Theramine Review: 100% Natural Supplement Safely Relieves Chronic Pain

Regular pain is one of the most popular complaints that causes men and women over 40 to see a doctor. With this issue, performing even simple daily tasks makes them seem unbearable. This happens due to nervous disorders that are almost inevitable in the modern world. In addition to a balanced diet, having a sufficient amount of sleep, and workouts, doctors also recommend taking medical supplements to alleviate the problem.

Theramine is known as one of many popular remedies for chronic ache healing. In the last 10 years, it has received a great publicity thanks to numerous related scientific articles, clinical trials, and positive posts in social networks. A loud statement that the supplement is a safe substitute for Opioids attracts many people who want to get rid of the ache. And now, everyone can buy Theramine without a prescription! Is it worth it?

Meet Theramine!

Theramine is a medical food that is used for the management of pain syndromes. It is suitable for the alleviation of various types of chronic pains, including fibromyalgia and inflammatory pain. Very often, for getting rid of these problems, doctors prescribe opioids. This is a class of medications that include illegal drugs like heroin to sooth a patient’s agony. Popular representatives of this type of painkillers are morphine, hydrocodone (Vicodin), and oxycodone. However, Theramine is a safe substitute for these drugs.Meet Theramine!

Top pain management doctors highly evaluate Theramine benefits. It is chosen by professionals and ordinary people who feel significant relief after starting a course of treatment. This medicine has no harmful side effects, is non-addictive and completely natural. The formula has proved these statements already at the stage of clinical examinations. The item is manufactured under the Physician Therapeutics brand, which is incorporated into the Target Medical Pharma.

Theramine capsules are distributed in a colorless container with azure and lilac logo on the front side. Each jar carries 120 pills, which is enough for a 30-day course. Patients need to take 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 more after dinner.

How does Theramine work?

To fully understand Theramine’s operation, it’s necessary to understand the science of pain. Nervous system-related issues can occur due to various factors ranging from external irritants to injuries. Any of the reasons may render a person’s metabolism unable to synthesize the required amount of a chain of the elements that affect the functioning of the nervous system.

In essence, there are two ways of dealing with the discomfort that concerns the nervous system: renewal of the level of missing components in the individual’s brain or blocking the nerve signals. Theramine successfully performs both these functions. This supplement controls the level of amino acids in the human brain. Their replenishment leads to a weakening of possible aches. It is worth noting that maintaining the normal content of amino acids determines person’s mood, need to eat, sleep, sexual drive, etc.

While one element branch of Theramine’s formula copes with the root of the problem, the rest of the components block the transfer of warning signals from the nerves to the brain. Thus, the remedy almost instantly relieves the symptoms as well as fights the cause. These benefits enabled the product to attain popularity and recognition in the health supplement market.

Is Theramine actuality good?

The existence of regular pains prevents lots of men and women from normal life. Theramine promises to save people from this problem and guarantees a lasting effect. People who underwent treatment using the product note not only pain soothing but also an overall improvement in their well-being and mood. This supplement replenishes the stocks of the required nutrients and elements, which are not supplied enough with a conventional ration. Therefore, by taking capsules of this patented pain management product, you can improve your condition without even noticing it.

One of important Theramine features is it being 100% organic, which contributes greatly to its safety. The manufacturer has an experience of staying in the market niche for over than 10 years, selling more than 25 million tablets and receiving not a single complaint from customers. Thus, if you take the medication according to the prescription, you won’t feel any side effects.Is Theramine actuality good?

Many of those who have tried Theramine, state that it stands out positively among similar supplements. It’s also put side by side with another market leader, Nervexol. Both products have organic features and help solve the issues with the nervous system well. Nevertheless, their formulas differ and they have different effect on your body. For example, Nervexol contains a big dose of vitamins and helps you calm down.

Theramine active components

The product contains 11 components, which reliability is confirmed by food and drug quality controlling bodies. All the components are compatible and complement each other. In addition, numerous clinical tests have proven their effectiveness.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is among the elements that are in charge of blocking nerve signals. It cuts back the frequency and power of the signals transmission as well. Theramine also includes amino acids L-arginine, L-glutamine, and L-histidine. All of them are essential in eliminating pain.

If you’re interested in nutrition, weight-loss diets, or muscle building, you might have already learnt about BCAAs and their benefits. Not all of them can be produced in our bodies, but they are obtainable from food. They are usually contained in proteins and assist in muscle and tissue growth, they also exert a calming effect. Whey protein hydrolysate component in Theramine is in charge of the delivery of these amino acids.

