Safety Siren: Does it Work and Protect your Life?

However, what can be done if the child’s phone failed? Or if there is no mobile signal and the phone line went dead? Pepper spray or shocker may turn out too large and unreliable, as in critical situations you need to act fast! And in such cases, these two often don’t work as intended! I mean, there are too many steps to follow that are needed for them to become effective. Forget about them! Here is our solution that can help. Say goodbye to stress-induced insomnia or hysteria that follow every parent all over the world, which are concerned about the safety of their child. We are introducing a Safety Siren – a new way of personal protection!

Safety Siren – small but loud!

Safety Siren – a portable device that aims to bring you confidence that the life of your family member is protected wherever he or she goes. Police officers and FBI representatives have confirmed that it was the most reliable device that would work even for an old-fashioned person, who is distrustful towards modern technology. The manufacturers are proud to announce that using their device needs no professional technical skills. Even a small child or an elderly person can use it.

How does it work?

You just need to pull the pin, which triggers a special mechanism that activates an immensely loud sound that can go on for thirty minutes minimum. We guarantee that this scream will be heard at any distance. A potential kidnapper or abuser will think twice before reapproaching you or your child. To stop the sound, you just need to put the pin back. No difficult moves or brain-wracking activation steps are required for the Safety Siren. Besides, with such a device you do not need to be close to the assailant to stop him or her. The distance to your child here is not a crucial factor.

The aim of the manufacturer

Here are two main fields of use of the Safety Siren:

A perfect safety precaution given to children to avoid kidnappings and abductions. Faster acting and more reliable than a pepper spray or a stunning device. Something that startles the assailant and attracts attention at the same time.The aim of the manufacturer safety siren

Device for elderly people to attract someone’s attention when they are in need. Many elderly people have fragile health. In the case of falling or when having an acute chest pain episode, especially when they are alone, they need a way to attract attention. Safety Siren will do that thanks to generating a 125dB sound.

Technical information

The Safety Siren is an innovative personal alarm that you can attach to clothes or bag easily or put into your pocket. It is not heavy thanks to its plastic case, which means that you don’t even feel it when keeping in the jacket or on any type of clothes. Inside the case there is an LR44 *3 type battery, which you can buy in nearly any accessories shop. The light indicator and lowered sound level of the device show the charge level of the Safety Siren. Different coloring and design of the siren outer case suit male and female tastes. You can pick any color, from standard black and grey to pink or flowery.

Safety precautions

As you can see, this device can bring peace to those parents that are constantly worried about their kids. As well as it assures elderly ones that, anyone will hear their “scream” for help. However, to use the device most effectively, you need to follow the following instructions that we are giving below:

The 125dB sound is extremely loud. Thus, keep the Safety Siren away from your ears when it goes off. Warning: avoid exposing ears to the device sound for an extended period of time to avoid negative consequences for your hearing.

Due to the presence of small details in the siren, do not allow small children to play with it.

The device is not absolutely waterproof. Though the case can protect it from the rain, it will not work if you drop it into a puddle, for example.

Why is it worthy of your attention?

You will not regret clicking the link provided. Our device is 100%-reliable item that will help you out, as many people have already experienced. It will scare away a potential threat, make the attacker flee from the scene. Also, we have a special offer that is available for a short period. If you place your order now, you will receive a 50% discount on our Safety Siren with the warranty provided. Join our happy and satisfied customers that are now more relaxed and calm thanks to our device.

Reviews from the customers

Sarah from St. Louis is really glad of her purchase decision. After her friend shared with her a story of having a traumatic experience encountering a robber, when no one could hear her scream because of the outside noise and soundproof glass doors, which obviously made Sarah stressed out then. Not anymore! The Safety Siren became her lifebelt, especially after she tried to use it in a room with double glass. The sound was heard even from there.

Kelly from Santa Monica bought the siren for herself at first. After testing it and verifying that our words are true regarding the siren sound being loud and the pin being held tight preventing any accidental alarm activation, she bought it for each of her kids. She is now relaxed as they are protected.

Peter from Pittsburgh bought one Safety Siren for each member of his family. An old man, like all adults, was constantly worried about their safety. Now he has a peace of mind, as of today, no matter what, they are protected.

Pepper spray versus the Safety Siren

We would like to highlight some negative points that may make you think twice before getting a pepper spray as a safety means and think of using our Safety Siren instead.

You might encounter restrictions imposed on the use of a pepper spray. Some USA states have age limitations on the tool sale and use. Some have standards for the size of a pepper spray bottle. In the UK, by the way, you are not allowed to have a pepper spray at all. It is strictly prohibited there. In addition, it is not allowed to take this safety tool on board in your carry-on luggage by most airlines. Many educational facilities don’t permit their students to have pepper spray can on campus territory.Pepper spray versus the Safety Siren

It is widely known that modern pepper spray bottles are accurate and have a good design. But you may become exposed in case of a strong wind. The blast of the wind may blow the fumes of the spray back at the user. Or it might carry the pepper fume on innocent bystanders if you are assaulted in a public place.

When you by accident release a pin on your Safety Siren, you will just have an embarrassing moment. While an accidental release of a pepper spray may result in severe consequences for the eyes or lungs of an innocent person. Who knows what response it will cause. You may get fined as a minimum, or imprisoned based on public assault accusation as a maximum.

The list is far from being complete, and we are not pushing you to move to safety siren completely and abandon all other safety measures. We just suggest that you can add this device to your can of pepper spray.

Our abstract conclusion

Personal alarms are small devices that emit a really loud sound that penetrates any obstacle and reaches the ears of people at quite a distance, which makes them notice you and provide help. The aim of using such a device is to scare away a possible robber, kidnapper on the one hand, and attract attention to your problem on the other. Our Safety Siren emits a 125 dB sound that can be heard even at 1000 feet from you and you just need to pull out a pin. There is no need to observe a special distance to the attacker as it is recommended for shockers and pepper spray cans. Moreover, you can be sure that there is no negative outcome after the use of the Safety Siren. We mean that, for example, pepper spray is banned in some countries or some laws impose limitations on the age of the buyer, or even the size of the can. In contrast, the Safety Siren has no prohibitions in terms of age or size. Anyone can use it, even children. You can take it everywhere, even on the board of the plane.

Moreover, we can proudly announce that police officers and FBI representatives encourage every person to take Safety Siren wherever they go. It has been proved that it can protect you even from armed assailants.

Due to the simplicity of the use, Safety Siren is a perfect option for old people. They can easily pull out the pin and that their call for help will be heard. It is crucial in some emergency situations, for example, when they fall.

Yes, other companies sell similar devices. But in our case, we provide a special offer with the 50% discount on the Safety Siren. Only now you can buy our Safety Siren and pay nothing for the shipping. If you buy more than one device (two and more) in one order, the price for each will be much lower than if you choose to buy only one Safety Siren.

Take back this message

Many people all over America prevented a lot of criminals from making dangerous attempts on their lives. The Safety Siren is a magic wand that can bring a peaceful atmosphere to your home. With it, you will be protected at every step you take!

Safety Siren






Speed of activation




Battery charge



  • It emits a really loud 125 dB sound that penetrates any obstacle and reaches the ears of people at quite a distance
  • It helps to scare off a possible assailant or kidnaper
  • For the activation of Safety Siren you just need to pull out a pin
  • There is no need in measuring a special distance to the attacker as shockers and pepper spray cans require
  • The Safety Siren has no prohibitions in terms of age or size


  • Other companies sell similar devices, you have to figure out which option is the best
  • The discounts are available only by wholesale
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