KouTea Review: Don’t Even Touch it Before you Read This!

If one of your goals is to lose weight, you have several ways to do it – buy special medicines, go to the gym every day, avoid some meals. Those are the standard recommendations that you can hear from almost every expert. But what if you have tried all those pieces of advice and had no result at all? What if you are sick and tired of exhausting physical exercises and diets? Is there any other way to lose several pounds without all those traditional methods?

In this review, we are going to describe a new type of tea – KouTea, which is considered by one of the most working means to lose excess weight on the planet Earth. It comprises 4ingredients (Green Tea, Oolong. Pu’er, and White Tea), which all taken together, will assist to burn fat, boost metabolism processes, detoxicate the body, etc.

How it works

KouTea combines rich taste and health and may be considered as the best drink all over. It includes some agents, which prevent cancer and other elements that are able to restore well being. However, those are not the only positive things inspiring people to use KouTea. It helps people to burn fat meaning you can drink tea and get the result without exhausting training or strict diets.

How it works slimming tea KouTea

Does it mean that you don’t need to visit your gym? Not at all, but you don’t need to exhaust yourself anymore. It also means that you don’t need to follow any diet. The tea includes a kind of flavonoid that is helpful in the fight with excess fat. As for the caffeine, it boosts the energy and increases the volume of calories, the body is able to consume. Such a mixture creates a perfect blend that makes the process of weight reduction even easier and faster. By the way, you can read more about the teas and their positive effect on your well being here.

When the goals for fat reduction are achieved, it is recommended to use this mixture to prevent the retention of fat. It is to mention that KouTea should be accompanied by some physical exercises or some other natural products. Do not forget to take two or three cups of tea every day.

How safe KouTea is?

You can’t get any damage or threat to your body by using this blend of teas. They are natural and work well together. Those teas are traditional beverage in China. This means there will be no harm to your body even if you take it twice or thrice a day.

How does KouTea impact your body

This product contains a mixture of four most effective teas on the planet. Put together, they will assist your body to get rid of excess weight and increase immunity. Those teas give you energy, necessary to burn fats, offer useful elements and nutrients. Moreover, the mixture will improve your detoxication, which will improve the state of health, minimize fitness difficulties.

KouTea supplies the body with nutritional components that increase the process of burning fat and help to retain fitness conditions. Those who use the product regularly, will detoxicate their bodies and improve well being as it helps to keep blood pressure at normal levels. The product gives enough nourishment within the body and can be used long term in order to prevent fat accumulation.


The product is a mixture of 4 famous products – Green tea, Oolong, Pu’er and White tea. Now let’s have a look at each of those components put separately.Kou-Tea ingridients Review

Green tea is a great fat burner. It increases the level of metabolism, which contributes to achieving faster results. Moreover, this product has great antioxidant properties helping the system to get rid of radicals that can lead to significant health disorders such as cancer and heart diseases.

Oolong is a perfect container for nutrient elements. It includes different vitamins of different groups like A, B, C, E and K. It also contains such minerals as Co, magnesium, Ca, K, folic acid, and carotene. Polyphenol assists the body to improve metabolic process and prevent obesity.

Pu’er assists the body to remove free radicals and decrease the level of cholesterol. It assists to increase digestion, which will prevent health disorders such as painful colon or upset stomach.

White tea helps to remove free radicals and acts as an antioxidant. It is helpful against fat and makes your skin looking better. White tea is also a good way to maintain the pressure of blood at normal levels.

What are the main benefits of KouTea

This mixture of teas is known for its weight loss properties. It is totally safe and gives several advantages to your health. KouTea includes four famous teas, containing antioxidants giving everyone who uses it a protective effect.

KouTea includes L-theanine minimizing tension of blood. L-theanin being an amino acid, helps to release dopamine and serotonin, which is useful for decreasing the level of daily tension. They also increase concentration, etc.

KouTea increases carbs processing with a high level of efficiency. If you take this blend of teas before each meal, carbs will be absorbed in a very fast manner.

KouTea can also be used as an anti-aging drink. It contains Oolong and Green teas, which are famous for their bio-active content. It fights the radicals, which can lead to skin issues and early aging.

This mixture of teas can deal with bad cholesterol. It decreases significantly the level of LDL. It means that the product is also a perfect drink to prevent heart-related diseases. KouTea helps to clean your blood and increase its flow.

