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Each user must remember that the use of this web page, available at https://femadata.com/, means automatic compliance with the current rules for its use. This means that each user is responsible for illegal actions established within the framework of US law. If the user does not agree with the agreement rules, he must immediately leave the web page. The publications of this internet resource are under the protection of copyright and trademark rights. You have to comply with the agreement conditions to be able to fully use the site’s services.


The current agreement provides permission for temporarily use materials published on the web-page solely for non-commercial informational purposes. You should remember that this doesn’t suppose the transfer of exclusive rights but the granting of a temporary use license. In this case, the user is not allowed to do the actions listed below:

Content correction or copying.

  • Use of publications to obtain public recognition or financial gain.
  • Making changes to the web-page operation.
  • Delete content, part of it or information about copyrights and rules of use of the internet page.
  • Distribution of content published on a web page.
  • If you violate at least one of the above rules, your use of the internet resource will be immediately terminated. Also, keep in mind that the right to view the site’s publications will be
  • terminated immediately after the termination.  In this case, you must delete all materials taken from the web- page, regardless of their format.


The content published on the site is provided by the user on a condition “as is”. The site administration does not claim that an alternative point of view on a particular topic is false or incorrect. We also make no representations about the unambiguous accuracy and reliability of the published information and the reliability of third-party web-pages linked to this web page.


The web-page administration is not responsible for moral, financial or other harms received by the user as a result of using or inability to use the published content. This rule applies even if there is a warning about the possibility of harm. Remember that you are the only person who has full responsibility for your actions.

Error Corrections

We don’t deny the presence of any type of error in the content published on the web page. The site administration cannot ensure the topicality, reliability, or incontestability of the data provided. It is also worth noting that it is possible to make amendments and corrections to already published content. We have the right to change the publications available on our site without notifying users about it.


Sometimes we publish links to third-party internet resources. However, we declare that the administration of our web-page doesn’t perform detailed verification of its content. Therefore, we are not responsible for the result related to this site using. Please note that publishing links to third-party sites don’t mean that we are absolutely sure of its correctness. We do not induce you to go to a specific site. You make the decision about it on your own.


The web-page administration may make corrections to the current rules and conditions. It is worth noting that we have the right to do this at any time and are not obliged to warn users about it. Please note that you agree to the current or modified rules every time you use the web-page.


You should definitely read the Confidentiality Policy of our web page.

Regulation at the Legislative Level

The web-page operation, as well as the responsibility of users in relation to its use, is regulated by the legislation in force in the country.