Eagle Eye 911 Reviews: Your Vision Restore or a SCAM?

Today eyesight issues get more and more common even in children and adolescents. But as people get older, the risks of losing vision get higher every year. 70% of Americans are already suffering from eye conditions. From shortsightedness to glaucoma, there’re many issues that may one day leave you completely blind. But you don’t have to accept the fact as natural! Quite the contrary, there might be a solution that will protect or even improve your eyesight. Eagle Eye 911 is a nature-based formula to help you deal with vision loss in very short time. Let’s review this product to find out if it’s truly working.

Eagle Eye 911: prehistory

This miraculous dietary supplement was created by a man named Mike Van Brock. He lives in Texas with his family. In his presentation about the product, he tells a sad story about his mother. According to him, she started losing her eyesight due to age factors. She even once got in a car accident because of her poor vision. Her optometrist said that in a few months she would be completely blind.Eagle Eye 911 review

Mr. Van Brock being a devoted son couldn’t see his mother suffering. He, accompanied by a group of scientists, performed a profound research. The results were astonishing: he managed to create a supplement that may help millions of people restore their vision. He named their product Eagle Eye 911, and the name speaks for itself. Not only does the formula prevent eye damage, but it can also reverse it. His mother, instead of getting blind, now has vision 20/20, like many years ago.

The supplement can be used by all people who have eye issues. It’s a wonderful alternative to laser surgery. Besides, it’s much cheaper and doesn’t have bad complications. In fact, many people who have undergone the surgery later complain of even worse eyesight problems. What Mr. Van Brock has created is a great and all-natural solution, free of adverse effects. Before you know how it works, let’s have a look at the vision issues causes.

Oxidative stress

You might have heard about dangerous things called free radicals. According to hopes.stanford.edu, they are highly reactive atoms, byproducts of chemical reactions in the body. In fact, their production in the body may be triggered by a huge number of factors, including:

  • Food products.
  • Drinking water.
  • Certain medications.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Air pollutants, etc.

So, the danger is literally everywhere. These free radicals induce oxidation that results in severe cell damage. They may trigger a lot of dangerous health conditions. Vision loss is only one of them.

Human eye is a very delicate and complex organ. It demands extra-protection from external threats. Unfortunately, the more we age, the more serious the danger is. Elderly people are especially vulnerable when it comes to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Their bodies lack natural protection that helps reverse the damage.

How does Eagle Eye 911 work?

Mr. Van Brock has come to this conclusion during his research. That’s why he produced a supplement able to protect our vision from oxidation damage. It took him several months to create the formula. It’s important to say that all his conclusions are strongly backed by science. Every ingredient he uses in the production is very potent when it comes to eyesight issues.

The dietary supplement gives a great natural protection from the inside. As you take it, you should not any longer be worried about oxidation and these nasty radicals. Eagle Eye 911 formula is a real breakthrough, and it has already helped thousands of people. Maybe next time when you go to your optometrist for prescription glasses, he’ll get the surprise of his life.


Before you decide if you wish to try the supplement, let us have a closer look at the composition. You’ll be pleased to learn that all the ingredients are absolutely natural. Well, see for yourself.


These beneficial natural compounds are present in some foods, but they aren’t released in the body. The best ones for vision are zeaxanthin and lutein. They protect your eyes from radical damage and restore their function.How does Eagle Eye 911 work?


This mineral should be added to any supplement that contains carotenoids. The reason is that they are not so well absorbed by the body. To enhance their bio-availability, you have to take some other nutrients. Zinc is the best option in our case.


This nutrient is a form of vitamin A. It has a variety of health properties:

  • Delivers nutrients to the eye cornea.
  • Prevents age-related eye disorders.
  • Fights cataract and glaucoma.
  • Keeps vision sharp and clear.
  • Stimulates regeneration.

You may get beta-carotine from food or supplements. In the last case, it is provided in the most bio-available form.

