True Digestion Review: a Safe Journey to Well-Oiled Guts

Find out from the article if True Digestion really can make you forget about digestive issues.

Have you ever heard that your stomach is your secondary brain? There is loads of research on the subject that confirm that your gut and your brain have a lot in common. Their nerves are related by similar characteristics and all together constitute a unique and complex neural system. This tight connection means that the failure of one component of your biological system affects the performance of its partner. That is why proper digestion is the root of your general wellbeing. Unfortunately, it is a rare man who can boast of perfect digestion.

Digestion problems are one of the most common health complaints. It’s explained by the fact that as you grow older your digestive system is getting older with you. Most stomach disorders result from the declining ability of your body to produce a sufficient amount of enzymes, which play a crucial role in seamless digestion. This shortage can be compensated by timely supply of digestive enzymes that may be provided by our wildlife and nature. The best of this generous offer is incorporated into the composition of digestive supplements that provide essential enzymes, which support  the smooth functioning of your intestinal tract.

One of these supplements is True Digestion, an innovative natural solution that supports your digestion every step of its way. True Digestion fights all digestive irregularities related to bowel and intestinal disorders such as heartburn, bloating, gas, constipation, and cramping.

How effective is True Digestion?

Digestion is a process that converts large particles of food into smaller ones thus helping your body absorb all the incoming nutrients. The success of this process depends on how healthy your inner environment is, or the quality and quantity of your intestinal bacteria and digestive enzymes. Enzymes are the protein-based ferments that accelerate chemical processes in your body.How effective is True Digestion?

While some stomach supplements contain one or two digestive enzymes, True Digestion includes a blend of essential enzymes, which favorable effect on digestion is further enhanced by a cluster of additional natural elements. Together they represent a powerful biological team that helps your body to boost a collection of enzymes necessary for the correct absorption of food. This friendly team is a real rescue crew, which assists all participants of your intestinal system (i. e. your stomach, pancreas, and even your mouth) to produce all the lacking enzymes, and which makes them work like a charm.

In more detail, the main members of this rescue crew are represented in True Digestion by the important metabolic enzymes such as lipase, amylase, invertase, and phytase.

  • Lipase is an enzyme that helps your pancreas split oils and complex fats into glycerol and fatty acids. Lipase shortage affects the ability to absorb fat-soluble nutrients as well as your stools’ characteristics.
  • Amylaze is responsible for the digestion of complex sugars and carbohydrates, thus greatly reducing your exposure to various disorders such as diarrhea.
  • Invertase is an essential enzyme that breaks down sucrose into glucose and fructose. Invertase is also a powerful antioxidant that kills bad bacteria in your stomach thus creating a more favorable inner environment.
  • Phytase takes care of the proper absorption of legumes, seeds, grains, and corn. It supports digestive health and successful digestion of the phosphorous (needed for your bones) that the above foods are rich in.

Other active ingredients of True Digestion

As mentioned above, a therapeutic effect of True Digestion on your intestinal tract is achieved thanks to the benefits of the following ingredients:


The afore-cited enzymes, lipase, amylase, invertase, and phytase, which ensure improved absorption of food, and which work hand in hand with a few other active participants of the formula being as follows:


Berberine is a bioactive element extracted from certain plants such as barberries, goldenseal, Oregon grape, and some others. Plants rich in berberine have long been used by traditional healers of many cultures. Berberine is valued for various health properties, and one of its main benefits is its ability to help your digestion. It boosts the number of good bacteria in your gut altering your entire microbiome that supports correct absorption of key vitamins and minerals.

Berberine is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It protects from depression and heart-related issues and reduces your exposure to fatty liver disease and cancer.

Sodium Alginate

Alginates refer to brown algae, a super water-inhabiting plant and a virtual treasure trove of essential nutrients. Sodium alginate is a naturally occurred gelling agent that is able to build a protective layer around your stomach, which defends it against acid reflux and heartburn.  Sodium alginate manages to be helpful even without cumulative effect, meaning that if it is your first day of taking the supplement, it is still able to disarm driving forces of indigestion, which makes you feel better almost immediately.Other active ingredients of True Digestion

This was confirmed by several human studies, in which participants taking sodium alginate showed a considerable reduction of indigestion and acid reflux symptoms.


Zinc is a viable mineral that ensures good health and improves digestion. Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of more than 300 various enzymes. This element is found in foods such as oysters, king crabs, meat and legumes. Zinc deficiency is a reason of many serious health issues including gastrointestinal ones. Our bodies cannot store zinc, so its timely supply helps the production of lacking digestive enzymes.

Apart from the above, zinc takes part in the synthesis of DNA and some life-critical proteins, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to strengthen your immune system.  Zinc is also vital for blood clotting and proper functioning of your thyroid.

The product safety

True Digestion belongs to the class of supplements that are considered to be safe and effective natural solutions. Science-based research and a thorough methodical approach to its formula ensure the product safety and compatibility with the highest industrial standards.

Zenith Labs is a competitive producer of the large range of high-quality natural supplements. Established in 2016, the company has already earned its spurs as one of the most dedicated pharmaceutical brands that constantly meet patients’ needs. Zenith Labs is a creative squad of healthcare professionals who select premium ingredients from the purest sources. The purity of True Digestion, as well as the purity of its each and every element, is tested at every step of the production process.

