Vision Support Plus Review: Learn About The Most Powerful Supplement

This product is based on the Nobel Prized formulation, which helps to prevent vision loss and turn back to normal life without thinking about glasses or contact lenses. The idea of Vision Support Plus is to collect the most useful ingredients, which will care about your vision best.

The team behind the product has 15 years of experience in studying vision loss related problems. They came across the Nobel prize winning formula and managed to create something unique that is designed to prevent vision loss.

How it works

The biggest threat to your eye is something that is called Optic nerve malfunction. Vision Support Plus was specially designed to deal with it. Another big problem is what is called age-related macular degeneration.Vision Support Plus how it works

In general vision loss is in most cases a long process, accompanied by oxidative stress, the damage of free radicals and inflammation. Can one avoid oxidative stress? Not at all! It is triggered by our everyday life and may be caused by a collection of factors including pollution of the environment, calories that we intake with this or that meals, our physical condition, exercises (nobody can tell you the exact number of exercises you should do per day), lack of sleep and even more.

When those negative factors accumulate in our body, they influence vision negatively and may lead to oxidative stress.

The bad news is that we can’t do anything to prevent oxidative stress by ordinary means. The good news – scientists work hard to help people prevent vision loss. There are many studies related to these issues conducted by different scientists around the world. There are multiple recommendations about the products we can use to slow down the aging of our body and prevent vision-related problems. However, it is to state that the effect is very low as it is very difficult to follow all pieces of advice about the products we should use. Moreover, aging is a complex process including different aspects and we have a huge list of recommended products to take, which is not easy at all.

This is why products like Vision Suppor Plus appear. They include all our eyes need to be protected. By using such a formula, you don’t need to run through the stores looking for separate ingredients. They are all collected in one package, ready to use.

Can I rely on Vision Support Plus?

There is one serious fact behind this product. IT IS BASED ON A NOBEL PRICE WINNING FORMULA. Basically, you get something that was developed by the most skilled and experienced scientists in this world. We think that this is the best proof for this product to be trusted.

According to their official website, the nutrition formula includes all those products that really help our eyes to stay “fit” as long as it is possible. If you need some better proofs, you can visit the website of NIH and learn more about the AREDS2 studies (Vision Support Plus is based on the formula, taken from these studies).

How safe this product is?

This supplement includes only the products that are recommended by most eye doctors in the world. Most of us have heard about lutein, vitamin C, E, copper, etc. It also includes some additional extracts like bilberry, Calamarine or Ginko that are natural and have absolutely no negative impact on our bodies.

Moreover, Vision Support Plus is not medicine! It is a dietary supplement like many others of a kind. Anyway, if you still have doubts, it is better to address them to your eye doctor.

What is the effect?

Vision Support Plus is not a medicine to have a fast impact on your system. It is a supplement that will support your vision. According to the official websites’ information, this supplement will prevent AMD and several risk factors that may cause Optic nerve malfunction. According to the trials of AREDS2 formula, those who had AMD, showed significant progress in the reduction of its progression. The period of study was five years, meaning this formula works on a long term basis.

It is to underlain again that this is not the medicine to treat your eye disorder! However, it can prevent several factors that may lead to age-related macular degeneration and supports eyes from Optic nerve malfunction.

What is inside?

The supplement is a mixture of components including the most useful for vision functioning.

They are the following:

  1. Vitamin C. It is an important element that prevents oxidation in the eye.
  2. Vitamin E. According to the studies, this element prevents the progression of age-related macular degeneration. It is also a good protection measure against the formation of cataracts.
  3. This element prevents progression of the age-related macular degeneration when mixed with the other antioxidants. It helps the system to absorb Vitamin A as well as the antioxidants to decrease the volume of free radicals.
  4. Copper is also used in this product to decrease the progression of AMD. It is a good antioxidant, which supports building f a flexible tissue for the eye structure.
  5. It is an element, which is very important to prevent blurry vision. It is also included here to prevent AMD progression. It is to mention that Lutein is presented in the eye in a natural format.
  6. This element is included in the formula of the product to give protection to the retina of the eye. This element is the second important carotenoid that gives the necessary protection against the abundance the UV-light.

