeping track of your progress makes DoFasting an excellent controlling tool on your way to physical and mental wellbeing.


A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating can be golden keys to your wellness journey. While for some people a healthy eating concept does not involve dieting, others (including many health professionals) consider certain diets as helpful instruments able to optimize your health.

As can be seen from the above-mentioned facts, intermittent fasting does not actually mean exhausting or bothersome pursuit. On the contrary, with a wise approach, it becomes one of the most straightforward ways to purify yourself and achieve important personal goals (which includes, but not limited to weight loss). DoFasting app can help you to make intermittent fasting your lifetime habit, which will turn you into quite a different person with different shape, abilities, and strengths.





Systematicity of approach




Variability of patterns


Data reliability



  • This app helps you control your nutritional requirements
  • It can be used as a personal trainer that can choose appropriate exercises and calculate burned calories
  • DoFasting can track your speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and other variables
  • It helps to improve your stem cells and digestion
  • It can fight pains and inflammation
  • It protects from diabetes
  • It facilitates to reduce exposure to oxidative stress
  • It helps to control your weight and boosts mental abilities


  • It works well only for generally healthy adults
  • You should follow recommendations to get real results
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