Will Vision 20/20 Protocol Improve Eyesight or Bring Side Effects?

The era of computer technology advancement is believed to be harmful to the eyes. According to the information by the International Agency of blindness prevention, approximately 253 million people have visual acuity problems. Eye disorders affect more than 19 million children. Besides, 65% of all people with visual impairments are people aged 50 years or older. Notwithstanding numerous reasons to that problem, the effective solutions, like Vision 20/20 protocol are available.

To save the natural sharpness of sight, our program advises implementing a valuable diet system. Food, which makes eye condition better, contains many useful compounds that will protect your vision from harmful factors.

Everybody wants to have a 20/20 vision. This term means normal visual acuity at the 20 feet (ca. 6 m) distance. It’s worth clarifying that the 20/20 vision indicates only the sharpness of your sight at the distance, though having it is a good helper in your life.

Every year many people get affected by vision impairment

Eye health observation program is a national priority all over the world. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made May 2019 a health month and organized the National Eye Health Education Program. It revealed that almost 3.22 million persons in the USA were experiencing vision problems.

Our eye health depends on what we do and what we eat

In general, our physical state shows us whether we do any wrong to our bodies. And every year people get reaffirmed that harmful nutrition damages their health condition. The number of people choosing to lead a sound lifestyle grows every year, and one of the main reasons is the eyesight deterioration.

The way of solving the problem with vision is found. That is the Vision 20/20 Protocol

A new view on solving sight problems is discovered by Dr. David Lewis. The success and effectiveness of his treatment are based on the nutrition pattern. He believes that the deficit of antioxidants and nutrients is the cause of our eyesight worsening. Doctor Lewis used this practice in the treatment for his wife, so it can be said, Vision 20/20 Protocol Guide is made with love and thorough consideration.The way of solving the problem with vision is found. That is the Vision 20/20 Protocol

First question: can the nutrition prescribed by the Protocol affect eye health?

As search inquires statistics shows, this question comes to the mind of many people. Thus, many scientists began to investigate the connection between food ration and sight condition of a person. And they have discovered that we have yellow carotenoid pigments in the macula and consuming certain vitamins contained in meals helps avoiding the degeneration of the maculae. Moreover, the results of that experiment were stunning: 2/3 of the participants managed to escape vision impairment by simply improving the condition of their yellow spot. Several years later, scientists from the United States when carrying out another study within the scope of the National Health and Nutrition Program, found that the risk to develop a disease, for example, macular degeneration is 43% lower for men who adhere to a diet rich of beta carotene than for those who do not eat carotenoids. And then the scientists proved that the risk of developing macular degeneration is decreased by 88% with the usage of spinach or cabbage 5-6 times a week.

Second question: is it safe for health and what are the implications

As you may guess, all that you need is to eat organic and natural food products. Should you have any individual contraindications, please, consult the ophthalmologist, otherwise, no organic products make harm to the body and your health. Using them is a natural way to cure your eyes.is it safe for health and what are the implications

Is it correct to say that certain products can improve vision? Yes, indeed. The constant consumption of food containing the above-mentioned elements improves your sight acuteness “by one or two text lines”, that is, by the value of 7.0-20%. What is worth noting is that the important role has not the quantities and numbers of microelements eaten in one meal, but the regularity of their consumption, because it is known that the body requires taking microelements no more than by a daily norm. Unfortunately, our body cannot accumulate them, so those who have sight problems have to build their diet in such a way that their ration constantly provides them with antioxidants with nutrients.

The principal advantage of the Vision 20/20 Protocol

Bamini Gopinath, Doctor at the University of Sydney, states there is a connection between vegetable nitrates and macular degeneration and it may have substantial effect. For saving eyes and prevent their weakening, it is necessary to eat healthy products of orange and dark green colors. A large amount of carotene is contained in orange products. Carotene is known to have antioxidant properties. There is a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin in dark green food products, especially in Brussels cabbage, broccoli, spinach, beans, potatoes, grapes, kiwi, mango. All these ingredients required for making your vision better can be used at home. You can eat them both in raw and processed forms.

For example, vitamin E is a strong antioxidant, a substance that reduces the risk of premature aging of the eye tissues, the emergence of dystrophic changes in the retina and the iris. Regular consumption of this vitamin also provides a protection from the threat of eye tumors. You can find the vitamin in various food products sold in supermarkets. Therefore, it is just another confirmation that this program is available to everyone.

