Zoom Wellness Monitor Review: I Definitely Did Not Expect This From That Device

One of the main organs in the human body is heart. And there are a lot of factors that influence its functioning. One of these is blood pressure. Some people don’t pay attention to this risk factor. They don’t even know what pressure they’re having, luckily now this problem is simply solved by using a portable wrist blood pressure monitor by Zoom Wellness.

A general overview of the Zoom Wellness device

Zoom Wellness monitor is a device designed for taking blood pressure readings. Wherever you are at the moment, using the monitor it is possible to control your condition. With the device at hand, you can control your blood pressure at any time of the day. You can use it at home, on a trip or wherever you go. Now, for controlling your blood pressure you don’t have to visit a doctor. The only thing you need is to take the monitor and strap it to your wrist.A general overview of Zoom Wellness device

Within just 30 seconds, you will know if your blood pressure is high, low or normal. Due to a small time needed to measure the pressure, you have more time to take action if you are in danger. In this case, every second counts and may even save your life. Instead of waiting in a long queue to a physician’s cabinet just to measure your blood pressure, you can do everything at home. Moreover, some hospitals and clinics still don’t have up-to-date measuring equipment. To put it simple, the readings may be inaccurate, which may pose additional risks to your health.

Using this Zoom Wellness monitor, the device is all you need to have at hand. The only operation you need to perform is to push it down to your arm to hold it steady and press the button. After a little while, you will get your exact blood pressure readings. With that, will also learn your current heart rate.

There are several reasons for using this Zoom Wellness device. First of all, our blood pressure is changing during the day. It means that in the morning you may feel rather well, and in the daytime, you may feel that something is wrong with you. Sometimes it is connected with your blood pressure changes due to weather conditions or anything else. Therefore, it is much better and safer to have a portable device and measure it at home than visit a doctor. The situation becomes especially dangerous when you have either extremely low or high blood pressure as you may faint or have a heart attack.

Why should you pay attention to the Zoom Wellness Pressure monitor?

The modern world is full of useful medical devices, and among the most popular and most needful are those, which help people control the level of their blood pressure. Thus, this wrist Zoom Wellness monitor has some advantages:

  1. There is accur-color technology implemented in the device. With multiple colors available for the device lighting, the technology enables certain colors showing according to your condition. For example, if the monitor detects any deviations from the pressure normal rate when you measure it, the device will show the red light and warn you to take measures immediately. This coloring scheme is approved by the World Health Organization.
  2. Automatic operation. Unlike old-fashioned devices that require manual pumping for measuring your blood pressure level, this device performs all the operations automatically after you press only one button. When you press it, you will see all the needed information on the screen. After half a minute approximately, you will get all the accurate readings. One more advantage of the device is that all the readings are clearly seen on the screen, even for those who have bad eyesight. It is especially good for elderly people.
  3. Another useful device feature is that it has the indicator inside that can detect an irregular heartbeat. Thus, if you have this symptom you will get to know about it immediately after starting to use the monitor by just taking a look at its screen. The sooner you see it, the more time you will have to decide what to do.Why should you pay attention to the Zoom Wellness Pressure monitor?
  4. A great number of pressure readings can be saved in the monitor. Indeed, it is more than 100. Thus, it is possible to use the device by two or even three people. You can save the latest 40-60 readings and check whether your blood pressure is changing. In the devices with a pump, such pressure tracking was impossible, that’s why for the monitor it also became one of the most useful functions.
  5. A big LCD. It can be compared to a screen of a smartphone or a tablet and apparently has an important function. On the display, you can see all the information when using the device. The text font is big and clearly seen on a blue background. That’s why it is possible to use the pressure monitor both in the daytime and at night with no trouble.
  6. It is suitable for all types of wrists. Even if you have a small wrist, it won’t become a problem for you. It perfectly fits for all people.
  7. Another advantage is that the product is approved by the FDA. This approval means that the organization verifies that the device works and has no negative effects on people’s health.
  8. And the last pro that needs to be taken into account is the pressure monitor size. It is made as a portable and compact device. You can easily carry it in your bag. And owing to its light weight, you won’t feel any discomfort. In addition, the monitor is easy to use and maintain. Thus, if you notice that the pressure monitor operation worsens, just change its AAA batteries and your device will live a new life again.

