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Most sexually active people are trying to behave safely and practice secure sex, but it’s not always working. About a quarter of adult American citizens are martyrs to genital herpes – a sexually transmitted infection. It is due to the virus that may result in itching and painful feelings in your genitals. This infection is not totally curable. One can only ease the symptoms and make herpes less visible.

For this purpose, there are lots of different medications, creams and procedures created. One of the safest products is Herpesyl. In what follows, we are going to review this solution and pass our opinion on it.

What Is Exactly Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is an organic dietetic aid included in the anti-herpes category. It’s specially formulated for Herpes Simplex Virus of the first and second types. In accordance with the manufacturer’s advertisement, this supplement can improve your life significantly. Let’s find out how exactly.

How Does The Supplement Act On The Body?

Herpesyl works through the brain cells and defense system in three steps.

Step 1: The aid nourishes the organism with mineral substances and vital factors boosting the immune system. Thus, the body gains energy and power to protect and support itself. During the first step, HSV-1 amd HSV-2 become less active and harmful to the health.

Step 2: Herpesyl helps in detoxification of the organism. Also, the supplement heals the brain cells damaged by Herpes Simplex Virus enhancing nerve signaling. On top of this, the anti-herpes product reduces itching and pain in genitals.

Step 3: During this last step, the Herpes Simplex Virus destruction begins. Presumably, the infection symptoms wouldn’t trouble you again.

Apart from these three steps, the Herpesyl aid boosts energy level and relieves cognitive dysfunction.

The Table Of Key Ingredients

Altogether, there are more than 25 compnents utilized in the Herpesyl formula. All of them are organic, GMO and pesticide-free, and absolutely safe to the human organism. Below in the table, we have listed the key components and their characteristics.

Ingredient Name Ingredient Qualities
Soursop bush The ingredient works as a radical catcher, supports your defense system and helps in fighting the virus.
Black Chinese mushrooms This kind of mushrooms enhances the health of heart, boosts the defense system, and takes active part in destroying cancroid cells. Besides, this component exhibits anti-herpes qualities.
Burdock root extract The plant itself is full of nutritional substances. It nourishes the organism, eliminated toxins from the body, and helps in fighting the virus.
Selenium Se includes G-SH that controls the oxidoreduction process, relaxes the body, and eliminates toxins.
Curcuma (turmeric) It reduces inflammatory state and prevents herpes outbreak in the future.
The extract from European raspberry The extract from this plant improves your skin condition by reducing the sore redness.
Grape seeds The oil from seeds is a great support for heart and vascular structures as it enhances the blood flow. What is more, this ingredient takes a positive effect on the immune system.
Granatum seeds The component is well-known for fighting different kinds of viruses and transmissible diseases. Therefore, it’s quite frequently used in the supplements for treating sexually transmitted infections.
Quercetine This ingredient offers anti-herpes properties.

There are only 9 ingredients out of 25 listed. All the key and additional components are listed on the supplement packaging. Note that ingredient names may be written in Latin or replaced with synonyms.

Is Herpesyl Secure?

As you might have noticed, the supplement admixture is 100% natural. All the ingredients are secure to consume. Herpesyl doesn’t cause adverse reactions and/or addiction. On top of this, the formula is tested and approved by the FDA. Therefore, we recommend it to the readers!

Precautionary Measures

There are several measures one should stick to while taking the supplement. They are the following:

Herpesyl Reviews best supplement

  • Keep Herpesyl in a dark, dry place at warm temperature.
  • Keep the supplement away from pets and children’s reach.
  • Self-medication can be harmful to your health. Consult with your physician before buying this product.
  • If you are using other medications, consider their interactions with Herpesyl.
  • If you are a martyr to other conditions, consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.
  • Though the formula is absolutely organic and safe, it is better to check whether you have allergies on the main ingredients or not beforehand. If you have allergic reactions on one or more active ingredients, avoid using the supplement.
  • The supplement is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women as the admixture may be transferred to a child.