This is the list of elements that are included in the famous formula. However, the team behind Vision Support Plus has decided to make it even better and added some more elements.

Here they are:

  1. It is 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C. This element was discovered by the Nobel prize winning specialist. It was called the King of Carotenoids being a potent antioxidant.
  2. This element helps to prevent cataracts with a high rate of success (about 97%). This potent antioxidant improves night vision. It was widely used by the WWII pilots during their night flights.
  3. This plant was famous even 1500 years ago. It was used to treat eye diseases. Those who use Ginko state a significant improvement in vision even after the first month of usage.
  4. Calamarine This element contains Omega-3, which helps to protect adults’ eyes.

The advantages of Vision Support Plus over competitors

This supplement indeed uses the formula that was developed by Nobel prize winning scientists. And this formula is the basis of the product. There are many competitors in this sphere using the same ingredients and in the same proportions.

It is true that they spend a lot of money on promotion to be on top of it. However, all they offer is almost the same supplement with the same stuff inside. They offer almost the same result. Support Vision Plus would be one of many in this line of supplements if the team copied the formula without trying to add something truly valuable inside.

And they have managed to make a real revolution in this industry by finding correspondent ingredients, which significantly boost the positive effect of this product. This has made Vision Support Plus a game changer on the market.

By the way, there is another interesting way for you to change your life. Vision 20/20 Protocol is a book that will help you to improve your vision.

Are there any side effects?

If you read again the ingredients’ stuff and look at all those elements separately you will understand that the formula is totally healthy and natural. However, before you start using Vision Support Plus, it is better to consult your doctor. You may have, for example, allergic reactions for one or several elements of this supplement that will disturb you all the time you eat the product.Where to buy Vision Support Plus

Vision Support Plus was clinically tested and the results show that there are no proven side effects during the whole period of using it.

How to use it

There is no strict prescription of how to take this supplement. The manufacturer recommends 2 capsules per day before your meals. There are no proven cases of overdose as this is not a medicine. However, it is better to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Safety measures

There is a couple of cases when you should consult a doctor before you decide to use this product including pregnancy, some special health conditions. Even if you use some medicines, it is better to ask for advice before starting eating this supplement. The product should be kept out of children’s reach.

Where to buy Vision Support Plus

The only place you can order the supplement is the official website of the manufacturer. The price of one package is 59.95USD. However, the first package comes for free if you start your membership. If you like the trial, you will be deducted 59.95USD after 18 days of membership. If you decide to stop using it, you can cancel your membership and you will not be charged with any fee.


There are almost no testimonials on the Internet but you can find some on their official website. Those who used Vision Support Plus say that the is the best product based on the AREDS 2 formula. They also admit that the price is reasonable and this is true taking into consideration a trial membership period.

General conclusion

Vision Support Plus is a supplement that prevents Optic nerve malfunction and slows down age-related macular degeneration. It comes in capsules and is very easy to use. This product is not a medicine, you should not take any additional measures before taking it.

Vision Support Plus


Positive Impact


Eye Diseases Prevention


Ingredients Quality







  • The formula of the supplement got a Nobel Prize
  • The ingredients comply with the vision experts’ recommendations
  • Natural components such as berries make it safe
  • Affects the entire system, preventing vision loss
  • Contains well-known vitamins and substances (C, E, copper)
  • Serious diseases such as cataracts can be prevented
  • The proportion of well-known ingredients is optimal
  • Helps your vision stay sharp and prevent optic nerve malfunction


  • Consultation before use is required due to possible side effects
  • Can’t be purchased in an ordinary drugstore
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  1. I carefully looked at the list of vitamins and elements inside. I wonder it possible to take them separately? I am a bit disappointed with the price of Vision Plus. Are there any discounts for it?

    • Well, as for the usage, it is better taking this supplement. The daily dosage is decided on by doctors as usually you don’t need much vitamins for a day. One pill of Vision Support Plus has everything you need. It won’t let your vision worsen. I tested it by myself, it enables you to spend even long hours in front of a laptop without risking your vision.

  2. It is a good supplement for those who really care for his or her health. It consists of natural elements that can be found in all other vitamin complexes. The advantage of it is that it is based on the best researchers. All the elements are well-known among doctors. Vision Plus really works.


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