StrictionD Review: Diabet Supplement – Does It HELP?

Diabetes is a very serious and even life-threatening health condition. Thousands of Americans are diagnosed with it daily. Moreover, many people don’t even guess that they have it, because the symptoms may show when the disease has already gone too far. Diabetes brings serious consequences, like vision loss, cardiovascular disease, loss of a limb, and even death. Besides, life quality of the sufferers is seriously affected: they can’t eat whatever they want; they have to take painful insulin injections, constantly check their blood glucose level, and buy expensive medicines with bad side effects. But what if there’s another, more effective and safe way to treat diabetes? StrictionD is considered to be one of them, so read this review up to the end to see for yourself.

What actually is diabetes?

The name of this disease sounds like a death sentence. It seriously affects life quality and may very easily lead to death if anything is under control. But what do we actually know about diabetes?

To understand the process, you should know some facts of body chemistry. Diabetes is closely connected with sugar intake. When you eat sugar, normally it turns into glucose in the bloodstream. Then this glucose is transformed into energy to keep you energized, active, and full of life.What actually is diabetes?

To transform sugar into energy, the body needs insulin, a hormone produced by pancreas. When a person has type 1 diabetes, insulin is not released in the body at all. With type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced, but there’s another problem: it can’t enter the cells and start working. This is called insulin resistance.

In this case, blood glucose level is raised significantly. The sufferers have to take insulin injections to normalize blood glucose and avoid bad consequences. If they don’t, sugar damages blood vessels from the inside, causing:

  • Vision decline.
  • Heart and vessels disease.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Poor blood circulation in limbs, which results and ulcers and gangrene.

Besides, diabetes may have even worse effects. Studies show that patients with this condition are more susceptible to colon and breast cancer. Moreover, according to statistics, they are more often the victims of mental disorders, like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What is StrictionD?

So, the disease is really a nasty thing, and no wonder, that you should be afraid of it. People with diabetes have to keep a restrictive diet low of carbohydrates. In other case, the glucose level may raise. Also, they have to keep active and do physical exercises. Finally, they have to take prescribed medications.

Usually, metformin is prescribed to such patients. This medicine is considered to be the safest. However, even these “safest” pills have negative health effect, like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, headaches, asthenia, etc. Other prescriptions are no better.

StrictionD is a different thing. This supplement is produced not from chemicals and additives, but from completely natural ingredients, like plants extracts and minerals. The product was developed by dietitian and nutritionist, Dr. Rob Walker. Several years ago, he noticed that his health state seemed to change. He felt less energized, more apathetic. These symptoms may be caused by a number of conditions, diabetes among them.

So, Dr. Walker decided to help all people with this health issue. Instead of harmful and not always effective prescribed medicines, he created a special formula, based only on natural and safe components.

How does it work?

The supplement is aimed to normalize blood glucose level and minimize negative health effects of the disease. StrictionD powerful and potential components lower blood sugar and promote insulin bioavailability. When insulin sensitivity is raised, sugar can be well transformed into energy.How does it work StrictionD?

So, the product promotes health pancreas hormone balance, cardiovascular health, better vision, and good energy level to perform successfully. Also, it reduces high blood pressure, lowers “bad” cholesterol level, and has a positive effect on metabolic rate. All that is possible thanks to healthy and safe components used by Dr. Walker to create his revolutionary formula.

StrictionD ingredients

Here are the key components of the supplement. All of them are carefully tested, and the effectiveness is scientifically-backed.

Ceylon cinnamon

This particular spice is slightly different from the one you can buy in the local store. It is more rare and expensive, and much more healthy. Ceylon cinnamon has a lot of positive effects. One of them is the ability to reduce blood glucose level and normalize arterial pressure. The effect is achieved by promotion of the natural carb recycling in the body, as ShocKing specifies it.


This element activates enzymes that are crucial for carb metabolism and fatty acid synthesis. Chromium is able to raise insulin sensitivity. Also (a bonus), it is known to prevent atherosclerosis.

Banana leaf extract

This natural remedy has been used since ancient times in traditional medicine. Clinical tests confirm that banana leaves can lower blood glucose by 30%.

The supplement also contains two more natural and positive ingredients, thiamin and zinc. They are good for healthy metabolism and correct insulin response.

Will it cure diabetes?

Let’s be frank: diabetes is considered to be a chronic disease so far. So, there’s no chance that you take a magic pill and wake up healthy and totally cured. But if you take StrictionD long enough and strictly follow the recommendations, you are very likely to reverse the symptoms for good. You will stop taking expensive and harmful prescribes medications, you may broaden your diet, you will feel more energized.

What’s even more important, you won’t be constantly running a risk of having a bad diabetes complication, like vision loss, mental disorders, gangrene, etc. In fact, the supplement brings stable and even life-long remission.

If you wish to speed up the effect and make it more prominent, combine StrictionD with some other all-natural supplement of the similar action. For example, Blood Sugar Formula can be recommended to diabetes sufferers as a means to balance insulin and get natural help and protection.

Is Striction D safe?

The best things about this product are its effectiveness and complete safety. Not all medicines against diabetes are that safe and healthy. Even if they manage to control blood sugar level, they often cause some bad effects concerning digestion, liver, and kidneys. Dealing with one problem, patients get another one.

That’s not about StrictionD. The supplement is produced, as it was well explained above, from only natural ingredients that can do no harm. Besides, the facilities are approved by FDA. The product doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals or GMO. So, you needn’t worry about safety.

What are possible side effects?

There are none, as far as the statistics and reviews say. However, some ingredients may (though, very rarely) cause curtain reaction if you are allergic to them. So, check the composition carefully. Also, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor before you start taking the supplement, to be on the safe side. Any other side effects are unlikely. And you may take StrictionD even if you already take some medicines – but again, check with the doctor beforehand.

How to take StrictionD

The product is released in the form of pills, so it’s very easy to take. You should have one pill on empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. In the evening, you take another pill, also 30 minutes before meal. Have them with a glass of plain water. The bottle contains 60 pills, so each bottle provides you with a month supply.

How to buy it StrictionD

Make an online purchase on the official website. The supplement will then be delivered to your doorstep. And keep in mind that it’s better to order bigger quantity to get nice discounts.

For example, if you buy two bottles at once, you will get one more for free. Besides, there is money back policy: if you don’t like the supplement for any (literally any!) reason, just send it back within 60 days after the purchase. Your money will be returned to your credit card.

StrictionD customer reviews

Michel D.: “I have type 2 diabetes, and my life has been a routine of constant blood sugar checks, costly pills intake, and insulin injections. Since I’ve been taking StrictionD, my glucose is going back to normal. My doctor says that soon I may be off my prescriptions!”

Samuel S.: “I have been taking StrictionD supplement for 3 months. My health is significantly better; my blood glucose is down 20 points. I think this product is really great for people with diabetes.”


Striction D is a healthy, all-natural, and perfectly safe dietary supplement to normalize blood sugar and regain energy. It works fast and is very effective for people suffering from diabetes. Besides, it is produced from safe ingredients and causes no side effects. This is your real chance of life-long diabetes remission!





Diabetes Treatment









  • StrictionD is effective and fast-working
  • It controls blood glucose and blood pressure
  • The supplement promotes healthy metabolism
  • It gives an energy boost
  • It is produced from all-natural components
  • It is absolutely safe and easy to take
  • The supplement doesn’t have side effects


  • You should take it for a while to see the results, as it won’t work overnight
  • You can buy it only from the official website
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