SafeBreath Pro Mask Review: Is It Actually As Safe As It Claims?

The product is Discontinued. However, You Can Get an Analog: Aerokarbon Smart Face Mask

These days protection comes first.  Find out whether a SafeBreath Pro mask can make you entirely immune to the formidable dangers of the present.

Since the worldwide number of people infected by coronavirus is growing by leaps and bounds and is approaching 600,000 people, it’s considered as one of the most fast-spreading viruses on the planet. The dreadful features and rapid expansion of the COVID-19 make this virus the most dangerous present thread for everyone.

On top of that, let’s not forget that there is still an influenza season, which every year also kills legions of people everywhere. According to the Centers for Disease Control, last year the flu virus killed about 40 thousand Americans (which is still more than present figures for COVID-19).  The list of dangers could be extended to some other severe infections, pathogenic bacteria, harmful microorganisms, as well as mere dust and allergens.

No wonder that this year’s situation makes us think even more than before about our own safety and self-protection. Self-isolation and protective masks are the first things that come to mind when you think of how you can help yourself and your nearest and dearest during such a serious period.

Nonetheless, common medical masks are not able to reduce your chance of catching airborne infections. Even if they would be widely available (which these days definitely is not the case), they are pretty useless. This is where a SafeBreath Pro mask can come to your rescue. This efficient reusable mask will enable you to be adequately protected against deadly viruses, respiratory infections, and other life-threatening dangers. Safe Breath Pro is a perfect innovative solution that takes care of your health while making you keep composed and comfortable.

SafeBreath Pro: what it is and how exactly it works

One of the most special things about Safe Breath Pro is that it’s developed through the use of nanotechnology that significantly boosts its efficacy. Nanotechnology is a science that studies extremely small things, atoms and molecules, called nanoparticles, which are then applied in the production of new materials and devices with remarkably unique properties.SafeBreath Pro: what it is and how exactly it works

The mask design uses multiple protective layers made of special nanomaterials that successfully filter all the inhaled air. Nanotechnology ensures total protection against the smallest specks that include fatal viruses and other invisible airflow elements.

SafeBreath Pro mask tightly and comfortably covers your nose and mouth and securely defends you against everything that might harm you. One of its main benefits is that it is an entirely reusable protective solution, meaning that it can be washed up to 30 times that is in no way affects its safety and reliability. In addition, it is a soft and lightweight gear that can warm an inhaled air, which is especially important during cold seasons or inside of air-conditioned premises.

What makes this mask so effective?

  • 5 layers of top quality carbon filtersthat use carbon filtration technologies featuring highly effectual cleansing properties. All five layers are made of reusable nanomaterials that allow the mask to be effective for a long period of time. The multilayered nanostructure of the filters allows you freely inhale the purest and cleanest air throughout the entire day.
  • Binary filtering valve. A valve is a one-way device used for exhaled air: when you exhale, the valve slightly opens and allows the congested moisture and carbon dioxide to flow out of the mask. This technology boosts the system capacity by more than 70% facilitating the easy breathing of its wearer.
  • Complete mouth and nose protection, same size for everyone. The perfect fit of the maskensures its ultimate wearing This makes Safe Breath Pro a truly universal gear that suits any family member regardless of her or his age or size.
  • Reusable and re-washable. The mask is designed not only to protect you from deadly viruses – it is also perfect for any indoor and outdoor activity like hiking, gardening or housework. It is easy to look after: the mask is able to maintain its antibacterial properties evenafter 30 washes.
  • Unusually light and user-friendly design. Thanks to its 3D cut, variable ear-loops and noseband, and breathable and superlight nano-mesh, a SafeBreath Pro mask becomes comfortable and stylish wear, which is as safe as it is cozy and trendy.

How safe is it to use SafeBreath Pro?

Modern design and advanced filtering nanotechnology ensure absolute safety and unfailing performance of the mask. Safe Breath Pro is developed in such a way as to be a reliable and reusable device. Its ability to be washed enhances its functionality and in no way lessens its security and serviceability.How safe is it to use SafeBreath Pro?

Unlike disposable masks, SafeBreath Pro not only prevents self-contamination but securely defends you against any kind of danger while allowing you to breathe easily and freely for as long as you need.

Benefits of using the mask

  • high reliability and security thanks to nanotechnological approaches;
  • effective protection against airborne threats (viruses, bacteria, pollution, etc.);
  • 5-layer filtering and 360-degree air valve;
  • top-quality nano-materials and cutting-edge design ;
  • enhanced functionality thanks to reusability;
  • user-friendliness and same size for everyone;
  • lightweight and comfortable

Anyway, if you are not convinced that the characteristics can satisfy your needs, in addition to Safe Breath Pro masks, you can consider purchasing a Safe Mask, which is quite a similar model with nearly the same features. The situation today is such as one could never have enough of those popular protective items.

How much is a Safe Breath Pro mask?

In the light of the current situation and available forecasts, investing in a Safe Breath Pro mask is a sure bet for everyone who cares for their own health and the health of their loved ones.

Purchasing Safe Breath Pro can be accomplished through the official website of its producer who currently provides an offer, which saves you 50% off the mask’s original price. With this offer you can get the Safe Breath Pro mask for only $59.99 (instead of $119.99). Two masks package will come to $44.99 per mask (or $89.99 in total), and three masks purchase – to $39.99 per one mask, or just about $120  lump sum, which saves you $60.How much is a Safe Breath Pro mask?

There is more to that, for the official website provides further discounts for a purchase of 4 and 5 masks that increases your savings further.

Customer testimonials

Helen. This is a second model of the reusable mask I’ve purchased since coronavirus spread in the country. The other one was also washable, but I like this one more as it feels a bit more comfortable, and its round cone is a perfect fit on my nose and mouth. My friends say that I look in this mask younger than my age, and I’m happy that I’m not alone who wears masks these days. Besides, it was pretty cold sometimes, and the Safe Breath Pro mask kept my face and nose warm.

David. The Safe Breath Pro mask was surely my best option compared with disposable masks I used to use before (and until I was out of them). After that, I went online and soon found out about this mask, which appeared to be a great thing for both outside and inside activities. There are too many potential dangers today, and all those folks going around who might be sick and don’t know or don’t care that they are sick. Some cough and sneeze straight into you and don’t give a damn about you and others.

Lust note

These are days when you definitely want to take some extra measures to keep yourself safe and unaffected by coronavirus and other potential dangers. While immunity is a good thing for everyone, some viruses seem to be a tough challenge even for the healthiest of us. So, the old saying that “It’s better safe than sorry” could not be farther from the truth.

Today, when coronavirus is spreading all over the globe, wearing a protective mask in all open and closed public spaces is becoming a logical necessity. An innovative Safe Breath Pro mask can be your devoted personal friend that will be safely protecting you from all threats and dangers from early mornings till late evenings. Safe Breath Pro is one of the safest and most comfortable masks of all, and present special offers of its manufacturer make it a sensible and worthy investment.

SafeBreath Pro Mask













  • It’s a novelty among other non-effective common medical masks
  • The mask is made with the use of advance filtering nanotechnology
  • It’s lightweight and has a trendy design
  • Binary filtering valve helps its owner to breathe easily
  • Unlikely disposable masks you can wash it and wear again the next day
  • One size for everyone


  • After 30 washes you should utilize it
  • The price is rather high
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