Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder Review: The #1 Best Fat Burner? My Results

Do you want to lose weight, be healthy and cheerful? Easy! Try the Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder for a better metabolism and vitality boost for the whole day.

Nutrition, diets and useful supplements are actively discussed at numerous forums and conferences. Many junior, middle-aged and senior people around the world are overweight. According to BRFSS at the end of 2019, the average adult obesity in the U.S. made 30%. Do not despair if you also need to get rid of extra pounds. For several years, a scientist tried to find the additive to activate vital resources of the body.

How does a healthy supplement work?

According to the basics of metabolism, we know that ketogenesis is one of the 3 metabolic pathways for generating power for livelihoods. Our organs release energy from fat. It splits into ketones. This diet is based on reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. They are almost completely replaced by fats and proteins. If the amount of carbohydrates we eat decreases, insulin will not be produced. With sufficient physical exertion, the fat stores of our body are no longer protected from breakdown.
MCT oil powder reviews

A special product – ‘Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder’ – is tailored to fully meet the demands of healthy metabolic processes. It was created with consideration of healthy eating and diet principles. This is sort of “petrol” for our organism. With this add-on, you can do more and be active all day. Coconut-extracted medicines make foundation of our ketopowder, and thus the supplement tastes like coconut cream.

The formula which enhances brain power

Fats are quickly liberated from food after getting into the intestines, and then, easily digestible ketones are produced from them. The Keto Powder is frequently referred to as ‘brain charger.’ Why? The nature of the brain is such that energy does not accumulate in it. Hence, it needs a continuous energy supply. Ketones replace glucose in the blood and easily enter the brain. Thus, the brain is instantly supplied with nutrients.

The process of MCTs (short for Medium chain triglycerides) cleavage does not require participation of bile. They do not require energy to extract or store them.

The oil powder is low-carb, and it can recharge your body with energy for several hours.

Meet the developer of Keto MCT Oil Powder

Practicing physician Dr. Colbert has been developing his healthy lifestyle for 3 decades. He correctly selected his diet and defeated his skin disease. Soon, special ingredients were discovered, followed by the development of the MCT Powder.

Is this delicious supplement safe?

Still worried about safety of the product? The formula of Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder includes only 100% natural ingredients. It is safe to use because it does not contain:

  • genetically modified organisms
  • gluten
  • additional artificial sweeteners
  • lactose
  • soy

Results to expect from Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder

Let’s see what your body gets after consuming the supplement.

  1. MCT consists of natural C8, which helps organs and cells use fat rather than carbohydrates as fuel. It works in your body as a fat burner. Therefore, you lose weight!
  2. Your brain uses the supplement as fuel for its activity. The brain is more than 55% fat. The product provides an improved fat formula for this organ.
  3. One scoop contains 3 grams of plant fiber and fats. With such satisfying ingredients, you will forget about hunger for a few hours.
  4. Prolonged burning of an incoming portion of fat will provide you with energy for 2-4 hours.
  5. Thanks to MCT Oil Powder, the body naturally produces ketones that will charge you with well-being and positive emotions.
  6. By following a high fat diet and taking our supplement, you will support your heart activity.

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder on the table
You have the chance to experience all of the above benefits, if you try Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder.

Benefits over analogues

The product under discussion has some advantages over other dietary fats. According to Wikipedia, triglycerides, which have a tail of 6-12 carbon atoms, are medium chain fatty acids. We extract such product from rich food source ─coconut oil. Such fats break down faster in our body. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder over other fats and MCT oils:

  • The digestive system can conflict with MCT oil, which results in diarrhea. In turn, MCT oil powder is more readily absorbed by the GIT.
  • More ketones. By using MCT oil powder, you can avoid digestive upsets and improve the digestibility of soluble ketones (if you take them also).
  • Tastier and more convenient. It is convenient to take the oil powder with you on a trip, or take it when at work. It is more practical than oil. There are ways to prepare delicious drinks and other keto recipes.

