Ring Relief Ultra Review: A Fast Way to Mute Tinnitus

Hearing issues become a typical problem as we age. One of them is called tinnitus. This severe and unpleasant condition can cause a lot of distress. Constant and annoying ringing and buzzing in the ears makes it hard to hear things, sleep well, and go on with everyday duties. Sometimes tinnitus may even cause anxiety, mental distress, depression, and suicide, as people are unable to cope with the problem of constant noises. Patients with tinnitus have to take medicines that are often useless, wear hearing aid, or undergo painful, risky, and expensive surgery. But what would they say if they knew there was another solution, natural, safe, and not nearly that costly? Ring Relief Ultra is an all-natural supplement that is proven to fight tinnitus and make its symptoms disappear for good. Read this review to learn if you are the one who needs this product above all.

What is tinnitus?

This is quite a common pathology when a person hears constant noises, when there’s, in fact, no external sound. The noise usually resembles ringing, buzzing, and whooshing. Tinnitus is not exactly a disease but rather a symptom.What is tinnitus?

There are many reasons causing this condition. Some of them are:

  • Brain blood vessel disorders (spasm, aneurysm, etc.).
  • Toxic medications.
  • Ear disorders, like otitis.
  • Metabolic issues, following diabetes, hypertension, and hyperthyroidism.
  • Regular exposure to loud noises.
  • Nervous system disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, cervical osteochondrosis, regular stress).
  • Serious head trauma.
  • Age-related hearing loss.

But most of these conditions are connected with the inflammation in the cochlear nerve. This nerve is also called the acoustic neuron. This neuron transmits electrical impulses that allow hearing and localizing sounds. Inflammatory process in cochlear area can result in tinnitus, hearing loss, and other serious conditions.

Ring Relief Ultra

To help people who have this pathology, certain medications and devices were developed. Often, it’s also advisable to undergo surgery when a small implant is placed inside your head. But this operation is painful, risky, and very expensive. With that, and with medicines being ineffective, many patients abandon hope to reverse the annoying symptoms and have their normal life back.

However, there is a chance. Ring Relief Ultra is a natural supplement to stop tinnitus and prevent it from reoccurring. It was created by Divine Body Health, a medical supplier famous for its natural and healthy products. The producer preferred not to focus on common chemicals and additives used by pharmaceutical companies, but to use only natural and very potent ingredients instead.

You have probably heard about Ayurveda. This medical system is very ancient and was established thousands years ago. However, today people still appeal to Ayurvedic traditions in a desperate hope that it can help them. And so it happens. The supplement producer used natural remedies that have been known for centuries and are successfully used even today.Ring Relief Ultra

If you are not sure, look at Buddhist monks. These people are famous globally not only for their spiritual teaching, but for their longevity and perfect health as well. The producer (by the way, his name is Rick Franklin, and he is a botanist) paid attention to the fact that Buddhist monks in Thailand live long and do not experience hearing problems, even in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. So, the producer started looking for the secret of their longevity and unsurpassed physical and mental health. It took years, but then this revolutionary supplement was developed.

How does it work?

As inflamed cochlear nerve is the reason why you hear annoying buzzes and ringing, the primary goal is to reduce inflammation. The supplement is aimed to do that. Its beneficial components target the root of inflammatory process and diminish the symptoms of tinnitus. But it’s important to note that not only does this product eliminate the symptoms, but it treats the condition itself.

Our auditory system is very complex and delicate. It is closely connected with the brain. Thus, any possible issues, if left untreated, may bring even more serious consequences, like depression and other nervous disorders. It is very important to start acting as soon as you notice the slightest symptoms. Any delay can be harmful. This particular supplement has no rivals as it comes to tinnitus problem. Its benefits are due to its unique formula created to help all people suffering from this condition.

Ring Relief Ultra ingredients

The producer used only the ingredients given by nature to make his formula as safe and strong as possible. As thedailybreakingnews.com specifies it, they are taken from rare Thai fruit.

Citrus maxima

You probably know this tropical fruit, however unfamiliar its name may sound. Actually, this key ingredient of the supplement is more known as pomelo of Citrus grandis. This is a big yellow fruit that resembles oranges. But it is bigger and has more sweetish taste.