What can you get for such a small amount of money?

Nowadays many companies try to monopolize the manufacture of any medical device. The pursuit of getting high profits is usually the decisive factor. Moreover, there are a lot of devices produced that don’t work properly. Again, there are several reasons for it. The main is that sometimes you get a fake instead of an original device. And your unit won’t work as well as the original product. Compared to other devices, the monitor has all the elements necessary for the operation in one piece, so you can check its working capacity right away.

Rest assured, you will get absolutely precise readings with this monitor comparing to devices by some other brands that may have deviations in readings. Thus, the product has all the significant advantages that have been mentioned. Another important thing is that you will get a 60-day guarantee. The online shop offers its customers attractive prices for these devices. There are even several buying options. For example, one unit will cost you about 60$ including shipping.

With such a high-quality device, you can maintain the normal pressure level using the Blood Pressure support, if needed. Adding this supplement to the recommended normal blood pressure measures can be very effective.

If you want to take care of your family, it will be a good choice to buy 3 Zoom Wellness devices at once. For this option, there is a good discount offered by the shop. The total purchase amount will be about 120$, thus enabling a 60% saving. If you buy 2 monitors, you will get a discount too. So spending 90$ you will get two monitors to follow your blood pressure level.

The key points of usage and general precautions

The general terms of using Zoom Wellness device impose no special restrictions. However, as with any medical appliance, some points need to be observed. Note that before testing your blood pressure, it is better to consult a doctor, especially if you are pregnant or have an irregular heart rate. As usual, it is better to get to know all the recommendations in the manual before using the device. If you see a precaution on the monitor screen when using the device (usually such conditions are accompanied with general feeling of being unwell), it means that your condition is potentially dangerous and it may even lead to fatal consequence. Therefore, you should immediately call a doctor.

General precautions also state that it is highly not recommended to make a diagnosis based on the monitor readings alone. And it is even worse to perform any medical actions yourself. People with blood circulation problems must also consult a doctor before using this device, because pumping the wristband may cause internal hemorrhage to such people.The key points of usage Zoom Wellness

There are also some potentially hazardous things in Zoom Wellness device build as in any electrical appliance. They mainly concern the batteries. In case the battery gets mechanically damaged and loses its integrity, the electrolyte may splash and contact your eyes, you must wash them with water immediately.

  • It is recommended not to leave the device at disposal of children and people who can’t control their actions.
  • Use it only for measuring your blood pressure.
  • Don’t open the device cover.
  • Don’t use mobile phones in close proximity of the device as it may result in irregular readings.
  • It is recommended not to use the device in cars, planes, etc.

If you want your monitor to work well and for a long time, you need to use only the AAA type batteries. It is necessary to follow the batteries’ polarity when installing them, otherwise, the device won’t work. Change depleted batteries immediately. Also, you need to change all the battery set at once. If you are not going to use the monitor for a long time, it is better to keep the batteries not installed in the device.

It is recommended to avoid shaking and dropping the unit, as it may cause its malfunction. It is highly not recommended to test your blood pressure after bathing, swimming, taking alcohol, physical training or eating. Don’t wash the device with running water. If the product gets broken, don’t throw it away as a waste and dispose of it properly. To utilize the broken Zoom Wellness monitor, please, read the manual as it may contain elements that can harm the environment. But in general, the device is not harmful and there are very few restrictions for using it. The pressure monitor has no negative effects if you follow the instruction and general precautions.

Why do customers are ready to hunt for it?

