Panalean Review: An Innovative Weight-Loss Product or FAKE?

If you were told that just one tiny molecule in your body is responsible for weight decrease, would you believe it? However, as recent studies hint, that’s just it. And when this molecule is activated, your may incinerate fat easily, without even keeping a restrictive diet or hitting the gym. This revolutionary breakthrough in modern weight-loss industry has lead to a creation of Panalean dietary supplement. With this unique product, you’ll finally be able to battle obesity and get perfectly fit body within a few weeks, according to the producer. But is it really that efficient, are there any drawbacks? You’ll soon find out.

About Panalean

The product was designed by a professional health researcher named George Bridgeham. According to his presentation, he himself once had weight issues. Today, his life is devoted to creating products that help thousands of people stay fit, healthy, and happy.

In his research, he was accompanied by Dr. Peng, Harvard’s researcher, known globally, and by a group of other top scientists. They established a laboratory in Taiwan and studied natural products like herbs and plant extracts, applied in traditional medicine.panalean full review

After years of research, they’ve discovered secret and still very simple ingredients that can naturally help overweight people. What’s more, you won’t even have to work up a sweat at the gym. Your cells will “think” that you’re working out, even when you sit on the couch. But to understand how these ingredients work, you’ll need to learn a few things about your own body.

AMPK: super-molecule

This super-powerful enzyme was discovered nearly half a century ago, in 1973. Scientists call it AMP-activating protein kinase. Since then, they’ve been studying it meticulously and have come to unexpected conclusions. According to them, this AMPK enzyme has a powerful effect on body metabolism and many other functions connected with weight.

To be more precise, this molecule works like a switch. When AMPK is activated (switched on), each cell in your body starts working to eliminate and burn fat for energy and stamina. AMPK sort of tricks your body, making it “think” that it’s working out – even when it isn’t. Thus, your weight reduces, while you feel more energized, active, and strong.

And that’s not all. This AMPK, naturally produced in the body, has other health properties. It works like a cleanser and flushes away toxins and all the junk from your cells. New clean, strong, and healthy organelles start forming in the cells. This improves your overall health and well-being, slows down aging and reverses many dangerous diseases.

How Panalean works

AMPK is present in each human body. So why is it so difficult to slim down with its help? The problem is that in some people this enzyme is mostly non-active. There’re lucky ones in which AMPK is naturally activated by itself. This is mostly caused by genetics. That’s why they can eat whatever they want and skip physical routine without gaining weight. But others aren’t that lucky. They need a booster, something that will awake AMPK.

Panalean dietary supplement has a unique composition. As it was mentioned, it contains natural components that are able to activate AMPK and make it do its job. This leads to significant weight reduction in a short time. With this product, you’ll be able to shed several pounds every week, let alone other positive effects on health. Your body will be cleansed from dangerous toxins that harm cells and tissues and cause various diseases and conditions, like cancer, heart attack, poor liver, etc.

Key ingredients

And now we are going to review these miraculous components that incinerate body fat and battle obesity.


The manufacturer has given this name to a powerful combination of only two ingredients. They are ginseng and astragalus, both are widely applied in traditional Chinese medicine.panalean good supplements

Astragalus grows in the north and east of China and also in Korea and Mongolia. Apart from its medical usage, it is applied in cooking and personal care products. As Dr. Bridgeham and his colleges concluded, this plant extract has a powerful effect on AMPK. Also, it has many other benefits, such as:

  • Controls cholesterol level.
  • Prevents diabetes.
  • Reduces liver injury.
  • Has anti-aging properties.
  • Improves bone system.
  • Protects from cancer.
  • Promotes regeneration.

Another positive effect of astragalus is connected with the nervous system. It relieves stress, fights depression, promotes mental clarity, and improves sleep quality. Stress and anxiety are deadly enemies of weight loss, because they raise cortisol level. This “stress” hormone is partly responsible for fat accumulation. When you’re stressed, it’s very difficult to keep the weight off.

