VitalSleep: Can It Help Against Snoring?

Are you aware that healthy sleeping and snoring are pretty different matters? Researchers have long found that producing loud sounds while sleeping is not just an innocent habit but a reflection of your inner state of health. It should be addressed as a tough health condition that requires appropriate treatment.

These days there are plenty of anti-snoring solutions, but not so many can stop snoring completely. While some devices may work for a small part of snorers, others either fail to do so or may seem not easy to get accustomed to. Looking for a comfortable, workable and cost-effective option often turns into a painful dilemma. The great news is that the potent and user-friendly devices do exist, and their positive results can be felt from the very first day of their usage.

One of these anti-snoring solutions is VitalSleep, a top-quality special appliance that aids quickly and irreversibly to get rid of this alarming unhealthy condition. Why is it considered alarming and what makes our researchers look for creative ways to develop special gadgets aimed to assist snorers and improve their sleep quality?

Why does it need treatment?

According to recent research, nearly half of the globe population snores either occasionally or habitually. These impressive statistics make us worry about things beyond this widespread issue and the seriousness of its reasons and consequences.Why does it need treatment?

If we look at the causes of snoring we can see that it may be provoked by several different reasons. The more common ones are smoking, alcohol, allergy, excess weight, back-lying position, and aging. But whatever the reasons are, the likely consequences of noisy sleeping might be pretty unfortunate. It is not just a bad custom that shouldn’t be addressed just because, for example, you don’t have a bed partner. It does not really change the situation.

First and foremost, science has found that snorers exposed to the danger of cardiovascular disorders like carotid artery disorder or heart failure. Other evidence indicates its close connection with high blood pressure, stroke, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a serious and often life-threatening condition.

What is more, the majority of snorers don’t sleep properly (as their partners usually think). The snorers’ systems do not get enough oxygen, which causes frequent waking and an actual shortage of sleep. This is why they often wake up lethargic and sleepy, have headaches, and are not able to concentrate during the daytime. If you add to that the snorer’s partner, whose quiet nights are also constantly disturbed, the magnitude of the problem is doubled.

These must be enough reasons for snorers (and not only for their partners) to look for ways to give up the damaging habit. Forsaking smoking and alcohol and avoiding back-sleeping may help, but if these measures don’t seem to work, people start thinking of other counter-snoring remedies.

What is behind the idea of VitalSleep?

VitalSleep belongs to a group of mouthpieces also called MAD (a professional acronym for Mandibular Advancement Device) that have long proved their worth among thousands of snorers.

It is a special adjustable accessory that is placed into your mouth and comfortably kept there during your sleep. Modern design and advanced technology ensure its unfailing performance and ultimate reliability. In addition to that, VitalSleep comes in two sizes – for males and females. This is a highly flexible gear that is designed to be individually corrected to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Unlike other mouth appliances, utilizing VitalSleep does not require to take up awkward positions, flex muscles, or close tightly your lips.  On the contrary, the mouth might be open up to 26 degrees which allows both oral and nasal breathing. This ability places VitalSleep on the top list of comparable products.

What makes VitalSleep so special?

  • Fully customizable mouth ward. VitalSleep comes as a kit with a few easy tools designed for making a smooth initial adjustment. This is just a one-time deal and a pretty effortless procedure that ensures a perfect match and convenience.
  • No latex, silicone, and BPA. VitalSleep is composed of exquisite medicinal-quality elements approved by the FDA that defeat risks of hypersensitivity, toxicology and allergic reactions by wearers.
  • Convenient for both nose and mouth breathers. The appliance design has both mouth and nose airways always kept open and enabling free and easy breathing.
  • Patent adjustment system gently pulling the lower jawline a few fractions forward. The accu-adjust system aids to clear passages into the throat and eliminate snoring.
  • Easy-cleanable. Clean your appliance in the morning together with your teeth. Paste and brush will do the job easily. Alternatively, use denture tablets or anti-viral cleanser that kills 99% of bacteria and germs.
  • May assist against bruxism and other issues. The innovative design allows to protect the wearer against teeth grinding and slight respiratory issues. Though VitalSleep is not explicitly created to treat sleep disturbance, some experts think that the gadget reduces associated with apnoea risk of breathing failure.
  • May be utilized with partials and dentures. Customized molding involves making imprints of not only teeth but also dentures and partials. VitalSleep is able to work well with both prosthetics (providing they are more than one year old and worn together with the mouthpiece).
  • Gender approach to dimensions: smaller size for women and larger – for men. The 10% size difference makes VitalSleep even more user-friendly.
  • A reliable manufacturer with FDA-approved facilities and successful history of innovation and consumer-oriented design.

