Privacy Policy

Many people consider confidentiality to be the main aspect of life today. This fact was the reason for publishing a confidentiality policy detailed description. So each user has the possibility to get acquainted with the peculiarities of using the web-page, as well as the information that he has to specify for this.

What Data Should Users Provide and Why Should They Do It?

Do you want to take all the advantages of the web-page? Please enter your correct email address and name. We need it to answer all your requests and questions. Every user will be offered to fill in the sign-up form and specify his private data. After that, he will receive an email from Aweber to email. It is intended to confirm the provided data truthfulness. After your email address is confirmed, it will be moved to the mailing list of our web-page. This will make it possible to send you regular messages about changes, updates, or additions. Every user can trust us. We don’t take private data in order of providing it to any third person.


We need “cookies” for we can find out the period you visited a particular rubric of the site, as well as the duration of your stay there.


You should keep in mind that it is prohibited to use or copy content published on the web-page. This rule applies to videos and reviews published on the internet resource under the domain If you use content posted on here without our written permission, you will be liable as set forth by law for this.

What Else Does User Have to Know about Cookies?

A cookie is a text document. It often contains an anonymous ID. If you give permission to use cookies, you open access to your private data by doing so. The date, duration, and number of visits to the web-page are saved on the computer’s hard drive. It becomes available for our web-page’s administration thanks to cookies. However, we only can view cookies files. You can be sure that any other private information is not available to us. Often, the computer’s browser is configured to use cookies. However, there is a possibility to change these settings in case you don’t want to give access to the files. But you should remember that some sections of our web-page will not be opened to you in case you don’t provide access to cookies. We guarantee that cookies will not open access to other private data. Users also should be sure that it is not the source of the malware.

What Is Private Information Used for?

The administration of our web-page has the opportunity to process the private data of users who have agreed to use cookies. We can distinguish different users from each other. Cookies using also allow providing safety of users’ private information. We can conduct monitoring of the number of people that view our web-page and determine the most popular web-page sections among users. This gives us the opportunity to refine our internet resources and make it even more interesting and informative. We don’t seek to obtain users’ private data. Our target is to develop a convenient and interesting web-page.

Private Information Safety

Vulnerability scanning or scanning to PCI standards is not part of our tools. We need only data about the most popular web-page visited sections, as well as the time and period of this visit We have absolutely no interest in financial, social or other private information about users.

Malware Scanning

We use reliable SSL technologies. It is an effective tool in protecting users’ data. Only a limited range of authorized employees has access to it. They sign a non-disclosure contract and undertake to keep each user’s private information secret.

We guarantee every user that his private information will not be available to third persons. We use the latest developments in security technologies to make your visit to our web-site completely safe.

Every user can be sure that we only work with information to get the data needed but do not save or use it for the aim of criminal.

Third-Party Web-Sites Collaboration

It is worth noting that sometimes users can find links to third-party Internet resources’ services and goods on our page. However, you take the decision on your own whether to collaborate with them. Please remember that these pages have their own privacy policies. It may differ from the confidentiality policy that you are reading now. Third-party web-pages have responsibility for the data safety if you leave our internet-page and collaborate with these sites. If you detect cases of scammers or unfair information using you should definitely inform us about it. Our web-page limits cooperation with the specified internet resource.

Divulgence of Private Data

This confidentiality policy provides each user with a guarantee that other persons will never receive access to his private information. Administration of our web-page may provide your data only to persons who carry out activities associated with the web-page operation. We will surely let you know about this in advance. Third persons and organizations that access your private data will surely keep it secret and not share it with other people with the aim of obtaining financial or other advantages. We may also grant access to your private information if it is requested by the authorities in accordance with the procedure established by law.

You should know that any data about an unidentified user may be disclosed to other persons for the purpose of advertising, marketing, and other activities.

Fair Policy on Private Data

Honesty and fairness are the foundation of the legislation of the USA. These principles also form the basis of our confidentiality policy. This agreement is based on private information protection legislation in force in the United States. It is worth noting that any side that infringes the policy regulations is subject to the fines established at the legislative level. If you perform any action that is opposite to Fair Privacy Practices, we will notify of your liability during 1 working day.

