Ultra WiFi Pro Review: The Booster for Those Who Dreams of Faster Internet

It’s a truly terrible feeling when a streaming video or downloading via Wi-Fi connection starts to slow down. The annoyance increases when you are trying to send an email, photo or a piece of music to your friend or colleague and see a spinning wheel instead of delivery message.

The slow Wi-Fi problem can arise despite the promises of your provider to guarantee trouble-free and fast Internet. Thick concrete (brick) walls, glass partitions or similar obstacles make it difficult for the wireless signal to pass and even a powerful router may prove helpless.

It is not a big secret that Internet providers practice sneaky tricks to make people spend more money for their services. They sell imperfect equipment (for example cheap routers) that put limit on range and speed. This tactic raises the providers’ profits but empties your pockets. Another trick is persuading you to pay for upgrades to get faster internet. You pay and in a while understand that you just wasted you money.

Ultra WiFi Pro

We offer effective solution to this challenge: a device named Ultra Wifi Pro Booster. Try it out and make sure that your coverage range will significantly increase and internet speed will at least double and in some cases even triple! You’ll get strong connection no matter where you are: at home, in the office or basement. We have no doubt that after a number of experiments you’ll want to have this thing plugged in forever.

What kind of invention it is

If you experience inconvenience from slow Wi-Fi upload/download speeds somewhere inside or outside any building Ultra Wifi Pro is the device that will save you this trouble.

The little booster we offer:

  • automatically detects, connects and rebroadcasts your router’s radio signal;
  • eliminates speed problems brought by dead spots, multiple devices or long distance;
  • extends your mobility zone;
  • doesn’t require any service.

This compact device is practical, easy to use and extremely effective in expanding the space of Wi-Fi coverage. It is designed to fulfill operations it is supposed to do and serve you reasonably long without fail. It’s hard to believe but Ultra Wifi Pro is really capable of turning your home or any other place into a wireless hot spot.

How Ultra WiFi Pro booster works

An ordinary router that a customer usually gets with the internet package transmits radio waves over a certain distance. This range depends on different factors, mostly on the number and material of objects on the signal’s itinerary.How Ultra WiFi Pro booster works

Any booster (sometimes it is referred as a repeater) is an electronic block that interacts with your router and amplifies its signal. This interconnection allows you to get widespread coverage in and around your residence, office or any other object. Ultra WiFi Pro is not an exception. This smart device allows you to get access to the local area network (LAN) even in the furthest corners of premises and take pleasure in uninterrupted streaming and quick downloads.

The effect you are expected to get

As soon as you plug the device in a socket and start using your LAN you’ll experience all the benefits of Ultra Wifi Pro, namely:

  • opportunity to browse Internet from anywhere and enjoy high speed in every corner of your office, house or any other place, including the backyard, garage etc.;
  • no buffering – just make yourself comfortable and watch films or shows at high resolution without waiting for them to load;
  • fast download/upload speed;
  • strong signal without interruption;
  • more users who can take advantage of co-working.

You’ll save the money as there’s no need to spend it on expensive upgrades: supercharge is gratuitous. You pay only once and the pleasure lasts for years. Savings from using Ultra Wifi Pro reach hundreds of dollars per year as reported by some customers. The seller grants the money back guarantee: if you are not satisfies with the device for any reason you can return it within 30 days and get refund without being asked any questions.

Advantages over comparable products

When you compare Ultra Wifi Pro with other similar products, the first thing that will impress you is its size. The question you are likely to ask the vendor will be “how can such an inexpensive little thing be equal or even surpass bulky and more costly devices?”

When it concerns technical devices it is easy to miss the boat. You may choose a product that looks brilliant but made of cheap materials and ready to break at the worst possible moment. You’ll never find yourself in such a vexing situation with Ultra Wifi Pro booster as it is made of high-quality components and uses advanced technologies.

The Internet speed increases almost instantly and dead spots disappear as if by magic. No problem with installation – as soon as you plug the device in it stars working.