Theramine contains cinnamon bark extract, which relieves pain and provides a protection against cell destruction; grape seed extract, natural polyphenols, and flavonoids; Griffonia seed extract, which boosts the synthesis of serotonin and a neurotransmitter substance for regulating pain reactions. Cocoa extract that is rich in theobromine is included in the recipe as well. The product does not contain any preservatives, or added sugar, yeast, or artificial flavors.

Is Theramine safe?

When looking for a solution to the pain problem, it’s vital to always remember not to harm yourself. Theramine is a certified remedy for various types of aches, tested in a series of clinical trials. It is certified to be made of 100% natural ingredients, which guarantees the safety of this supplement when used according to the instructions. For a decade of sales, Theramine consumer rates have been remaining high. There have been no complaints about the product operation.

Theramine claims to be an alternative to Opioids (prescription illicit drugs) and NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). The supplement can replace such substances, while it is much safer compared to them. Theramine is a drug-free product.

The effect of Theramine application

The first effects of taking Theramine can be noticed immediately after the first application. A month after the start of your therapy course, you will notice how your life has changed. The pain has gone or soothed significantly and you don’t even notice performing actions that you didn’t dare to do before. Mature patients claim that the drug helps them feel 10-15 years younger.

Advantages of Theramine over analogs

Theramine is identified as one of the best painkillers in the industry. Patients and doctors choose it because of its efficiency and safety. An all-natural formula is a rarity among competitors. At the same time, the medicine not only removes the discomfort but also eliminates the problem at the core. Not every food supplement can boast such therapeutic properties. Another advantage of Theramine is the wide spectrum of application: the product helps eliminating different types of pain.

Theramine side effects

Manufacturer Physician Therapeutics proudly claims that over 10 years of sales, the company has never received serious complaints on Theramine. This gives an evidence for the medical supplement having no side effects. However, one should remember that compliance with the instructions for use is necessary. For example, you must not take more than 4 capsules per day as deviating from the indicated treatment plan may lead to negative consequences.

Precautions and contraindications

Theramine is a drug-free, non-addictive pain reliever. Remember that you should use it only for its intended purpose. Do not take a dose higher than the prescribed one, even if it seems that the remedy provides no effect. Each person’s organism is individual and it may take time for the product to demonstrate a positive result. Do not store it in a place accessible for children. Taking the supplement is prohibited to pregnant women and those who are allergic to any component included in the formula.

How and where to buy?

How and where to buy Theramine?

You can purchase Theramine capsules on the distributor website. The price of 1 bottle is $70; the store offers a discount, so you can purchase the supplement for only $49 per 120 capsules. Physician Therapeutics also offers to buy 2 or 3 product bottles and get extra ones for free. You can return the product with a 30% restocking fee if it doesn’t suit you. This option is available when buying more than 3 bottles.


Susan, 48: I’d been having a pain in the back for almost 5 years until I tried Theramine. I did not expect such a result! The pain is gone and I feel 10 years younger. Everyone notes that, now, I always have a good mood.

Jack, 55: My wife bought me 4 Theramine bottles after her friend recommended it. I would never have thought that a regular supplement could relieve pain like this. After an injury that I got 10 years ago, I often felt periodic pain, but now it’s in the past.

Maria 36: I was skeptical about Theramine at the beginning, but the discount made me buy 1 jar. I was wrong as it significantly reduced my pain. I highly recommend it and will definitely order a few more jars.

Conclusion about Theramine

Theramine is a reputed natural pain reliever. This is a safe product that both doctors and patients trust. The manufacturer is well-known in the market and, to prove the effectiveness of this supplement, offers a refund in case you find it ineffective. Many internet reviews show that Theramine works and does not cause negative consequences.





Side effects




Comprehensive therapy effect


Customer satisfaction



  • 100% natural working formula
  • It blocks pain signals and eliminates the problem fundamentally
  • Alternative to NSAIDs and Opioids
  • More than 10 years on the market, successful clinical trials, and no side effects
  • Unique patented pain management technology


  • Online purchases only
  • The refund is available for the purchases of no less than 3 bottles
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  1. A cool supplement to relieve pain. How much can I take daily, especially when I feel extreme pain?
    It usually takes me about two pills to kill the pain with Theramine. Are there any reviews about it

    • In general, it is not recommended to take more than 4 pills a day. But the company declares that over the period of the product selling, they got no bad response with side effects from customers on Theramine. Everything was ok. I usually take one or two and it is enough for me.

  2. I like that Theramine kills the root of the pain. It doesn’t kill symptoms, and it is very important. Lots of modern painkillers focus on symptoms. Very few of them can really kill the pain. I take it against the pain in my knee. It really works, I can say for sure.


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