Who Is Supposed To Consume Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is designed for adults only, so if you are an underage, you are not supposed to consume the supplement. Besides, it’s very important to consume the Herpesyl capsules regularly, without missing intakes. Otherwise, there would be no sufficient changes.

How To Use This Anti-herpes Supplement?

The recommended dosage of Herpesyl is two capsules on a daily basis. It is better to take them with a glass of water. Do not miss the aid intake, otherwise you won’t see the results.

One bootle of the anti-herpes supplement contains 60 capsules. It’s a one-month supply. You can find all the instructions on the packaging.

Where To Buy Herpesyl? What’s The Pricing?

Currently, you can purchase Herpesyl from the manufacturer’s official page only. The company sells the product at discounted prices. Besides, there is a full refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, the packaging seal is damaged, or the product is expired, you can claim a money-back within 2 months (60 days) upon the delivery date.

One bottle of the Herpesyl supplement goes for 69 dollars. Also, you may buy three bottles for 59 dollars each, and six bottles for 49 dollars each. Buying a one-month supply, you’re supposed to pay minimum delivery fee. For two other packaging options, shipping is for free.

Consumers’ Feedback On The Product

It’s a bit embarrassing topic to discuss. I mean the symptoms and how you are fighting them. But what I can say with no doubt is that Herpesyl has helped me a lot in easing itching and redness. I’m not sure it has eliminated the virus though. I haven’t passed the test yet. But hopefully, everything is fine.

Hubert Mccabe, 35, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


I’ve suffered from HSV-1 for several years. At least twice a year, herpes labialis occurred. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I felt embarrassed. And special creams didn’t help too much. So, I decided to try something more effective, yet less chemical. My doctor suggested Herpesyl to me. The supplement works, and it’s good news. I guess, the virus has been eliminated as I haven’t seen any herpes symptoms for a year. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Glen White, 41, Omaha, Nebraska.


I like the formula and price. It’s quite convenient to order 3 or even 6 bottles at once. And no prescription is needed. I’m satisfied.

Abbigail Vargas, 42, Tucson, Arizona.


I’ve been using Herpesyl for three months now. I’ve become more energetic and healthy for sure. The redness from sores is still present though. But I guess it’s fine, I have 3 more bottles to go.

David Duran, 37, Scottsdale, Arizona.


I was diagnosed with HSV-2. Itching in the genital area was really annoying. With this supplement, I can finally relax. The symptoms have gone, and the skin condition has become better.

Usaamah Mcleod, 50, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


5 out of 5. The supplement is effective, and works as promised. I guess, no additional comments are needed.

Ariah Mckenzie, 49, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


I bought just 1 bottle, and probably that was my biggest mistake. I definitely see and feel the changes. I would like to take Herpesyl for at least 1 month more.

Willie Zuniga, 34, Rochester, New York.


I’ve been a martyr to herpes labialis since I turned 25, I guess. And I finally decided to get rid of it. I’m just tired of using all these creams and palms. I’ve been using Herpesyl for 2 weeks only, but I see it works and is quite promising.

Phillippa Price, 30, Chesapeake, Virginia.

To Sum Up

Herpesyl is one of the best solutions that aims at treating the root of HSV, and it does its job through the brain cells. It’s really impressive how many tests the supplement has passed. Its scientific background makes this natural product one of the most effective and reliable anti-herpes supplements marketed.










  • Herpesyl helps in detoxification of the organism
  • The anti-herpes aid heals the brain cells damaged by HSV enhancing nerve signaling
  • The supplement nourishes the organism with mineral substances and vital factors boosting the defense system
  • It eases the symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection, eliminating HSV
  • The Herpesyl aid boosts energy level and relieves cognitive dysfunction
  • Herpesyl is formulated for treating Herpes Simplex Virus of the first and second types
  • No prescription is required
  • The aid formula is 100% natural. All the components are secure to consume


  • The aid is available online only
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