Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews: Teeth Whitening Without a Dentist Or Scam?

Many people dream of a bright and white smile. It gives confidence and good self-esteem. However, it’s not always that simple to get a flawless smile. Many factors affect tooth enamel, causing it to become yellowish or grayish. That’s why people go to the dentist and undergo unpleasant and very expensive procedures to whiten the enamel. Those who lack money may choose other options like whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, strips, or home remedies. But these options usually appear to be ineffective. Snow Teeth Whitening is going to become a revolutionary solution to the problem of darkened and stained enamel. Here you’ll find all the information about this product.

Why do teeth need whitening?

As you know, teeth are covered with the enamel. This is a thin layer of minerals and crystals. The color of the enamel is in fact caused by genetics. Some people naturally have perfectly white teeth, while others’ enamel is darker. But even snow-white enamel may get a darker hue in the course of time. There are several factors contributing to it:Why do teeth need whitening?

  • Bad oral hygiene.
  • Drinking too much tea and coffee.
  • Drinking a lot of red wine.
  • Smoking
  • Dental calculus.
  • Lack or fluorine in the body.
  • Aging process.
  • Taking some medicines.

Darkened enamel makes teeth look unpleasant. It causes a lot of discomfort to a person and may even bring some complexes. People feel shy and awkward, and are ashamed to smile or laugh showing their teeth. That’s why they go to the dentist or buy some products to lighten the enamel.

Dentists use different techniques to whiten teeth. Normally, they apply a special whitening gel on the teeth. Then they “fix” it with laser of light. After that, the gel is rinsed away. The procedure usually takes 1-3 visits and costs a lot. Besides, the dentist takes care about dental health, if darkening is caused by cavities or dental calculus.

What is Snow Teeth Whitening?

If the enamel gets darker due to age, caffeine and wine consumption, or smoking, an appointment with the dentist is not always required to get a perfect and bright smile. Just imagine that everything that happens in the dentist’s office may be performed at home and cost much less! Today it’s possible thanks to a new teeth lightening set issued by Snow. It is aimed to bleach your enamel without any side effects and meanwhile take care of your oral health.

The Snow Teeth Whitening system works rather like a dentist. Customers apply bleaching substance first. After that they pop a LED (light emitting diode) activated tray into the mouth for a certain period of times. Meanwhile, they may proceed with everyday activities. Then they just take the LED mouthpiece out and rinse the tray and the teeth with warm water. Light activated by the device and combined with the bleaching stuff will do the job, like a doctor.

The producer provides the whole set that includes all you need to perform the procedure at home on a regular basis. Some items need to be replaced occasionally, but it won’t cost too much, because you don’t have to buy the whole kit again.

What does the set include?

Now, let’s have a look inside the kit provided by Snow. In fact, there’re 2 options for customers, according to Authority Dental.


In this kit you may find:

  • 1 wired LED mouthpiece.
  • 3 ordinary lightening wands for regular use.
  • 1 extra-lightening wand for special occasions.
  • 1 tube of lip balm to protect lips from wrinkles and creases.
  • A shade guide to keep an eye on your progress.
  • A manual for correct use.
  • A wire for charging.What does the set Snow Teeth Whitening include?

The LED mouthpiece can be charged from your smartphone. Just connect the two devices and enjoy the process. Meanwhile, some customers like to make selfies. As for the extra-strength wand, it’s rather simple: it contains a bigger quantity of whitening substance, so you may use it occasionally when it’s especially important to look perfect.

Charging At-home

However, the producer spent several years and designed a new set. The main difference relates to the LED tray. As soon as some customers find it inconvenient to be literally “attached” to their smartphone for 10-30 minutes per day, Snow developed a wireless device. Many customers find it more convenient as they can move around or even take a shower or a hot bath (the tray is waterproof). So, this set consists of the same items as the first one and additionally includes a docking station. One more thing: you don’t need to wash this mouthpiece after usage, as it can sanitize itself.

Snow Teeth Whitening effects

Just using it once a day, you will soon notice the change. Normally, it takes about a week to see the effects, but in some cases customers spot the difference after the first use. So, the effects are as follows:

  • Foods, drinks, and tobacco stains are removed.
  • The tooth enamel is much lighter.
  • Your teeth feel less sensitive, especially if compared to similar bleachers.
  • The gums are protected from bacteria.

