Genbrain Reviews: Only Facts, Features and Results

There is no doubt that our mental health is as important as our physical wellbeing. Moreover, it has long been proved that these two areas of our lives are closely connected, and our physical activity has a great impact on our cognitive functioning. Apart from that, plenty of studies indicate that our memory, concentration and attention span can also be improved by the kind of food we eat every day.

While healthy eating is certainly a good choice, lots of foods we need for cognitive improvement are not always available, or we cannot eat as much of them as our brain requires for better acting. That is the reason we need supplements that are able to plug our dietary gaps and support our intelligence. One of these effective aids for your brainpower is Genbrain, a powerful solution that can significantly increase your mental abilities and help to take control of your learning skills, memory, and the way of thinking.

How does the product work?

Genbrain falls under the category of medications called nootropics, i. e. drugs and supplements that have a beneficial effect on your brain function. Natural nootropics are considered much safer than synthetically produced chemicals.

Genbrain uses only natural ingredients that work hand-in-hand to boost complex processes that take place in your brain and nervous system such as neurotransmission. In simple terms, neurotransmission is the way our specific neurons (called neurotransmitters) communicate with each other. As we age and fall into grips of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or the influence of alcohol, the speed, and quality of neurotransmission processes in our brains are getting impaired and slow-footed.How does the product Genbrain work

Genbrain formula is tailored to balance and repair the brain pathways improving and accelerating connections between cerebral neurons. This will improve the plasticity of your brain, so-called neuroplasticity. This is the way your brain responds to external and internal changes. All your learning abilities count as neuroplasticity that is constantly undergoing changes by processing new information and new experiences that you receive throughout your life.

The healing quality of mutually reinforcing components of Genbrain will influence the power and speed of your brain waves, which will result in higher levels of mental energy that includes sharp thinking, improved memory, and increased focus, willpower and productivity.

Active ingredients of Genbrain

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has long been used by Chinese folk medicine as a powerful multipurpose solution. A comprehensive list of its medical properties includes the ability to boost cognitive and psychogenic recourses. This mainly happens thanks to the anti-oxidative skills of the plant that defend your brain cells against damaging free radicals. This results in reinforced memory, exceptional attention and sharp focus.

Anti-oxidative properties of Ginkgo Biloba also include the ability to fight migraines and headaches, defeat symptoms of anxiety, and treat depressive states. Along with this, Ginkgo Biloba supports your eye vision, improves blood circulation and protects from heart-related problems.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri (also known as water hyssop and “a herb of grace”) has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic practices as an effective tool for cognitive improvement. The plant is packed with antioxidants that protect our organs and tissues from harmful substances. Bacopa Monnieri does actually more than that: it not only protects our brain and nervous system but repairs and restores specific pathways between dendrites, parts of nerve cells connected to our memory, attention and learning abilities.  Genbrain uses the patent extract of this herb to ensure speedy repair of impaired brain mechanisms.

Apart from that, Bacopa Monnieri improves your composure and confidence, lowers blood pressure level and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or so-called ALCAR, is an amino acid naturally produced by human bodies. Reduced level of ALCAR affects our nervous and cognitive centers, and an adequate rate of this amino acid and antioxidant is important for proper cognitive performance.

Genbrain supplies correct amounts of ALCAR that enhance your mental energy and heighten perception and alertness. ALCAR also increases the production of proteins that fight despondency and low spirits that are closely related to the capacity of our memory. Not only ALCAR drives new streams of mental energy but also triggers physical energy, which, in turn, promotes fat burning and weight loss.


Vinpocetine is a natural substance extracted from the leaves of Periwinkle (grown in Europe) or the seeds of Voacanga Africana. Its extract is found to improve impaired brain cells by increasing blood flow that pumps more oxygen to your gray matter. Vinpocetine brings maximum benefits to your health when combined with other powerful mind boosters such as Ginkgo Biloba or Bacopa Monnieri.

Vinpocetine also has some other therapeutic properties. It is believed to accelerate metabolism and promote physical activity.

In addition to these four active components, Genbrain contains a few minor elements that naturally support the work done by the main quaternion.

Product safety

Natural composition and carefully calibrated formula of Genbrain ensures its effectiveness and safety. Its safeness is based on scientific evidence and careful pharmaceutical formulation. a safe usage of the product is supported by prolonged human and animal trials of its individual components as well as the supplement as a whole.

Genrain Product safety

The research-backed security of the supplement is accompanied by the safety-conscious formula where the portion of each component is measured to the perfect ratio, which excludes the occurrence of unwelcome adverse effects. Genbrain doesn’t contain addictive stimulants such as caffeine, which places it on the top list of the safest nootropic solutions for 2020.