Vision 20/20 Protocol Guide makes it easier for you. Instructions

To make the program use easier, you can order this guide. Vision 20/20 Protocol is a plan of using your nutrition system to fight against eyesight worsening. It consists of simple recipes with the ingredients that any person can afford buying. Besides, recipes, provided in the protocol, are fit for a person of any age.

Here are several highlights of improving your eyesight with Vision 20/20 Protocol.

  • Just start using this Program.
  • Forget about drugs, surgery and clinic bills.
  • Forget about your glasses and contacts.
  • Use a suitable technique in exercises.
  • Use a simple list of recipes with appetizing ingredients.

Advantages of the program

This program is presented in different forms: paper books, electronic books, and pocketbooks. Everyone can choose a suitable form. Every form has its advantages: easy to carry in the pocket, comfortable to read, portable and easy to use on different digital devices, etc.

With that, you are not required to buy any additional tools or medicines. All the expenses amount to the price of the program.

All the information in it is practical and based on using natural food components, so there is no risk in following these methods.

Disadvantages of Vision 20/20 Protocol

This might be called a disadvantage as the system is designed in such a way that first you need to read all the information in the guide, to understand how it works. To proceed with your program, you need to follow the given instructions carefully.

The instructions are provided in a book, and there is someone who doesn’t like to read. Which may be a problem. And the manufacturer has no audio version of the Vision 20/20 Protocol guide.

Instructions for using the Guide. Where can it be ordered?

Many patients are interested to learn how the food is related to their eye health. It is believed that proper, balanced nutrition helps the body to self-heal. With the food consumed, human body obtains useful substances. They compensate for the current shortage of vitamins and provide the elements necessary for the body, which transports them to its organs including the eyes. Thus, the Vision 20/20 Protocol gives the List of preventive measures to preserve the health of the eyes.

The main tasks to perform during the recovery of eyesight are:

  1. training of eye muscles;
  2. relaxing the accommodation muscles;
  3. eating natural food
  4. eliminating toxins in the body.Instructions for using the Guide of Vision 20/20 Protocol

Eye gymnastics is a complex of exercises that strain and relax the muscles used for the pupil accommodation. What exercises can you do for training your eyes? Vision 20/20 Protocol answers your question.

Eye gymnastics is most effective when combined with vitamin therapy. A major benefit of such a tandem is being a disease preventive measure. The good idea is preparing fresh juices (vegetable, fruit), as well as green cocktails (grass smoothies). You can find recipes for them in the Vision 20/20 Protocol.

All these simple methods are listed in the Protocol. Vision 20/20 protocol is a comprehensive solution to your problems with eyesight. Don’t waste your time and order it, as many people have already done.

Consumer reviews. How did they use the Vision 20/20 Protocol?

Many people have their own opinions about Vision 20/20 Protocol. But they have one fact in common. The method is practical and easy to use. Many patients restored their 20/20 vision using the Protocol. Users say that the recipes and exercises are simple to follow and perform. Thus far, nobody regrets buying this program. Because with this program and a little work, they all got what they paid for! Moreover, the product has a guarantee. The manufacturer gives a sixty-day guarantee period. Rest assured you can get your money back within this time if you don’t like using it. More reviews are provided here.


Every person should keep his eyes safe from the early age. As for the kids, you need to explain them the rules to observe when reading and working in front of a monitor, in addition, there are general regulations for caring for the sight. As it is known, it is much simpler to prevent issues than to treat their consequences. Ophthalmologists all over the world strongly recommend creating favorable conditions for the work, avoiding negative influences and protecting your eyes from harmful factors, using only natural methods. The effective way to solve eyesight problems is to use the program, that offers only natural foods and provides recipes for them, not to mention unique techniques and exercises to perform. Be sure, that within several weeks your vision will improve greatly if not restore to the 20/20 vision rate without extra investments.

Vision 20/20 Protocol


Program Simplicity


Eye Health Affection


Set of Exercises


Practical Use





  • Tips for vision improvement are easy to follow
  • The experiment participants’ vision has improved
  • The risk of serious diseases declines among the program followers
  • Consumption of useful microelements strengthens the whole organism
  • Simple eye gymnastics help your eyes see well
  • The program is represented in various forms, so one can choose the best
  • No need to buy anything else or take any medicines
  • A sixty-day guarantee period is provided


  • In case you follow the instructions incorrectly, the program may not work
  • You should be a self-organized person to use the protocol
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