There is no doubt that KouTea is a great supplement that will help you to get rid of excess weight. It has many other positive impacts that will make you even healthier. To sum up, all the benefits of this product, let’s underline its benefits again:

  1.      KouTea helps to lose about 5 lbs of fat weekly. However, you need to remember that you need to do physical exercises as well.
  2.      KouTea enhances metabolism. All the components of this mixture have proven their fat burning capacity.
  3.      The blend os teas give you more energy and power.
  4.      KouTea prevents craving that is also a positive moment in the weight loss process.
  5.      Finally, this tea assists the system to get rid of free radicals.

Are there any proven side effects of using KouTea?

There are no side effects as this product contains four famous organic teas. This product is manufactured by a famous RDK Global company. It means that there no unwanted ramifications of using KouTea. However, this product contains caffeine and you may have a sleep disorder. It is to remember that caffeine in great dozes may cause heart diseases. However, teas are safe and you can drink this one every day.

How to use KouTea

This blend of teas comes in a 2kg package, which is the ideal amount for both trying or taking it on a daily basis. Those who want to lose weight and receive some health benefits are recommended to drink it twice per 24 hours. However, you can get even better results by using KouTea even more frequently.

It is also recommended for you to follow some low-fat diet and do exercises every day. KouTea will provide you with the necessary energy for your gym practice.

How to use KouTea

KouTea comes in small tea bags that make it even easier to prepare your drink. The first thing to do after unpacking the bag is to boil water. Once this step is done, it is better to wait until the temperature falls to 75-80 degrees Celsium. Then add the bag with tea to the cup and wait about 3-4 minutes until the water becomes of warm golden color.

There is a good secret about KouTea. You can reuse any bag twice. To do this, you need to let it dry and then do the same steps that we have described previously.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the tea, let it steep for longer. You can add honey for sweetening if desired.

Safety measures when using KouTea

There is nothing special to be worried about when drinking this blend of famous teas. They are all organic and have no harm to your body. However, if you have problems with sleep, it is better to decrease the number of cups you take during the day. It is better to avoid drinking this product before you go to sleep. There are no confirmed cases of any disorders that were caused by this tea.

Where to buy KouTea

If you really want to say goodbye to all those awful and exhausting diet plans, it is the right place. You can buy KouTea on their official webpage. There you can order one box for 34.95 USD. If you want to buy more you will get a discount. For example, buying two boxes will cost you 69.27 USD, which is 0.63 USD lower that if you have purchased them separately. Those who buy three boxes will have to pay 104.85 USD only and get one more item for free!

KouTea reviews and testimonials

There are plenty of reviews for this product on the Internet. The users underline the benefits this blend of teas gave them already. If you look at the official website, you can see a couple of testimonials from those who have purchased the product. They say that the product gives them energy and the expected result in fat loss.


KouTea is the best way for consumers to improve well being and to get rid of excess kilograms as well as stay fit and healthy. It includes four famous Chinese teas that will improve your body as well as slow down skin-aging.



The Efficiency of tea use


Fast fat loss




Skin conditions





  • One of the most effective ways to lose weight
  • KouTea is made up of healthy ingredients: White and Green Tea, Pu’er and Oolong. These are the most effective teas on the planet
  • The composition of tea includes special substances that prevent cancer
  • Unnecessary toxins are removed from the body after using tea
  • The body will not be harmed if you drink this tea
  • Nutrient components enter the body
  • KouTea can be used as an anti-ageing drink too
  • The drink can help to prevent heart disease


  • You can buy a drink only on the official website
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  1. The tea is quite pleasant. It is nice to have a cup of tea in the evening. So, when you want to combine pleasure and effective way of controlling weight, nothing can be better. What is the right way to use KouTea?

    • KouTea is a mixture of several teas. As it was said, the best temperature for making the tea is between 75-80 degrees. Water used must not be boiling. Brewed at this temperature, it reveals its best qualities. With it my metabolism works like the clock on the Big Ben. I feel cool.

  2. The main advantage for me is that KouTea reduces the amount of free radicals in the body. They are harmful to us. We don’t eat the right food. The surrounding is not even better. This tea helps me cope with weight problems and overeating. And the general state is much better now.


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