What is more, Zenith Labs manufactures all its products in cGMP certified facilities; and its operations, sanitation and physical plant conditions are invariably audited and approved by FDA regulations. Pure and natural ingredients of the True Digestion formula guarantee the absolute absence of unwelcome adverse reactions.

Health benefits of taking True Digestion

  • a regular supply of good bacteria, enzymes, and antioxidants that leads to the steady improvement of intestinal environment;
  • notable relief from gastric disorders like heartburn, gas or bloating;
  • healthy levels of blood sugar and cholesterol;
  • daily supply of elements that boost mental and physical energy;
  • good chance of weight control (thanks to improved digestion);
  • increased availability of nutrients that leads to the improvement of general health

Contrary to other stomach supplements that claim “speedy and complete” relieve from all digestive problems, True Digestion is an effective, safe and affordable solution that incorporates the best its natural components have to offer.

Directions for adult consumption

True Digestion is designed to be a convenient digestive aid: it’s enough to take two capsules a day (i. e. twice daily) to feel tangible results. The preferable pattern is one capsule in the morning, and another one in the evening, with or without food.

As with any other natural solution, remember that the key to your success is consistency.  The regular usage of True Digestion will ensure a greater effect, but one should be in mind that the supplement is designed only for generally healthy adults. If you are allergic or have a history of chronic medical illnesses, you’d be better off consulting your doctor before starting to use True Digestion.


If you consider purchasing True Digestion, it’s better to do it through the official website of its producer. Zenith Labs offer a selection of various packages that match your budget and needs. You can choose a one-, two- or six-months supply where price ranges from $33 to $49 per one 60-capsules bottle.Pricing True-Digestion

If you select a one month option (based on a standard consumption of 2 capsules a day), it will cost you $49. But if you want to choose a 3-months supply, one bottle price will become $39 (or $117 in total) plus $30 savings. And opting for the most affordable option, i. e. a 6-months package, will make it only $33 per a can, or just $198 lump sum, which saves you $96.

Zenith Labs cover each option by 6-months money-back guarantee meaning that if you are not satisfied with the effects that you feel from using True Digestion you will get the refund without returning unused bottles.

Consumer comments

Bella. I’ve been having digestive issues for decades. My problem became more complex a few years ago since I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My stomach refused to work properly, emptied too slowly, etc. But since I started taking True Digestion, I noticed that I started having much less digestive problems. This supplement helped a lot with my heartburn and regularity. It also arrives pretty quickly. I highly recommend the product to people with stomach issues.

Peter. Looks like True Digestion really works. The capsules are quite easy to swallow, not like the ones I’d been taken before. This is quality pills and worth their price. I saw that some people complain about its cost, but I must say that I’d tried plenty of other enzyme products, cheap and more expensive ones, and from my experience, it’s really if you buy cheap, you buy twice. I followed my friend’s advice about this cure and I guess that it helped me, or I’d never found it.


Recent statistics presented by the American Health Department (NIDDK) revealed that about 21% of our population is affected by digestive diseases. Given that these are only the official facts (which are based on doctors’ visits), the real number of stomach sufferers is definitely much higher. This means that about a third of Americans suffer from digestive issues, and specialists of Zenith Labs offer a perfect solution to this major problem. True Digestion is a highly efficient tool that, in contrast to other supplements, is aimed at the core problem areas of digesting disorders.

With True Digestion, you will be able to avoid all stomach troubles that tortured you for years, and even occasionally enjoy tempting foods that used to cause you problems before.  True Digestion will supply your digestive system with all the instruments it needs and which will gradually transform your intestinal tract into a perfectly oiled machine. Investing in True Digestion is a sure bet for people wishing to forget about their digestive issues and planning to enjoy life like they once did.

True Digestion


Quality of ingredients


Speed of action




Compatibility with other supplements


The popularity of pharmaceutical brand



  • It provides a regular supply of good bacteria, enzymes, and antioxidants
  • It reduces the symptoms of gastric disorders
  • It facilitates in creating the steady improvement of the intestinal tract
  • True Digestion helps to control your weight and boost energy
  • The supplement maintains a healthy level of blood sugar and cholesterol
  • It facilitates in improving your health in general


  • You can buy the supplement only from the official website
  • The discounts are available only by wholesale
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  1. Fast snacks at breaks spoiled my digestion system. I visited a lot of doctors, all was without visible results. I was in despair, but I saw this wonderful True Digestion. It changed my world for the better. Now I can it everything without problems. Even in the morning, I feel good.

  2. How much do I need to pay for a course?
    I saw that the price differed. How much product should I purchase to improve my digestion?
    Are there any recommendations on the True Digestion?

    • First of all, let’s talk about the price. Obviously, the course price depends on the number of bottles you are buying. The larger supply you choose, the lower the bottle price is. As for the course of administration duration, it is all individual. In this regard, it is recommended to consult your specialist. I have been taking the True Digestion for a month and felt a relief of my gastritis symptoms.


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