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Many weight loss products are promoted as magic solutions able to solve your weight management problems. However, most of these supplements are not as effective as they’re claimed to be, and some induce unwelcome adverse effects.

That being said, there are some good products out there that have proved their high effectiveness. They stand out from the crowd by their different approach to fat metabolism. Among this small group of workable supplements, Tetrogen is increasingly gaining recognition among people with an excess weight problem.

Tetrogen is actually one of these rare products that offer successful results. The way it works is quite different from how other supplements function, for it is tailored to solve the very core of your metabolic problem. For this reason, using Tetrogen guarantees a steady and irreversible weight loss effect for anyone who decides to use it.

How does Tetrogen work?

A high level of Tetrogen efficiency can be explained by the following reasons.

First of all, Tetrogen uses only natural ingredients that are proved by science to safely and effectively control your metabolic rate and your body ability to burn fat. Secondly, they are combined into a unique seamless blend where all its components complement and enrich each other.How does Tetrogen work?

Tetrogen formula is aimed to upgrade and balance the two most important metabolic hormones, cortisol, and leptin, which fail to function properly due to unhealthy lifestyle and overeating. With Tetrogen,  cortisol and leptin quality and levels are gradually brought back to normal life.

As a result, you won’t need as much food as your body required before. At the same time, you are feeling full and more energetic, which triggers increased physical activity and improved diet. This ensures a smooth transition of your body to the next phase which consolidates the initial results. This is reflected in the steady improvement of your fat metabolism, levels of energy and disappearance of cravings.

Basic concept

What some supplements help you to lose is water weight, while the main idea of weight loss is the loss of your body weight.

When you lose water, you lose it from your muscles, which means you intentionally dehydrate your muscles and cause their atrophy. Healthy muscles are those where for every gram of glycogen there are about 3g of water. Depriving your muscles of water, which they need to recover from shrinkage or workout, you deprive yourself of energy. This leads to feeling tired, being unable to exercise and other unwelcome consequences that give rise to a vicious circle.

To lose your body weight, you do not have to lose water but speed up your lipid (or fat) metabolism. This is the process of lipid turnover or the rate at which your lipid cells are broken down and removed from your body. Most of the lipid turnover occurs in your muscles, so the higher the mass of your muscles, the more fat can be naturally burnt.

So what can really redound to your advantage is not using the supplements taking water from your muscles, but using the supplements that break down and remove your fat cells. The natural ingredients, which Tetrogen is made of, are formulated in such a way to maximize your lipolysis or fat metabolism. As a result, you lose your body weight and achieve healthy metabolic rates that bring you back to natural well-being.

What are the product active ingredients?

Capsaicin (lipofuel)

Capsaicin, found in chili pepper, is a scientifically-proven tool for burning “white fat” in human cells. Capsaicin (or so-called chili powder extract) also suppresses your appetite and improves digestion. As reported by the National Institutes of Health, capsaicin is loaded with plenty of other health benefits, such as prevention of gastrointestinal and heart problems, and even cancer.

African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

One of the most important elements of Tetrogen, African Mango, has long been known to Cameroon traditional healers for its multiple qualities. The patented extract of African Mango, known as Irvingia Gabonensis (or IGOB131) can block the production of fatty acids and fat-building enzymes. Apart from that, IGOB131 is able to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels and reduce hunger.

Green tea leaf extract

Green tea is widely known for its help in fat burning. This exceptional ability of a plant comes from its two powerful elements:  EGCG and caffeine. EGCG refers to tea catechin, a strong antioxidant able to break down fat cells. It also defends against mental and heart illnesses and fights inflammation. The second element, caffeine, is an efficient fat-burning substance that accelerates your metabolic rate.

Cissus Quadrangularis (CQR-300)

Cissus Quadrangularis is an African plant that has been used by native healers to treat various health conditions. Its extract, known as CQR-300, is included in the Tetrogen formula for its skill to burn fat and reduce appetite. In addition, CQR-300 improves the mass of lean muscle, boosts serotonin levels and controls blood sugar and cholesterol profiles.


Melatonin is an element found in the human body as well as in plants. Our melatonin levels vary widely, and additional melatonin helps to suppress your appetite while making you feel happy and alive. Melatonin supports your nervous system, synchronizes the wake-and-sleep cycle and balances leptin levels. As a result, your body is able to burn calories during restful and restorative sleep.