As all citruses, this product is very rich in vitamin C. This nutrient works as a powerful antioxidant. Its major advantage for people with tinnitus is as follow: pomelo contains a lot of bioflavonoids. These polyphenols are present in plants and have impressive anti-inflammatory properties. As inflammation is the major cause for tinnitus, Citrus maxima helps to prevent and treat it.

Also, this plant has a lot of other health benefits. It improves blood circulation and cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, promotes good digestion and healthy metabolism, and prevents cancer.

Gingko biloba

This tropical plant has also been known and applied for centuries. Besides, this is one of the most ancient plants on the earth. Gingko biloba has a positive effect on mental health and nervous system. It prevents headaches and dizziness, depression, and senile mental disorders, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, it fights stress and improves memory and concentration.

Thai garlic

In fact, any garlic is very good for overall health. But Thai garlic is extremely rich in allicin, if compared to other types. Allicin is a powerful antioxidant; it decreases “bad” cholesterol level, normalizes blood pressure, and helps prevent cancer. Moreover, it successfully reduces inflammation, thus fighting tinnitus.


Another potent ingredient is magnesium. This mineral is essential for all body systems. Its lack causes serious health problems and even death, so it’s crucial to take it from foods or supplements. Magnesium is excellent for nervous and bone system. It diminishes stress, anxiety, and depression, protects bones, joints, teeth, and hair.

What are the effects?

As you take Ring Relief Ultra, you may soon expect the following results:

  • Your tinnitus is relieved; noises get softer and then mute.
  • Sleep quality improves significantly.
  • You feel less depressed, irritated, and anxious.
  • Hearing becomes much better.
  • Cognitive functions are boosted.
  • You find it easier to communicate.
  • It’s again possible to watch films without subtitles, or listen to music.
  • Overall health improves thanks to healthy and potent components used in the product.What are the effects?

To boost positive effects, you may take other natural dietary supplement for good hearing. Zenith Hearing X3 is one of them: the product is also effective when it comes to fighting tinnitus.

Is Ring Relief Ultra safe?

The supplement is completely natural and, thus, absolutely safe for everyone. It doesn’t have any side effects, as opposed to other medicines developed to treat tinnitus. Anyway, it’s advisable to discuss the supplement with your doctor before you start using it. Especially, if you are prone to allergic reactions: any plant in the world is a potential allergen for some people and perfectly O’K for others.

How to buy it

If you are ready to buy Ring Relief Ultra and forget about tinnitus for good, check the official website of the company. Make an order and soon you’ll get the supplement. You may order 1, 3, or 6 bottles at once.How to buy it ring relief ultra

Each one contains 60 capsules, thus providing 1 month supply. As it’s recommended to take the supplement for at least 3-6 months, you’d better buy a bigger quantity. Besides, it’s cheaper, as the manufacturer gives a nice discount in this case.

Ring Relief Ultra customer reviews

Catherine S.: “This supplement really gives RELIEF! Thank you very much! I’ve been taking it for 3 months, and my tinnitus is almost gone. I sleep better and don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore, annoyed and disturbed with this terrible ringing in my ears!”

Jean-Michel B.: “I was very skeptical about this supplement, ‘cause I’ve already tried some of them. They were of no help, nor the prescribed medicines. But this Ring Relief Ultra is a different case. My hearing has improved a lot.”


Put an end to your suffering and order Ring Relief Ultra if you are dealing with tinnitus. The supplement is safe, natural, and risk-free. In a few weeks you’ll forget about noises in your ears and start enjoying your normal and healthy life!

Ring Relief Ultra




Tinnitus treat


Natural ingredients







  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes better sleep quality
  • Costs reasonably
  • Has no side effects


  • Can be purchased only online
  • The effects don’t reveal overnight, but rather in 1-3 months, depending on the severity of the case
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  1. I didn’t even hear such a terrible word as a tinnitus. But when the diagnosis was set, I began to look for the alternative ways to cope with the problem.
    The result of it was Ring Relief. I can sleep well now. And every morning is enjoyable for me now.

  2. Well, I want to know, is it possible to use this magic Ultra Relief after the operation? I used it before, and everything was ok, but now I’m afraid of complications. Is it safe or not?

    • In general, it has no dangerous ingredients, and you can administer Ring Relief without any restrictions. However, if you’ve undergone any surgery not long ago, it is recommended to visit your doctor first. The doctor will consult you in this situation. I used it after I’ve had an operation on my broken hand. Everything is ok.


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