The administration of our web-page adheres to the principle of reimbursement. According to this principle, each of the sides can expect to receive compensation in case of moral, material or other harm that is a result of the wrongful actions of the other side. Every side has the right to submit an application to the court or other public authorities to bring the defendant to justice.

Spam Fight

The anti-spam act is valid in the USA. It regulates the rules and demands for commercial e-mail, as well as regulates the rights and conditions for receiving e-mail messages. Individuals and organizations that violate this law are necessarily liable.

Your email address data is need for us in order to:

  • Provide answers to your queries and questions.
  • Send you alerts and notifications.

We follow the next rules to comply with the CAN-SPAM rules:

  1. Ignore questionable subjects and email addresses.
  2. Don’t provide Intrusive advertising.
  3. Ask users to specify only real and true data.
  4. Thorough verification of third-party companies and internet resources that we cooperate with, for compliance with current legislation.
  5. Ask each user to agree or refuse the mailing maximally quickly.
  6. Providing the possibility to unsubscribe from the mailing to each user.
  7. You should notify us of the refusal to receive our mailing via email.

Attentively read the recommendations that we send in each message.

Please note that we will immediately remove your email address from the mailing list as soon as you notify us of your unsubscription.

Internet Protocol Addresses

Each computer has its own IP-address. It is used every time the computer is connected to the Internet. In other words, this is the individual number of the computer on the World Wide Web. It helps to identify each user’s computer. We collect IP-addresses of every user who visit our web-page using the server. This way we can send notifications, info about web-page, and news to users.

Information Distribution

Be sure that we will never disclose your private information to other people for a paid basis or at no cost. Only to third-party web-resources or organizations that serve our page or provide services to users can receive your private information.

Making Changes to Private Information

Each user has the opportunity to correct his private data submitted previously. You should contact the administration of our web-page and request access to your private data. All information provided by our users is saved in the database of the web-page.

Divulgence of Private Data at the Request of State Authorities

We may share users’ private information with state authorities or representatives of the law in accordance with the established procedure. This applies to both email addresses and account information if someone else’s safety depends on it or there is another compelling reason for it. Private information may be also provided to the authorities if it is necessary for conducting an inquisition or use in court proceedings.

Collaboration with Other Web-Pages

We publish links of other third-party internet resources on our web-page. However, you should keep in mind that each of them has its own confidentiality policy. The administration of our website is not responsible for their actions or inaction. All information about third-party Internet resources published on our page is only for informational purposes. We do not advertise their products or encourage users to use their services. You should remember that full responsibility for your collaboration with the sites linked to our site lies solely on the administration of this internet resource. You should definitely get acquainted with the rules of the confidentiality policy of the site before you begin interacting with it.

User’s Acceptance

In case you take the decision to use our website, you agree to the terms of use and the current confidentiality policy. This also means that you provide access to your private data. Keep in mind that we can make changes to the current confidentiality policy. The administration of our site is not required to notify each user of this.

Guarantees of Private Information Safety

Every user should keep in mind that the private data you provide will be processed and stored on the server. Be sure that we will not give access to it to any third person without your consent or if there are no legal grounds for doing so. We also guarantee that all stored data is securely protected from hacker attacks. We use only the latest effective technologies to protect your private information.

Choice Depends Only on You

You are the only person who decides to agree to our web-page’s mailing or unsubscribe from it. Every user also has the opportunity to opt-out of receiving notifications from us even if you previously agreed to receive mailings. You should just notify us via email.


It is worth noting that there are age limits on our web-page. Children who have not yet reached the age of 14 are not allowed to view our web-page without their parents’ permission. We also do not ask for private data this category of persons, as their use of our web-page is limited.

Conversion of Ownership Form

The whole site or its part may be sold or conveyed to another person or group of persons free of charge. Private data of users will also be provided to the new owner, as they are considered part of the web-page’s assets.


The web-page administration is authorized to make corrections and changes to the current confidentiality policy at any time. If you subscribe to our mailing, you will receive a message with data about the changes made. Also, information about these modifications is updated here. You can find it if you regularly check the confidentiality policy for changes or additions. We guarantee that we will not use users’ private data if the conditions of the changed privacy confidentiality policy contradict the current policy. We will certainly need to get new permission from you to use your private information.