Ultra Wifi Pro ensures complete security 24/7 – you may browse the web being protected from hackers and malware programs by means of unique SafeShield™ Internet Protection. So, you needn’t worry about a malicious user stealing your personal data.


The device is super easy to put into operation. You needn’t rush around with wires (connectors, jumpers etc.) or call an electrician.  Any person with no experience has to simply plug it into a wall socket half way between the router and a dead zone and wait no more than 5 seconds. No changes in the router’s settings are required. The installation is absolutely safe.

You may also try to experiment with the point of placement. For example find a zone where the booster operates well and use it as control point. Then relocate it to some other area and check if you can get better streaming and faster download.

Price and availability

You can purchase Ultra Wifi Pro at official website and get the discount up to 50% depending on quantity. In particular, if you buy 1 unit (option – booster your range) you get 33% off, if you chose “maximize your range” (5 units) you get all 50% plus free shipping.

There are different pricing options that are listed below. As you can see the more units you buy, the more money you save.

  • 1 unit – $39,95/each;
  • 2 units – $34,95/each;
  • 3 units – $33,33/each (the most popular choice);
  • 4 units – 32,50/each;
  • 5 units – 29,95/each.

Before putting the order the customer is recommended to check availability of the ware as the latter is in great demand and may be temporally missing at stock. All orders are shipped from USA.

Comments of the users

Responses of Ultra Wifi Pro’s users can be found on different web sites. Some of them are enthusiastic, the others are restrained, but none is negative. Everybody agrees that this instrument boosts up Wi-Fi speed and increases reception. Many customers note that they tried similar devices but few of them met expectations. The different thing is with Ultra Wifi Pro – it really demonstrated what was promised.How Ultra WiFi Pro booster works

The confirmation comes from a businessman who shares his Internet with many people in his building and the routers are far away. Because of this, most of the time he couldn’t connect at all. After installing Ultra Wifi Pro this unfortunate inconvenience was completely removed – the man got access to the net in and around his place.

People who use Ultra Wifi Pro are pleased with its features. They testify that Wi-Fi signal in their home and workplace has significantly grown after activating this tool. They stream films and play video games without lags and interruptions. One user even cried out in ecstasy: “It seems too excellent to be true!”

Bottom line

So, after reading this article you’ve got a clear idea of why and when you need a Wi-Fi amplifier.

Let’s once again list the circumstances when this device is really necessary:

  • slow Internet in spite of good Wi-Fi reception;
  • weak Wi-Fi signal in some places;
  • bad Skype quality;
  • “dead zones” in your residence/working place;
  • thick concrete or brick walls in your property;
  • buffering when viewing movies;
  • unsatisfactory downloading/uploading.

Off the shelf routers are, as a rule, low-power and slow and often cannot cope with the maintenance of many devices when they are located at a considerable distance. As a result you stay with poor Wi-Fi and dead zones experiencing inconvenience and frustration. Ultra Wifi Pro will make forget this problem for the unthinkable price. Now you are well prepared to buying this wonderful apparatus and enjoy all the advantages the today’s Internet can offer!

Ultra WiFi Pro













  • It expands the Wi-fi coverage range
  • It amplifies the signals of router, eliminating problems with speed
  • You don’t have to call an electrician to put it into operation
  • It eliminates dead zones at all


  • You can purchase it only at the official website
  • The discount is available only at wholesale
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  1. I was tired of rebooting my Wi-Fi router. I couldn’t use the Internet in my study. It was as slow as a tortoise. Ultra Wi-Fi device solved all my problems. I just put it into the socket and everything began to fly. Simple installation is the main benefit here.

  2. I see that the device is very good. But I wonder how far or close should I plug it in?
    Are there any recommendations about suing this Wi-Fi Pro device?
    I would like to buy this one to make the signal stronger.

    • It all depends on a flat or a house. If you have a big flat, you will perhaps need more than one. There are no restrictions about the distance. I have one in my flat, and that is enough for me. It is 6 meters far from my Wi-Fi router. Ultra Pro really works.


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