You can also amplify your health recipe with another product of the sort Keto Fit Pro – an advanced slimmer to help you get rid of extra pounds through ketosis and improve mental and physical performance. Find out more info and customers’ impressions in our review.

Unexpected effects from the powder use

In isolated cases, patients with gastrointestinal problems may experience some side effects. MCT’s side effects can be constipation or diarrhea. The first days of use, your body will get used to a new product, which may be accompanied by a peculiar discomfort.

Instructions for use and precautions

The quantity of the supplement in one container (315g) is provided for 30 servings. The size of one serving is 1 scoop – 10.5 g. 10 g of powder are 7 g of saturated fat and 3 g of dietary fiber. There is NO cholesterol, sodium, protein.

When you follow a diet and do not consume carbohydrates, you undergo the state when cells use ketones (healthy fats) as the main source of nutrients. After a few days, the body completely gets used to this condition ─ to live without glucose. Our body can activate this ability when we do not consume carbohydrates: fats are burned as fuel and we lose weight like a bear after hibernation.
Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder and different nuts

This safe physiological state invariably gives rise to a process of weight loss, an increase in the amount of energy for an active day. You will get attention at work, reduce your illnesses and inflammations, and get rid of spikes in sugar levels.

The average daily calorie intake for a diet is 2,000 calories. One scoop (serving) of this delicious supplement will give you 70 calories. Add it to coffee, smoothies, desserts and other favorite dishes.

Price & discounts

We’re offering to buy Dr. Colbert, M.D. formulated nutrition at a bargain price – $35 per 1 jar. And if you buy the course of our supplement, you will receive a discount of up to 15% for an amount of 3 and more. You will also save 5% on AutoShip.

Our customers reviews

Feedback from the people proves that Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder does its job excellently! Just look at how many people have lost excess weight, got rid of malaise and managed their bad mood:

Andrew Jones. Hi everybody! I really liked the powder. For 1 month I managed to lose some weight. Thanks to Dr. Colbert.

Sophia Davis. The remedy is very convenient to use. I just make my non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks and feel cheerful and easy throughout the whole day.

Joshua Taylor. Wow! It works. I have already opened 4 containers. During these months, I noticeably lost weight and became healthier. Even my friends do not always recognize me and are surprised at my vigor.

Olivia Wilson. My morning coffee is tastier and healthier with this supplement. Thanks to Dr. Colbert for sharing his health recipe.

William Robinson. I’ve already bought MCT. I got acquainted with the product, checked the reviews on sites, composition, understood the mechanism of how the additive works. I decided that this would definitely help me. I already feel a little better.

Louise Rogers. When I first cooked a dish with Oil Powder, I liked its flavor. Now, my husband and I cook our favorite goodies every day with this supplement.

Kelly Peterson. I like to add this slimming product to my smoothie. I do this every day and go in for sports. So, I keep myself in shape and recommend it to my friends.

Abigail Wright. I always suffered from excess weight and could not find the strength in myself to change anything in my life. Dr. Colbert and his product elaborated for healthy diet helped me. Now I go in for sports, keto and add powder to my drinks and dishes. The whole complex of my actions gives a cool result! I am losing weight. I’ve already lost 34 pounds!

Roby Brown. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this product online. I decided to try to and have been enjoying a new life for 5 months. Thanks to the developers for this super additive.

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder – supplement #1 for active people

Are you an active person? Do you experience much stress at work, business or exercise much? The MCT oil powder will help you stay energized, slim and cheerful all day long. Try the powder ─ the best remedy for your healthy active life. MCT oil powder is also a perfect match if you are on a low-carb or keto diet.

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder


Getting rid of fats


Energy during the day


Sugar level




Satiety of Ingredients



  • Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder provides the all-day activity
  • The brain receives nutrients
  • Only 100% natural ingredients
  • The product is safe to use
  • The product works as a fat burner
  • Balanced maintenance of cardiac activity
  • Energy savings over time
  • Savings on the purchase of goods


  • People with gastrointestinal problems may experience side effects
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