Directions for fitting

VitalSleep offers a step-by-step fitting manual that helps its initial customizing. A pretty straightforward single-time procedure ensures the perfect fit and provides great long-lusting results.Directions for fitting

To personalize the appliance, follow the steps provided below:

  • make sure that the gadget is positioned evenly and its bottom section is not pushed ahead;
  • boil some water in a pot (enough to cover VitalSleep), remove it from the heat;
  • put VitalSleep into a pot so that it’s completely covered by water;
  • in 1-2 minutes remove the device from the pot with tongs;
  • let the appliance to cool down;
  • take it out and, in front of the mirror, put it into your mouth positioning the upper side up;
  • bite it down slightly, and lightly press it with your fingers against teeth – to get teeth impressions;
  • remove VitalSleep and put it back into cold water for about 30-60 sec to solidify the imprints;
  • take adjustment screws to slightly move the lower part of the mouthguard forward (1 mm is enough)

In fact, the whole process takes less time doing than reading about it. This boil-and-bite method helps to create a perfect customized 3D model nearly similar to what dentists do for getting your oral imprints.

Use VitalSleep at night, but make sure to clean it the next morning after use. Bear in mind that if you don’t feel comfortable with the first model, you can repeat customization over and over again.

Health benefits of VitalSleep

From the very first day of using VitalSleep you will notice the following positive changes:

  • immediate and profound relief of snoring;
  • improvement in breathing and a great help against bruxism and teeth grinding;
  • smooth adjustment and overnight comfort thanks to patent accu-adjust technology;
  • reduction of risks associated with snoring such as lung infection or heart-related issues;
  • improved sleep patterns and nervous systems of both you and your partner;
  • helpful for partials’ and dentures’ wearers;
  • great relief for allergy sufferers thanks to specific design and BPA and Latex-free materials;

Are there any by-effects or inefficacy of the product?

VitalSleep works nicely on the majority of users regardless of the reasons that caused their condition.

Nevertheless, the apparatus does not suit persons with braces, loose teeth, serious gum, jaw or respiratory issues or dental implants. One or two missing teeth do not create a problem, though the appliance may not work if you miss a great part of your teeth. Some wearers may experience slight initial discomfort in jaws while adapting to VitalSleep.

Though VitalSleep is quite helpful for bruxism treatment, the devices of sufferers may be worn out a bit quicker. In any case, the shortages of VitalSleep are not so different from the typical weak points of other similar MADs and are greatly overridden by its benefits.

VitalSleep pricing

You can order the device through its official internet site. The VitalSleep producer offers unconditional 100% 60-days satisfaction warranty and 1-year free replacement. VitalSleep is so confident in the product quality that doesn’t require you to return the device.VitalSleep pricing

The present cost of VitalSleep is $69.95USD. Choose from female and male sizes, and, if the size doesn’t fit – the producer will promptly replace it. The free and immediate shipping and quick delivery of the device is an additional benefit that ensures maximum enjoyment from your purchase.

International shipping is also free of charge but may be taxed – depending on your county trading law. It will also take a bit longer (6-10 days) to receive VitalSleep internationally.

Customer testimonials

Laura. VitalSleep has changed our lives, though I’m not even the one who needed it. My husband was a terrible saw logger, he sounded like an airplane sitting in the house. I never slept more than a few hours for long and it finally made me sleep in another room. The first time of him using the thing I was in doubts if it would work for us but I got amazed that I could sleep without waking up till 6:30 am. Now we sleep together again and he says that this mainly thanks to that it feels comfortable because he could adjust it properly when customizing.

Nil. Never wanted to do anything for snoring, but my wife and a physician convinced me that I should. I did my research and found VitalSleep, which is a two-piece and adjustable unit. I know a bit about mechanics, so those who designed the device new what they were doing. I decided to give it a try and upon the receipt played with it for a while to make the finer model and find a more comfortable position. Frankly, VitalSleep exceeded my expectations – my wife doesn’t complain anymore.


To sum up the above, snoring is not just an imperfection, but a weighty medical condition. Without proper correction, it might bring quite destructive consequences. By using VitalSleep it is possible to escape these consequences, improve regulation of your sleep-wake cycle and make your loved ones happier.

VitalSleep is an excellent remedy for a great number of people irrespective of the causes of their snoring.  Its user-friendly design and faultless adjustment method you can easily and quickly kill your weak spot. Investing in VitalSleep is a correct and sensible decision beneficial for both your health and your marital harmony.



Product quality


Cleaning process


Sleep comfort


Ease of setup


Safety during use



  • VitalSleep stands out for its high quality production
  • Warranty during 60 days
  • Absence of latex, silicone and similar substances
  • It includes the medicine qualities agreed by the FDA
  • Convenient device adjustment
  • Safe to use during sleep (a single detail won't fall away or block your breath)
  • Better sleep
  • Easy cleaning device


  • Restriction on use for people with braces, bad teeth, and various dental diseases
  • Possible discomfort arise during the first use
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