Safe Mask Review: Will It Really Protect You?

The product is Discontinued. However, You Can Get an Analog: Aerokarbon Smart Face Mask

We live in bad conditions from the point of view of ecology. Vehicle exhausts, air pollutants, plant emissions – all these factors lead to climate change and health deterioration. Another problem is multiple viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens transmitted through the air. In 2020 the world is shocked with an outburst of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. By March 2020 there are more than 100 000 cases of contamination. Pandemic threat is making people look for ways of protecting themselves. Safe Mask may be one of them. Can it really protect from contaminants, or is it just a way to make money on mass panic? Let’s find out.

What are masks for?

This product appeared at the beginning of 20th century during Spanish flu outburst. Now face masks are still worn by doctors and surgeons when they contact people or perform surgery. Besides, people who live in unfavorable ecological conditions also wear them to protect themselves from, say, smoke or harmful emissions.What are masks for?

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV causes a respiratory infection. That means that the virus in transmitted through the air from a contaminated person to a healthy one. It happens during talking, sneezing, coughing, kissing, and even breathing. That is why people who are already infected are the first ones to wear protective face masks. It prevents their saliva from splashing around.

However, ordinary masks sold in drugstores do not always guarantee full protection from viruses. Virus nanoparticles are smaller than pores in masks, so, pathogens are able to pass through it. Besides, such masks are for a single use only and are to be changed every two hours. So, you’ll have to buy a huge bundle at once and do it again and again. There’s mask deficiency in many drugstores around the world.

There’s another problem: masks not always cover mouth and nose tightly, they often slide away. Finally, some people experience troubled breathing while wearing a mask.

Safe Mask is the solution

Safe Mask is a wonderful solution to all of these problems. This product launched by Ecomerzpro company is essential not only because of coronavirus epidemic. Any people who live in polluted regions or big cities can wear it.

How does it work?

As the product name implies, this mask saves from viruses, microbes, and other harmful particles which attack the body through respiratory system. Safe Mask is made with the help of nanotechnology. It guarantees protection from tiny pathogens easily passing through ordinary masks. It has a special filtration valve. Thanks to it, you’ll breathe in fresh and clean air, free from any dangerous substances.

Safe Mask is manufactured from durable materials. Its huge advantage is reusability. When an ordinary mask is to be thrown away just after two hours of wearing, Safe Mask can be worn for many weeks and even months. The reason is that it can be easily washed and dried many times. Surely, the product is to be washed properly: only high temperature can kill all bacteria. But the fact remains: if you wash Safe Mask, you can keep it for a long time.

Safe Mask is tightly fixed on the face. It covers mouth and nose completely. That makes it different from drugstore face masks: they often slide and are not well-fixed. So, it guarantees full safety and protection from viruses and polluted air.

Allergy sufferers may also enjoy. Safe Mask will protect from most common allergens: dust, pet dander, and molds. It’s especially helpful in spring and summer when plants are in blossom. People who are allergic to pollen can wear it and not be afraid of allergic reactions.

How to use Safe Mask

It is pretty simple to wear the face mask. It is fixed beyond the ears with two straps. You cover mouth and nose carefully and then just go wherever you need. You can wear it for 8-12 hours daily. The product is very comfortable, it won’t interfere with talking. Besides, the face mask is fixed properly, and it won’t fall down even if you do some physical activity.

Safe Mask is very light, you can take it with you, and it won’t take much space. You can fold it and put into your bag.

Is it safe?

The face mask is made from hypoallergenic and safe components and materials. Both adults and children may wear it. Its main benefit is maximum protection from pathogens around us. Safe Mask is among the best means of protection from coronavirus. But to guarantee even more safety, you have to follow some recommendations.Where you can buy SafeMask

Precautionary measures

To protect yourself from illness, you should:

  • Wash the face mask regularly. Don’t wear it for many days. Washing won’t damage it, so, don’t be afraid.
  • Don’t touch your mouth or nose with your hands: you may have bacteria on them.
  • Properly wash your hands with soap.
  • Stay away from crowded places, don’t contact with infected people.

Where you can buy Safe Mask

You can buy it online. Make an order, give your contact data, specify the quantity, and make payment. Soon the product will be delivered to you.


Eleonora B.: ‘Recently I have got infected too often, especially in winter and spring. My immune system is weak. But now I’m not scared to leave the house: with Safe Mask I feel protected more than ever.’

Claire M.: ‘I always wear this face mask when I have to visit some crowded places. Safe Mask makes me feel safe!’


Safe Mask is a simple but reliable way of protecting from viruses, bacteria, and air pollutants, including allergens and other substances. It filters the air you breathe in and prevents infection. Its reusability makes it your long-time assistant.

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  1. masks i received look like baby masks and the don’t have way to keep them on your face. They are black and cost $165 for 10, Its about 2 inches by 4 inches and its supposed to protect an adult mouth. Where do i get my money back and how? It also took almost a month to get them. Is this a scam I need to report to the government because i will if i don’t get my money back!!!!

  2. I never recieved my order. My money was taken but no product. I paid thru Pay Pal and cannot get thru to them. Fed Ex has no record of a shipment to my address or name. What is going on? I would not order anything from this company. I think they are fraudulent. Going to contact the US Attorney General. Cannot get answers anywhere and tracking number they provided was not for me.


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