Grape seeds

Grapes are a tasty product, widely applied in cooking and wine production. Apart from grape pulp and skin, the seeds are also oozing with health benefits. They contain a big amount of antioxidants, thus protecting your eyes from radicals. Besides, the extract works fine for heart, blood pressure, skin, kidneys, and bones.


You must have heard about this little blue berry and its benefits for eyes. Its extract is an ingredient of many eye supplements. It stimulates blood circulation, promotes faster regeneration. Finally, it improves low-light vision a lot.

Other components

The product also includes:

  • Food products.
  • Drinking water.
  • Certain medications.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Air pollutants, etc.

Surely, Eagle Eye 911, being as potent as possible, may be not the only solution. There’re other dietary supplements with similar effects. However, you need to be extra-careful, as not of them are harmless and efficient. At least, there is one that may also suit you. It’s called Vision Support Plus and has a composition similar to Eagle Eye 911. You may try both supplements to decide which one of them works better for you.

Eagle Eye 911 supplement effects

Even if your vision now is perfect and you don’t suffer from any eye issues, you may take this product as a precautionary measure, it won’t hurt. But surely, mostly it’s people with certain eye conditions who will get the observable results. If you take it, you may very soon notice that:

  • You can see better in the distance.
  • Your eyes feel less strained.
  • Your eyes are better moisturized.
  • You can see better in the darkness.
  • You don’t squint when you read or watch TV.

The best thing about the product is that you don’t have to wait for several months before its benefits reveal. Almost at once you may spot a slight improvement. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking it. On the contrary: the supplement works for you fine, so let it do its job.

Safety and side effects

Made of only natural component, Eagle Eye 911 is fully safe for you. It doesn’t contain fillers or additives that may damage your overall health. There haven’t been any reports about side effects. But if you still feel worried, don’t hesitate to consult with your healthcare professional, especially if you are prone to allergies or have any health conditions.

How to take Eagle Eye 911

The supplement is produced in the form of pills for oral intake. You have to consume 2 pills daily with a glass of water. It’s better if you take them for 2 months at least. Also, the manufacturer recommends keep a healthy diet, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids. The list of products includes:

  1. Carrots.
  2. Apricots.
  3. Tomatoes.
  4. Pumpkins.
  5. Watermelons.
  6. Salmon.
  7. Nuts, esp. almond.
  8. Avocadoes.

And it’s recommended to keep healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits, and do sports. Not only does it protect your eyesight, but it also improves your overall health.

How to purchase it

The supplement is not available in any store or pharmacy. To purchase it you have to place an order on the producer’s official website. The price for one bottle is $69.95. eagle eye 911 order nowCompare it to the regular expenses on eyeglasses or lenses, and to the costs of LASIK surgery, and you’ll see your profit. Please, keep in mind that the quantity is limited, so don’t postpone the purchase if you wish to protect your vision.

Eagle Eye 911 customer reviews

Brooke T.: “Personally I didn’t believe in dietary supplements, I thought all of them were scum. But feeling desperate to stop my rapid vision loss, I followed my mother’s advice and gave Eagle Eye 911 a try. The effects were simply outstanding! I’ve been taking it for 3 months by now, and my eyesight is so much better! I can see my friends’ faces in the street even before they notice me, and it used to be the opposite.”

Hilary H.: “Since I have been taking Eagle Eye 911, my vision is really better. Now I don’t even have to wear glasses when I watch TV. Besides, I have a lot of computer work, and in the evening my eyes used to feel very strained. But now they feel better, and the redness is gone. I do recommend this product!”


If you wish to have the eyes of an eagle, you should definitely try this supplement. Safe and 100% natural composition makes it suitable for everyone. Taking Eagle Eye 911, you will get natural protection from oxidative stress which is the trigger of many health issues. So make an order ASAP: a lot of positive testimonials confirm that the product is working.

Eagle Eye 911













  • Science-backed efficiency
  • Fast and long-lasting results
  • Safe components
  • No adverse effects
  • Great reviews from customers
  • Affordable price
  • 90-days money back guarantee


  • No offline availability
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