Is it harmless?

The lightening serum contains only natural ingredients. No dangerous chemicals, fillers, or GMO are used. The LED tray is also carefully tested and proven safe. Even pregnant and breastfeeding women can use it. However, it’s not recommended for children under 9.

The product doesn’t have any side effects. But in rare cases you may notice extra sensitivity, especially if your teeth normally are rather sensitive. In this case, you shouldn’t use it every day. Better use it once in 2-3 days. Soon you may see that your sensitivity is lower. Anyway, the product doesn’t cause as much sensitivity as strips do.

How to use Snow Teeth Whitening

It’s very simple and won’t take much time. There a few steps to be taken:

  1. First of all, you need to brush and floss your teeth to clean out food debris, bacteria, and other possible pathogens. Keeping good oral hygiene is a key to successful whitening without bad consequences. It’s important for your health.
  2. Apply protective substance on your teeth, if necessary. It will reduce sensitivity and strengthen the enamel. Then rinse your mouth carefully. If your teeth aren’t sensitive, you may skip this step.
  3. Apply bleaching serum onto each tooth. It’s quite O’K if normally you use ordinary wand. The little brush will make the process fast and simple. Be careful: the substance shouldn’t get on your gums. If it does, wipe it carefully. The bleacher won’t cause much harm, but it’s better to stay on the safe side.
  4. If you use the wired device, connect it up to the smartphone, and it will be activated. If you have ordered the wireless one, just shake it three times. Now pop it into your mouth, against your teeth.
  5. The tray should stay there for approximately 10-15 mins. 9 mins is the minimum. The longer you keep it in, the more potent the effect is. But don’t use it longer than half an hour.
  6. Take it out and wash the tray. No washing is needed for a wireless one.
  7. Don’t have any food for about an hour. It’s advisable that you do the procedure before going to bed: so it won’t interfere with your routine.

Besides, feel free to use other whitening system to boost the effect. But beforehand make sure it is safe and well-tested. For example, Confident Bright Smile is a fine option as well, if you wish to remove stains and make your teeth lighter.

How to buy it

If you feel ready to make a purchase and enjoy your beautiful and radiant smile, you should visit the official website. Make an order, and soon it will be delivered to you. Keep in mind that you may also order separate items of the kit from the website, for example, whitening wands or lip balm.How to buy it Snow Teeth Whitening

You may purchase any of the two kits designed so far. Charging At-home is more expensive, but many customers prefer it as more comfortable. The producer gives 5-year warranty for the electronics. Besides, if anything is out of order, your money may be returned within a month. You should only get in touch with Snow and discuss the problem.

Snow Teeth Whitening reviews

Sean P.: “The kit is a treasure for those who wish to have a nice smile and white teeth. I’ve been using it for 2 months, and I personally think it’s really great! Although my teeth are quite sensitive, I don’t experience so much discomfort with Snow Teeth Whitening. And I don’t need to make a regular appointment with my dentist. Thanks a lot!”

Anne-Maria Y.: “I’m a great coffee and tea drinker. When I was younger, it didn’t bother me, but a few years ago, while brushing teeth I noticed that my enamel was rather yellowish. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to go to the dentist to return my bright smile. So, I started trying different whitening products. None of them worked, and I was desperate… But then I tried Snow Teeth Whitening kit! Now I’m happy, because my smile is more beautiful than ever!”


So, this is a great opportunity to lighten your teeth and regain confidence and self-assurance. The product is effective, fast-working, safe, and pretty easy to use. Besides, it protects your gums and dental health in general. Many grateful customers already enjoy the system. Make an order, and soon you’ll be one of them!

Snow Teeth Whitening


Customer Satisfaction Rate











  • The product is very effective as comes to teeth lightening
  • It works rather fast
  • The effects are long-lasting
  • It doesn’t have any side effects
  • It is not as aggressive as many whitening products
  • The kit items have nice design
  • It’s safe and usually doesn’t cause any side effects
  • It wasn’t tested on animals


  • You may buy it only online
  • Sometimes it causes short-term sensitivity
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