A lot of people state that the device is very useful. They claim that even doctors recommend using it to monitor a blood pressure level. Even when you are at work, it is possible to wear and use it. Due to its small size, it won’t take much space even at your working place. Even programmers and office workers can use it during the breaks.

It will be especially useful for those who suffered from a stroke as in this case, doctors recommend keeping an eye open on the blood pressure level. Another reason why a lot of people find it useful is that it gives exact readings, unlike other similar devices with old design.Why do customers are ready to hunt for it?

Hypertension is another medical problem, that requires taking actions. Thus, when you feel uncomfortable or dizzy, it is a sign that something may be wrong with your condition. The best way to know what is happening is to consult a doctor, but it also possible to test your blood pressure to clarify the situation. Zoom Wellness device helps checking both heartbeat rate and blood pressure at the same time.

The most serious thing related to blood pressure is a heart attack. A lot of people suffer from it all over the world. If you had it once, it means that your life would never be the same. You should always be careful and control your blood pressure level. And many people are literally grateful to this device because it saved lives of many of them. As you see, the results of using it are very good, and the majority of users find it helpful.

You may need to use it in cases when you suddenly feel shortness of breath, extreme sweating, even if it is hot inside the room. You may feel a sudden pain in your head and, what is more important, in the chest. In this case, it is highly recommended not to try to solve riddles as for your current condition but to take this small Zoom Wellness device and test your blood pressure and heart rate instead. All these symptoms may indicate serious health problems and even result in fatal consequences. Therefore, even if you are healthy and don’t have any health problems, it is better to keep the monitor at hand, as you never know in what situation you or your relatives may find themselves in.

The device summary

As you can see, Zoom Wellness device is a breakthrough appliance in the world of healthcare. Some of its pros make it stand out from other devices. Zoom Wellness monitor is convenient to use no matter where you are. Moreover, using it won’t attract much attention of people nearby as you can just take the device and put it on your wrist. The measuring procedure doesn’t take much time, as you can get exact blood pressure readings within half a minute. It is especially important when the weather is extremely hot and many people feel weak and sick.

It is also possible to use the device in overcrowded places thanks to its small size. With it, you won’t feel uncomfortable and you won’t bother other people. All these advantages demonstrate that the product was developed to satisfy all the customers’ needs, which makes the device really useful.

Unlike with many other kinds of monitors, buying it gives you a guarantee that you get an original product. If you experience problems with the monitor, you can return it and get your money back within 60 days. The manufacturer also offers generous discounts on this pressure monitor. Thus, if you want to take care of your family, you can order two or even three units with a good discount.

Zoom Wellness device also comes with an easy to understand manual in the package, in which you can find all the necessary information as for how to use the unit and how to keep it at home properly. If you follow all the listed recommendations, rest assured the device will serve you for many years. Even doctors recommend using it due to its stable operation and exact pressure and heart rate readings. With this device, you can feel safe and comfortable at any time, no matter where you are as it is very handy to take it out of box, put it on your wrist and measure your blood pressure. Sometimes we are not even aware that we have heart problems. You may be feeling well, and suddenly something wrong may happen. Therefore, it is better not to stretch one’s luck, and just keep this small handy device at home at hand. In addition, the monitor price is quite moderate, so everybody can afford buying it to be aware of their blood pressure level.

Zoom Wellness Monitor


Metrics accuracy


Screen work


Saving Results


Device's compactness


Verification Speed



  • You can measure your blood pressure anywhere thanks to Zoom Wellness
  • Verification will take 30 seconds
  • Accurate indicators
  • Accur-color technology changing colors depending on your condition
  • High definition screen (perfectly suits for people with low vision)
  • Ability to save numerous pressure results
  • Zoom Wellness approved by FDA
  • A compact device that can be carried everywhere


  • It is impossible to make a diagnosis based only on the results of the device
  • The AAA type batteries are desirable to use (other types may cause malfunctions)
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