Dichrostachys Glomerata (DYG-400)

Dichrostachys Glomerata is a versatile plant, which has long been used as an excellent spice as well as a perfect folk remedy for many problems. Tetrogen uses the plant extract called DYG-400, where it works closely with other elements playing its part as a brave fat fighter and a mortal enemy of cravings. DYG-400 has a broad spectrum of other anti-oxidative properties, which bring multiple benefits for its consumers.

How safe is it to use Tetrogen?

The safety of any medication depends on its formula, the exact proportion of its ingredients, and how well each element is scientifically studied. Multiple clinical studies of the product effects in animals and humans have demonstrated its great potential.How safe is it to use Tetrogen?

While the supplements with improper ratios may lead to undesirable adverse reactions, the formula of Tetrogen is developed in such a way to ensure its safe and advantageous usage. When taken regularly and according to the directions, the supplement doesn’t produce any side effects.

Make sure that you eat in a short while after taking Tetrogen as prescribed on its label. Bear also in mind that the supplement is effective only when it’s stored according to its instructions.

Recommended use of the supplement

Tetrogen is convenient to use: only two capsules per day are enough to achieve desirable results. Tetrogen combo pack includes two slightly different daytime and nighttime formulations: each variety is created to provide maximum fat-burning benefits that your body requires at specific times of the day.

One daytime capsule (which, in addition to other ingredients, is charged with caffeine) should be consumed in the morning before meal. One nighttime capsule (with melatonin) should respectively be taken in the evening, before your last meal (or snack).

Consistent monthly consumption of Tetrogen combined with improved daily habits will ensure constant and steady weight loss. “Improved habits” implies keeping to the 20/80 rule, which simply means eating healthy meals 80% of the time, and making excuses for yourself with the other 20% (which includes a preference of moderate portions). You must agree that this is quite a small sacrifice when we are talking about dozens of pounds over a few months!

Benefits to your health from using Tetrogen

  • improvement of metabolic rate and fat-burning ability of your body;
  • steady reduction of body weight (if used correctly);
  • correction of melatonin and serotonin levels and getting a grip on emotional eating;
  • independence from cravings while maintaining high levels of energy;
  • disappearance of gas problems and bloating;
  • improvement of blood sugar and cholesterol levels;
  • lean muscle mass maintenance and growth

Unlike other weight loss products, Tetrogen is not only an absolutely unrefined, secure, and less expensive solution but also more efficient – since its work is based on a totally different principle.

What is the product price?

If you consider giving Tetrogen a try, you can use its official website that provides several different options that fit different needs. The Tetrogen website offers 3 cost alternatives that are all covered by the 90-days money-back warranty.What is the product price tetrogen?

The most money-saving option is a purchase of a 6-months supply for $299 that saves you $320 and where each pair of bottles (with day and night capsules) costs you about $50. A 3-month alternative will turn out to be $169, which comes to approximately $56 per a twin-pack. A two-month option is available for $139 (or $69.5 a duo), and a one-month supply – for about $85.

Customer opinions

Trisha. I bought a 60-days package after thorough web research. After using it for nearly 2 months I lost about 23 pounds. Take 1 pill in the morning and a night pill before a small evening snack. Changed my diet a bit, but haven’t done any work-outs, just walk a little more. Glad that I purchased it, want to buy some more, and told about it all my friends.

Danny. I’m not really the one who orders drugs or supplements online. But this time I went for it – thanks to my friend advice. So far, it seems to work pretty well. I feel much lighter and clean all around. Tetrogen helped to curb my constant snaking and drinking sugary stuff. Haven’t bought scales yet, but all my pants are fitting looser, so I bought a smaller size last week.


A recent survey showed that the prevalence of obesity in the United States is about 40%. This means that nearly half of the American population needs qualified assistance, and pharmacologists of Tetrogen (this is also a manufacturer name) have contributed to the solution of this serious problem. They have developed a highly effective supplement that, in contrast to other over the counter products, is aimed at the core problem area of your weight problem.

With Tetrogen, what you really lose is your body weight, while by using other products all you lose is your water weight. Tetrogen gradually transforms your body into a fat-burning device and provides an entry to a completely different lifestyle. Investment in Tetrogen is a safe bet that is backed by high public trust and affordable prices.



Affordable price


Weight loss period


Blood sugar


Absence of side effects


Muscle mass index



  • A high level of Tetrogen efficiency
  • Only natural ingredients in the composition
  • Natural products verified by scientific representatives
  • Improved metabolic rate
  • Gradual weight loss
  • Maintaining your muscle mass
  • Tetrogen is available in several options to satisfy different needs
  • Maintaining a high level of energy


  • You can buy a product only on the official website
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