As for ginseng, it tops the list of herbs and plants to cut extra pounds. In China, ginseng is considered one of the most important herbs for health. According to Medium, it:

  • Influences the metabolism of lipids.
  • Boosts fat-loss at molecular level.
  • Helps control appetite.

This beneficial herb also reduces insulin resistance and fights diabetes, controls blood glucose, and helps feel more powerful and energized.


So, astragalus and ginseng both promote observable weight decrease and health improvement. However, as Dr. Bridgeham states, it’s not enough just to burn fat to feel young, fit, and healthy. The problem is that fat incineration has a serious drawback that few people know about.

You see, burning is a process that happens with the participation of oxygen. Funny enough, but the same is fair for body fat burning. It is followed by a release of a high quantity of dangerous by-products: free radicals. These harmful molecules destroy our bodies from the inside, causing premature aging, poor regeneration, heart issues, vision loss, liver and kidney failure, and many other health problems. That’s why it’s critical to lose weight properly.

Panalean producers have taken that into account. They added another complex to Innoslim. It’s called Fiit-ns. It will protect your body from damage, caused by free radicals and oxidation. Fiit-ns is a combination of the most powerful antioxidants, including B3 and guarana seed extract. Of course, you may just consume a lot of foods rich in antioxidants. But with Fiit-ns, you won’t have to spend money on them. Everything you need is contained in a tiny pill.

Panalean supplement effects

The list of its multiple benefits includes the following items:

  • It reduces body mass by “switching on” AMPK enzyme.
  • It gives energy boost and stamina.
  • It reduces appetite and sugar cravings.
  • The supplement improves physical performance.
  • It boosts mental clarity, memory and thinking.
  • It controls blood glucose and blood pressure.
  • It protects heart function and vessels.
  • Panalean increases muscle mass.
  • It has strong antioxidant properties, protects overall health.


Panalean formula has nothing to do with prescribed medications. It’s a completely natural product, and has been tested by thousands of people. It has no side effects reported so far. However, do note that herbal extracts in very rare cases may cause allergic reactions. Keep an eye on your well-being, while taking the supplement.panalean buy original supplements

If you take any medications or have any health conditions, talk to your healthcare professional prior to use. You even may order the supplement and show the bottle to get the approval. Also, keep in mind that the product is not intended for children or underage, only for adults over 18. Pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t take it either.

If for some reason the product will not agree with you, pay attention to another supplement with weight-dropping properties: True Digestion review. It’s also very efficient and may work better in your case.

How to take Panalean

You have to take two capsules per day with plain water. One pill should be consumed in the morning, the second one in the early afternoon. It’s not recommended taking the pills in the evening time, as the supplement boosts mental and physical activity, and you may have troubles trying to sleep in the night.

Price, bonuses and gifts

One bottle of the supplement costs $59.95. The product may be ordered only on the official website of the manufacturer. You may purchase not just a single bottle, but a set of 3 or 4, so that they could last longer.Price, bonuses and gifts panalean

Also, the producer has a few bonuses and gifts for customers:

  • Free shipping.
  • 365 days money back guarantee.
  • 2 bottles for free (if you order a set of 4 bottles).
  • 3 special bonus reports on healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Panalean customer reviews

Emma F.: “I’ve lost 11 pounds within 2 weeks. My hunger is suppressed, and I feel much more energized. That’s a very good supplement. The only con is I’ll soon have to buy new jeans and shirts. Recommended!”

David D.: “My physical performance has improved, and my muscle mass has increased with Panalean. Besides, I sleep much better, feel stronger and healthier. I think this product is worth its money. ”


If you’re dreaming of a slim and fine-shaped body, but stubborn fat and pounds simply won’t go away, you should definitely try this supplement. In addition to weight reduction, it has multiple health properties and is absolutely safe. Many people have already tried it and are absolutely happy with the results. You may be one of them!






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  • Absolute safety
  • Fast and impressive results
  • Reasonable price
  • Bonuses and gifts for customers
  • Money return policy.
  • Affirmative reviews


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