What is more, Genbrain is made in a clean and safe manufacturing environment. Its producer, Genbrain TM, is a firm adherer of good manufacturing practices. The advanced botanical fingerprint technology used in the supplement production ensures high quality and immense potency of the product.

Directions for adult usage

Genbrain is an easy-to-use solution: the recommended daily dosage of the product is one capsule per day with ample amount of water. It is preferable to be consumed in the morning or at least before your lunchtime, with or without food.

As with any other supplement, you are to remember that consistency is everything, and so taking Genbrain daily and at one time will ensure greater results. The product is designed for generally healthy adult individuals over 18 years of age without any chronic medical conditions like heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. Expecting and breastfeeding mothers should also avoid the supplement. Persons with a history of allergic reactions ought to discuss taking the solution with their physicians.

Health benefits of taking Genbrain

  • increased levels of energy (both mental and physical ;
  • improvement of cognitive abilities;
  • enhancement of both immediate and retentive memories;
  • reinforced concentration, focus and clear thinking;
  • positive thinking, increased confidence, and disappearance of despondency;
  • daily delivery of key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that enhance general health;
  • good chance of weight management support

All abovementioned will be achieved thanks to the excellent synthesis of qualities combined in a single nonpareil solution.


The product can be purchased online through the official internet site of its manufacturer and some mediatory internet sites. Purchase through the official site is more secure and prevents you from the acquisition of counterfeit products. You have a choice to select from 1 to 5-months supply, which ranges from as low as $39.6 to $59.94 for a 30-capsules’ bottle.genbrain pricing

If you want to have the most affordable option, i. e. a 5-months supply, you will pay for it a mere $198 (and no shipping charge) in total and save about $101. This will become $43 per can, or $129 in total if you select a 3-months option. And only in case of purchasing a one-month bottle, you will be charged $9.95 for its shipping, which totals to$59.94 (where $49.99 is a bottle value and the rest is a cost of delivery).

The official producer of Genbrain covers your purchase by a one-month guarantee. If you are satisfied with the results, signing up for an auto-subscription will save you the trouble of making repeating orders.

User Testimonials

Olivia. I started taking Genbrain about 4 weeks ago. I notice now that whenever I forget to take a pill, I feel a difference in my mind –sluggish and not motivated, even for physical activity.  I also like Genbrain for the fact that it makes your blood more slick. Less chance of strokes, clots, heart attacks and similar stuff. This is clearly something I consider taking for a long, long time.

Jeremiah. I have been told I’m a very scatterbrained person and pretty often run on in tangents as if there were no tomorrow. I’d made my research and decided to give Genbrain a try. Since I started using it, I feel a bit cleaner in my mental processes and have a much better memory. These days I easily memorize barcodes for “fun” and feel confident about doing things that I’d never thought of before. Thinking about ordering a 5-month pack.

Final judgment

There is not a big choice of nootropics on the market that are as effective as safe and natural. Genbrain belongs to this small category valued by its users for its skill to improve their cognitive performance. minimize your customer risk by choosing this high-quality supplement and using it in an easy and intelligent way.

This includes talking to your physician, following directions of Genbrain manufacturer, consistency and cycling (i. e. stop taking Genbrain for a few days after 3-4 weeks of taking it – for a healthy break necessary for a brain before resuming its usage.

Usage of this genuine product will bring your body and mind steady positive changes. Each capsule will naturally nourish your brain and body cells, which results in enhanced energy levels, improved concentration and memory, bright mind and significant achievements.



Abilities Improvement


Increasing of Energy


Duration of Effect


General Health Benefits





  • Genbrain helps you avoid age-related problems, such as stress and anxiety
  • Makes the brain work faster and more efficient
  • Improves mental abilities, which decrease with age
  • Based on the time-proven components, such as Ginkgo Biloba
  • It has been successfully tested on both humans and animals
  • The probability of adverse effects is low
  • Provides the organism with essential vitamins and substances
  • Helps you control the body weight


  • Not suitable for people with chronic diseases
  • May be dangerous for allergic people
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  1. I began to lose concentration at work. It really irritates me. I heard much about Genbrain. When can I get good results if I begin to take it within several days? What is the period of taking it?

    • It usually requires a couple of days or weeks to feel the difference between the previous and current state. Genbrain will give your energy and clearance of mind. I began to work harder, and I don’t feel fatigued for a long time. I use it for a month, and it is cool.

  2. Genbrain supplement is a cool invention. I thought that my head will never generate new ideas. But I was wrong. It makes your brains work like never before. But be careful. If you have chronic problems, consult a doctor before taking it. It can cause some complications.


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